Deechelle Discusses: Once Upon a Time 2.14

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Previously: Rumpelstiltskin let his son go through a portal because he was too afraid of losing his power, and this entire show is about him making a curse so he could get to our magic-less world. Also Emma had a fling with a charming thief who abandoned her to go to jail in his place, and she was pregnant. She gave the baby up for adoption, he found her ten years later, voila. The entire show.

Flashback: Rumpelstiltskin is actually excited to go to war and his wife is very much in love with him at the time. His father was a coward so he’s prepared to prove otherwise. They’re probably supposed to a loooot younger, but we’ll let it slide because no one else should play him. While he’s at war he talks to a magical seer, a little girl with eyes on her hands, who tells him the battle the next day will make his coming son fatherless. Her other prophecies become true so he intentionally hobbles himself so he can go home. His wife is furious and declares him a coward, but he’s excited to meet his son Baelfire. Later on he meets the Seer again and points out she was right, since Bael was lost to him, but he takes her powers for himself. He can’t figure it out, but she tells him one thing, that a young boy will bring him to his son, and that young boy will be his undoing. He says he’ll just have to kill him.

In Storybrooke: Cora, Regina, and Hook are looking for Rumpelstiltskin’s dagger. They go through Belle’s things and then her library. They find a map. Hook is knocked out because he’s dumb. The stranger in town sees Regina doing magic and has it on tape, sending it to the mysterious “Her.”

In NYC: Emma, Henry, and Rumpelstiltskin make it to the Big Apple and to the building where the spell brought them. Emma uses a trick to find the person trying to be off the grid, and Rumpelstiltskin tells her to run down his son. She does, only to find out he’s Neal, aka her baby daddy. He is Baelfire and he is intentionally trying to run from his father. He explains that Pinocchio exposed him, and that’s why he ran, also he ran to protect her of course. He begs her to go back to Rumpelstiltskin and say she lost him. She talks to Snow about it, and Snow tells her it’s better to let Henry know, but she does lie instead. Rumpelstiltskin won’t give up so he breaks into Bael’s flat and looks around for clues. He can tell Emma recognizes something and yells at her, until Bael comes running in. They have a fight and everything comes out, with Bael finding out that Henry is his son, Henry that his father is alive and Bael, and Rumpelstiltskin that Henry’s his grandson. Eesh. Rumpelstiltskin says he can use magic to turn Bael back to a child, and he’s like lol you crazy, and he wants to know Henry. Emma’s hurt that Henry said she’d just like Regina for lying to him. It’s one big clusterfuck, but this family just got a whole lot more complicated. If that was possible!

General Opinion of the Episode

Dee: Really good! After a few decent but not that interesting episodes, this one really amped it up. Everyone knows we theorized Neal was Baelfire for a long time now. I speculated it on the first episode of the season. Let me quote: “I’m going to throw in that the guy from the beginning of the episode is either Peter Pan or Baelfire, and probably Henry’s father.” Am I good or am I good? So it wasn’t a surprise, and I expected that to make me hate the episode, because duh. But not at all. Instead they dug right in deep with Bael being revealed early and everything unwinding super fast. These are reveals that a lot of shows would take long episodes to get into, but nope, all at once it happened. Bael and Rumpelstiltskin are reunited, they figure out Emma and Bael’s backstory, and Henry meets his father for the first time. Bam. Five minutes. That’s very well done. I was really into this episode, I couldn’t wait to zip through the commercials to get to the rest, and it leaves me excited to see where it goes from here. I was disinterested in the stuff back in Storybrooke, but I understand it’s necessary to keep their storyline of Cora getting more power and the stranger seeing magic. The flashback was shaky for me. I think the only thing necessary in it was the seer stuff, obviously, but the personality changes with Milah were a bit abrupt. It’s no information we didn’t know before, outside of the boy will be your undoing. I am starting to suspect Regina is playing her mother. She can’t possibly be stupid enough to think killing all of them through Rumpelstiltskin will make Henry love her. She’s been a lot of things, but dumb isn’t one of them.

