Dee Discusses: Lost Girl 3.7

Posted: March 10, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television
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“There’s Bo Place Like Home” unfortunately comes after a mess I’m not particularly fond of, but I do like this episode, so I was trying to get over my negative feelings to like it. I always wondered if we were going to see Bo head back to her home town considering how horribly she left it. She killed her high school sweetheart when her powers started to kick in, and she had a horrible relationship with her mother. But Trick swears it is necessary for her to forgive her mother or at least come to some kind of accord with her before she’s able to continue with the coming of age Fae ritual. He’s called in a very wise Fae named Stella to help them out, but they just send Bo home, which she’s understandably freaked out about. Stella warns them that Succubi are more likely to fail the tests and they need more prep. I’m not sure why. Kenzi goes along for the ride.

Bo’s losing control more often so Kenzi has injections she can give her to bring her back down to Earth. There’s only so many of them though. Back at her home town a man is killed while changing a tire by a super creepy phantom creature. It’s a well creature btw which just makes me think of the Ring and start to freak out. Buuuut anyway Bo sees her mother, who is mentally ill and losing her mind through dementia. First we did stop by and meet an old friend of hers, Doug, and he calls her by Beth. Aw. Bo. The Cherry Festival is going on which is a big deal for the town and Bo used to win the Miss Cherry competition because she was popular. Her parents used to be proud of her. Her mother shows a little of the religious and intense ranting later on, and that creepy as hell phantom shows up. Bo’s like lol I am used to Fae now, so it moves away for now.

They look into the details of what is going on, and with some digging Kenzi figures out that the high school gang tried to bring forth a spirit of some kind. It was all in good fun, but it turned out to really dig up the creature. It escaped from its well during a fire those kids started and now it wants payback. It’s killing them one by one in true slasher movie form. Including another popular girl who has some bitter biting wit against Bo. Doug tells them the truth about it, not knowing that Bo is a lot more versed in these things now and can help him out. They go to the well and Bo confronts the creature. They fight for a bit, and that creature is still pretty creepy as hell, but Bo stabs her with the injections that bring her down to earth and then tosses her in the well. Problem solved. Note here: Bo and Kenzi are dressed in little town sort of gear, and it is hilarious.

Another problem solved is that Bo is finally ready to face her mother. She forgives her for everything and wishes she knew who she was now. She tells her she has a new family now and that she’s Fae and has changed herself into Bo. Her mother struggles with her mind but says she loves her. So Bo returns with a better state of mind and she is able to pass the first test by walking through a threshold. There’s a sub plot here where Trick and Stella have a little flirty flirty going on. He has a cruuuush. Dyson’s job this episode is to help them out a little, and tease Trick, but he walks away and says Bo’s better off figuring this out without him. Lauren showed up briefly in the beginning of the episode to give Bo her injections. This episode is missing some Tamsin and Hale. Especially Hale. WHERE IS HALE? I mentioned he was absent for Kenzi’s ordeal probably because he would’ve known something was wrong on sight, but there’s no excuse now! 😦 Where is heeeee.

Who is Bo’s dad? It’s brought up again here, I feel like we should get this story soon. Kenzi still won’t talk about her arm and Bo confronts her about the norn this time. That might mean she finds out Dyson has his heart back, which will complicate things. Why is Bo deteriorating so quickly? Hmmmmm. This was a far better episode than the last few so I’m glad to feel balanced again, but I want Hale back stat. I demand it!


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