Dee Discusses: The Following 1.4

Posted: February 27, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television
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I’m so behind on The Following, so here we go. Previously on! Joe Carroll is a serial killer who Ryan Hardy put in jail years before. Ryan was stabbed by Joe and barely survived, so he has a heart problem and a pacemaker. He became an alcoholic when he was discharged from the FBI, and hooked up with Joe’s ex-wife Claire. That didn’t work out. Joe got out to kill his only surviving victim and told Ryan he was going to write a new book with him as the main character. He has a cult following who are doing things for him, they’re highly organized and have been planning for years, and they’ve kidnapped his son from Claire. In the last episode, one of the cult members Maggie who pretended to be a timid abuse victim of another of them. Ryan killed her husband. She is displeased. Also three of his followers have the kid in upstate: Paul, Emma, and Jacob. Paul and Jacob were pretending to be gay but did hook up, and Jacob’s in denial about it since he’s really in love with Emma. Paul got pissy and kidnapped a random girl Megan. Get it? Got it? Good.

I’m not entirely sure what the critical response to this show is, I’ll be honest. I haven’t delved in too deeply to that aspect. I think they have good ratings, so the viewers at least enjoy it. I personally am enjoying it a lot. Really I’m just into the cult aspect, and the mentality of the followers. So this episode starts out with us thinking that Paul is taunting Jacob about their relationship and how he’s a liar, but it turns out he says that Jacob’s never killed anyone before. He lied about his kills. This is important to all of them since it seems to be a badge of honor, and also because you know they plan on killing a bunch of people for Joe. Most of the episode is them trying to make him kill the tied up and terrified Megan, and he can’t seem to bring himself to do it. In the end he lets her go instead, but she’s chased down by Paul and Emma who catch her before she gets anywhere. They put her right back where she was before and tell Jacob to do it again. Paul and Emma bond over their mutual love for Jacob and they have a threesome. Apparently they think that’ll encourage him to do it later on. Or just because. Iono. I always joke the best way to solve a love triangle is to go with OT3, and apparently they agree with me. During all of this Joey Jr. is just hanging out … somewhere.

bow chicka wow

The A plot is about Ryan and how Maggie decides to get revenge on him. He’s killed her husband, so she wants to hurt him back. Claire is under close surveillance so instead she goes for his sister Jenny. Through flashbacks we see the decline of Ryan’s relationship with Claire as well as the start of it, and get some backstory about him. Apparently Ryan’s whole background is depressing, but of course it is. Parents are dead. Brothers are dead. One of them in 9/11.  Claire’s like ‘damn you have a depressing family.’ He and Jenny are the only ones left, so when Maggie calls him about having her hostage, he agrees to not tell the FBI and go meet her at Jenny’s restaurant alone. However Parker’s spidey sense is tingling so she sends Mike after him. Mike hears the story and agrees to help him save his sister. I have some suspicions at this point and I’ll get into them later. Anyway Ryan confronts Jenny and she tortures him for awhile by using electrical currents or something to mess with his pacemaker. He almost dies before Mike comes in and saves them.

Parker is understandably pissed off that they both went off this way, and Mike’s in serious trouble. He says it’s worth it. I think the important part to take from Maggie’s story is that not all of Joe’s followers are going to do what he says. She’s unstable, and a lot of them might very well be. She was a serial killer beforehand, and when he draws these people in, that doesn’t mean automatically they’ll do what’s best for Joe. I think this is a problem that will come up again later, because if you make a group of killers, they’re not exactly going to be trustworthy. Maggie had a really great actress so I’ll be sad to see her go, but I liked her the most so far of the followers. She was just very menacing and fit that role well. I liked the extra story for Ryan, although seriously does he need to have the tragic family life amped up to 100? Little much, guys. I want to say here that I’m starting to suspect Mike might be one of Joe’s secret followers. I know it seems out there, he’s kind of the every man right now, but he sure knows a lot about Ryan. Obsessed with him, in a lot of ways, and that means he might’ve been obsessed with Joe too. He just sends me a kind of strange signal. Plus he took a long time to step in and save him. I don’t know, I guess you could say MY spidey sense is tingling. We’ll see. So far so good!


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