Deechelle Discusses: Once Upon a Time 2.13

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Flashback: Anton the Giant is different from his family and wants to explore the human world desperately. They all call him Tiny and taunt him. His father warns him that humans are opportunistic and want their magic beans. He goes down and comes across Prince James and his girlfriend Jack, who were sent by King George to make friends with the innocent Anton. He helps them come back up to his world to prove that humans can be good, but instead they slaughter his family and steal what they can. Anton is sent to destroy the beans before they can get them, and Jack dies by her own poison. Anton is the only one left knowing he caused the death of his family, although his father gave him the last bean plant before dying, so he still has one.

In the real world: Emma insists Henry go on the roadtrip with her and Rumpelstiltskin, because she doesn’t want to leave him where Cora can find him. Their story mostly consists of them getting across the line, he still has his memories, and they go to the airport. He’s scared briefly when he has to take off Bael’s cloak, but it turns out okay and they board the plane. Finished for them for this week. Meanwhile back home Regina appears to Snow and Charming, pretending not to be working with her evil mother, asking where Henry is. They tell her he’s gone and she’s surprised, but they go off to find Cora. Hook is the first stop and he takes them onto his boat, showing that she brought Anton the Giant there, but he was shrunk first. He seems disoriented and friendly at first, but when he sees Charming he freaks out and attacks him. We know why of course because Prince James, his twin brother, betrayed Anton. Regina gives him the ability to grow to a Giant again and he demands Charming face him. He agrees in exchange for Anton to leave the others alone. Anton unfortunately gets stuck in the ground when the potion wears off, and he shrinks leading him to fall through the earth. The town works together to save him. Anton realizes they’re good people and admits he has the bean plant with him, meaning he can grow magic beans that can get them home. The Dwarves welcome him as their new brother and they will guard the plant.

In a quick look at the side story, Red visits Belle who still recognizes no one, and she swears she saw the fireball and knows something weird is going on. She yells that she’s not crazy and they have to take her away. The outsider Greg watches this and says he’s almost ready to go back home, but later he sneaks in to see Belle. He says he believes her and saw the same thing.

General Opinion of the Episode

Dee: It was okay! I felt like last episode, a little. I still think some of these flashbacks they’re doing are unnecessary. The only important part of Tiny’s backstory is that he has a bean which can bring them back home. The rest of his story wasn’t terribly important. It was fun to see David’s evil brother though. I think Josh Dallas did a good job separating the two characters. At least this one did have something to do with pushing the story forward though; the Frankenstein episode did very little. Now they have a bean and a place to plant it and a way to get back to Storybrooke. But they know that’s also what Cora wants. I’m a little curious about what her end game is here. She wants her daughter and to probably take out her old master Rumpelstiltskin before going back and taking over, I guess? We’ll hear more about that later I assume. I am really sick of Hook and want him off my screen for good, honestly. Bah. I love Jorge Garcia, who plays Tiny. He is just the sweetest man, and he is easy to identify with. He has that quality about him people find appealing. I like that the village saved him regardless of him trying to hurt them, and that the dwarves have a brother again. I was much more interested in the Rumpelstiltskin, Emma, and Henry story though. So I thought it was overall satisfying, but not one I cared that much about.

Jachelle: I really enjoyed this episode! That’s partially because I wasn’t a huge fan of the last episode featuring Anton the Giant, so when I saw in the preview that we were getting another episode with him so soon afterward, I prepared myself not to like it. WELL JOKE’S ON ME. Right from the start when we see that Anton is different from the rest of his family, my heart went out to him. Bless you, Jorge Garcia, you are just wonderfully charming. I loved his backstory, I loved getting to see Prince James again, and I especially loved watching Rumple, Emma, and Henry road-tripping. (I love Cinnabon too, Henry.) Sure, maybe it wasn’t the most action packed or important episode we’ve ever gotten from the series, but I enjoyed it start to finish anyway.

