Dee Discusses: Suits Season 2

Posted: March 1, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television
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I have something of a love affair with the USA Network. Back when I was a journalist in NYC, I had a very good relationship with them and they sent me to the sets of several of their shows. It is so sad to me that I lost my job and moved out of the city just when Suits began, because I love this show. It surprised me at first what excellent programming USA had; not because it was a bad station, but it wasn’t exactly known for a lot of hit series for a long time. Now they’re putting in this quality programming during their seasons and it is fantastic to see. If you haven’t seen the show before, this is going to give spoilers for seasons one and two, but as a brief summary first, here’s what the show is about. Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) is a pothead and a genius; he has a flawless eidetic memory and has loads of potential, but it’s been squandered too long for him to get anywhere. He takes the bar exam for students who can’t get high scores. His parents died in a car accident when he was a kid, and his grandmother raised him, but he needs money to keep her in a better home. He agrees to help his best friend do a big pot deal, and realizes the cops are staking it out. Instead he runs into auditions for a new Associate position opening for Harvard-graduated lawyers for a prestigious group, Pearson Hardman.

Top attorney Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) is intrigued by Mike when he pretends to be there on an interview and is just hiding from the police. They start talking and Mike convinces Harvey that with his intelligence, memory, and skills, he can be an exceptional lawyer. Harvey’s a bit of a risk taker, and he doesn’t want to deal with the usual boring associates to work under him, so he hires Mike. They forge documents and background to prove he’s from Harvard. In the office there’s also the boss Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), the paralegal Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle), badass secretary Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty), and rival lawyer Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman). This is another thing I want to mention about USA: They write amazing women. There’s always this talk about how to write for women and how hard it is to write women, and I think USA should teach some classes. Their women are always strong, intelligent, three dimensional, and equals to the male leads. While Mike and Harvey are the leads in the show, the others get just as much screen time and background as they do. I feel like this is almost an ensemble cast, with two stand outs, honestly.

At the end of last season Jessica found out about Mike thanks to his douchebag former best friend Trevor. Mike dated Trevor’s ex Jenny, although he harbors feelings for Rachel. Season two was all about the return of Daniel Hardman, the original partner with Jessica who ‘retired.’ He was forced out by Harvey and Jessica when it turns out he was stealing money from their clients to pay for his lavish lifestyle. He also spent it on the young lawyer he was sleeping with at the time. He lied to Jessica and said it was to pay for his wife’s cancer bills. So he was cheating on his dying wife and using client money for it. Dickhead, right? So they forced him out by holding the information over his head. However, his wife dies and he decides to come back with a vengeance.¬† Jessica decides to keep Mike on because revealing him would be dangerous for the law firm, although that is a headache for her and Harvey on more than one occasion to try and hide the truth. He considers dating Rachel and starts … only to stop when he realizes he can’t lie to her if they’re in a relationship.

Hardman plants a legal document that if discovered would cause Harvey trouble, and Donna destroys it, but if she had turned it in they could’ve handled it. Instead she was basically caught destroying evidence, and she is fired. Eventually she is hired back when Hardman wins … but then loses his bid to be the head of the law firm again. He loses because Mike throws in a gamble with “proof” of Hardman’s wrong doings, and the board votes against him. But it was a lie. Oops. Louis was promoted to senior partner to help Hardman, and it causes a huge rift between him and the others later. Louis considers quitting but thanks to Jessica and Donna, he decides to stay and makes his peace with Harvey. Pearson Hardman is losing clients and money and is on rocky grounds. Everything bad comes to a head when Harvey gets threatened by a new potential partner and takes on Jessica himself. They always said that eventually Harvey would turn on her, and it explodes massively in his face, in part because¬† of Mike. Mike has a mental breakdown halfway through the season after his beloved grandmother dies. The season ends with everyone pretty angry at each other, and Mike spilling his secret to Rachel. They also sleep together. So she reacted to that well?

I really liked this season. I think every character had a very distinct story arc and it paid off massively by the end. I especially love the additional character development they gave to Louis. I had a soft spot for him from the beginning, mostly because I could see the parts of him that were the shy awkward nerd from high school. I do think that everyone could’ve stood to be kinder to him, and I am glad he managed to get some resolution toward the end. His kindness – while ill advised – to Rachel about her not getting into Harvard made me want to hug him. I sincerely believed in him when it came to his love for the law firm and just wanting to be peers with Harvey. Louis ILU. I am so impressed this show didn’t let Rachel get into Harvard. That was the obvious place she would go to the end of the season, but she didn’t, and that’s a realistic twist. I guess we’ll see how it goes with her and Mike next season. His storyline was a good one, I like that they don’t shy away from letting their main characters be douches from time to time. Mike went into a bad spiral after his grandmother died, but that didn’t excuse him for sleeping with a married woman. He got consequences to that and cleaned himself up, which I appreciate.

I was very angry with Harvey for turning on Jessica like that. His pride and arrogance can be good, but it can also ruin his personal relationships. No wonder he pretty much had none before Mike. I hope the two of them find peace next season too. I hope at some point he apologizes to Jessica, because bullshit, Harvey. She should’ve fired you. Jerkwad. Why would she make you a partner when she can’t trust you? You proved everyone right about that! I loved his stuff with Donna this season and he is very loyal to her and to Mike, but I feel like even with them if his back was to the wall, you’d have to be careful trusting him. If Harvey can find an escape or a way to profit, he’ll take it. He’s a shark, and that was never so clear as the end of this season, unfortunately. I do really hope at some point he humbles himself a little and earns back Jessica’s trust for real. We’ll see if that’s a possibility.

All in all an excellent season of television. If you haven’t seen the show, I do recommend it. It may not be a must-watch, you may not be on the edge of your seat, but it is great to sit back with some dinner and watch. The actors are great, it’s a diverse cast, it’s clever and funny, and the characters are all likable.


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