Jachelle: Definitely a great episode this week! Like Dee, I was surprised at how fast everything happened. I was fully expecting that the reveal of who Bael was would be in the last few seconds of the episode. Nope! It was a very pleasant surprise. I liked the reveal that Rumple was actually excited to fight in the war before running away and that his injured leg was at his own hand. I have issues with Milah, which I’ll discuss later. But I also liked the Seer too. I love the way a single sentence interpreted differently can have different outcomes. Multiple meanings are always fun to play with. And of course the heavy hitting moments in Bael’s apartment with him, Emma, Henry, and Rumple. Those scenes were SO MUCH FUN to watch.

Favorite Scene

Dee: The scene I talked about above where all secrets came out in the space of five minutes, holy crap. I’m cutting out that exact piece where Rumpelstiltskin puts together everything fast and Bael asks if that’s his son. Everything before and after was good, but man I was on the edge of my seat for that.

Jachelle: The scene with Bael and Henry on the fire escape. I think my reasons are pretty self explanatory, so this’ll be short. It was just a really sweet little scene between the two of them. You can see that they’re both a little tentative yet curious about one another. It made me really excited to see where things are going to go with them from here.

Least Favorite Scene

Dee: I’m going with the first scene with Milah and Rumpelstiltskin, because it is so weird that she seemed all glowy and in love with him. She said clearly she never loved him, and yes we’ve always seen the more bitter side of her, but this was such a drastic change. I feel like it was one of those derailing moments where they had to make her extra evil so we’d feel more sorry for Rumpelstiltskin. I do understand that in that medieval sort of situation a deserter for a husband and father is a serious issue, as we see when they’re treated poorly later. But she went from loving wife to cold hearted bitch pretty fast. It felt forced.

Jachelle: Opposite end of the spectrum, I’m going with the last scene with Milah and Rumple. For pretty much the exact same reasoning, though. The beginning where she was super in love with him made me kind of go “eeeeh” a little, because obviously we know how things ended up. But I would have been able to forgive it a little if they had made the transition a little less jarring. Okay, so in the beginning she’s completely in love with him, and the second he’s back it’s just BAM INSTANT HATRED. It kicked me right out of the moment and took away from Rumple meeting Bael for the first time. I get that being a coward is bad news, but I feel like they could have had her be more worried about the consequences of what Rumple had done, then full on anger and hate. I’m pretty sure we all could have made the leap that her worry would have eventually worn down and turned into her loathing for him by the time she leaves with Hook. Meh.

Favorite Character

Dee: Without a doubt Neal/Baelfire. Listen I thought Bael himself was a fantastic character in his episodes, and while I wasn’t crazy with Neal the first time we met him, he did a complete 180 in this one. I already love the actor so yes I’m partial to him, but there are a lot of things I loved about how they handled him. I am utterly fascinated with the character and everything he must’ve done since leaving his father. I was doubtful he would work as Bael because he seemed so immature and capricious as Neal, but you can see the intelligence and maturity in him now. I want him to stick on the show, his chemistry with everyone was great.

Jachelle: Baelfire. Come on! Like I was going to say anything different! He was the best part of this episode. I was definitely not a fan of Neal in his first episode, but now that we definitely know he’s Bael, there is an entirely different aspect to his personality. He was so much more engaging and interesting. And I am just DYING for more interactions between him and Henry.

What is Cora’s Deal?

Dee: LOL I worded it strangely but I’m still trying to figure out her plan. She wants the bean to go back to their world. She wants the knife so she can control Rumpelstiltskin. I don’t see her as wanting his actual power, just the ability to control him, which would make sense considering their master/student relationship. My assumption is she wants that and then to return to their world to take over, but I feel like I’m missing something. If Regina is just staying close to learn more, I think I’d understand that more, because Cora’s keeping me guessing. I’m not even sure if she’s really forgiven Regina or is using her!

Jachelle: I’m pretty much thinking the exact same thing here as Dee, with just one thing added. I think she wants to return to Fairytale land and to have Regina take over. With herself pulling the strings, of course. I just think she likes manipulating Regina too much and wants to keep her close in the “Oh, well I gave you all this power, I’ll take it away” sort of sense. Does that make sense? I have no idea. Something like that anyway.


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