Favorite Scene

Dee: Rumpelstiltskin’s breakdown at the airport. Afterward I was talking to a bunch of my friends about it and we were theorizing why it was. Did he lose his memory briefly? Is his magic all gone? What does this mean? And then I pointed out that maybe he was just scared. I think that’s how I read the scene. Rumpelstiltskin can’t use magic outside of Storybrooke, since that’s where he released it, and this is his first time outside of the town and his level of comfort. He’s always prided himself on having absolute control of every situation he’s in. But now he’s going out into the regular world with nothing going for him, and he’s panicking a little. Also he has to remember that Bael and him parted on bad terms, so he could’ve done all of this for nothing. He was scared of losing his mind when he took off the wrap, but I think he was also a little off because there’s so much that could go wrong, and he’s not Rumpelstiltskin the Dark One out there. One little nitpick though: they could’ve gotten around airport trouble by just driving to New York City. It’s a five-six hour drive from Maine. That’s not too bad.

Jachelle: My scene this week is short and sweet. And I do mean sweet. I loved the scene at the end with Anton and the Dwarves at the field. Anton’s got a new family, the Dwarves have a new brother. Grumpy’s remark to Charming about not being a dwarf cracked me up. The whole thing made me feel all warm and squishy inside, and I loved it. Here’s hoping we’ll get to see a few more cute scenes with Anton and the Dwarves before the end of the series.

Least Favorite Scene

Dee: Quoting my last recap: SERIOUSLY, REGINA? SERIOUSLY? I will continue to be bitter about anything involving her and her mother in this season. I have this hope that she’s really just playing Cora and she wants to see her master plan before she turns on her. If that’s the case, I promise I’ll admit I was wrong and embrace the idea. But if it isn’t, then I’m done with her redemption storyline. Nope. Not having it. They ruined what ground they gave her. Unless she’s being a spy. And then I approve and applaud them for annoying me this much. I guess we’ll see. But I didn’t like the scene with her coming to Snow and Charming. The reason is because Snow said that Emma doesn’t have to ask Regina where she takes Henry, which rubs me the wrong way because it’s another of those ‘here’s some small justification we’ll give for why Regina is doing evil.’  Otherwise I liked the scene, but that little piece bothered me, and I don’t think it was necessary outside of annoying Regina.

Jachelle: Yep. Agreeing with Dee on this one. I’m getting seriously annoyed by everything going on with Regina and Cora at this point. And you guys know how much I love Regina, okay? But every time she was on screen this week, I was irritated with her. So every scene she was in? I don’t know. I’m just really unhappy with what they’re doing with her currently. There is still the possibility that she’s doing it all to spy on Cora, but if she’s not and they try to have Regina go all crazy evil, and then start trying to redeem her AGAIN, then I am officially out. Done. No more.

Favorite Character

Dee: Hmmm. You know what I’m going with Charming. It was nice to see Josh play both twins again, and I think he did a great job showing the difference. I liked seeing him reflect on if he would’ve been like James with the wrong upbringing. I thought it was great that he offered himself up to the giant – not that we doubted he would – and then showed the kindness of saving him despite everything. I think we take for granted sometimes that Charming and Snow are really good people. Sometimes too good, honestly, but it can get cloying. This wasn’t, it worked for me.

Jachelle: I’m going with Anton this week. It’s funny, because as much as I adore Jorge Garcia, I was really not a fan of the character in his last ep. But with the addition of his backstory this time around, I found that I really loved him. Maybe I’m just a sucker for storylines involving people who feel out of place and find a family in an unexpected place. Alright, let’s be honest…there’s no maybe about that. I absolutely love stories that revolve around that idea. So of course I was on board this episode. And like I said earlier, Jorge is just so wonderful. He always brings such a sweetness to his characters.

Character Who Needs a Flashback

Dee: AUGUST DAMNIT. I know the actor is doing something else, but find a way to get him back on the show, because he has so much more story we need. What he did after leaving Emma, what eventually got him to come back to her, when he started being a writer, etc. I feel like this was one of those things where they really should’ve gotten the actor down for an exact episode requirement so he would have to make the time to return. Maybe one of the reasons why I’m bitter about these flashbacks is that I want more from the characters who are missing and/or have more to tell.

Jachelle: I definitely agree that August needs a flashback. There are so many unanswered questions when it comes to him. And just throwing this out there, I’d really love to see a Granny-centric flashback. Obviously she was a big part or Red’s flashback from season one, but what happened to her after Red and Snow took off before they all met up again? You know Granny got up to some shit. And she’s just so sassy and fun. MORE GRANNY.


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