Dee Discusses: The X-Files 1.16

Posted: February 25, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, X-Files
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lol what

This episode is titled “Young at Heart” and I’m surprised to see that Chris Carter wrote this one. Because I wasn’t a huge fan. I have to say that I like the general idea of it. I really love the background for Fox and Barnett, and  I liked the last scene. I think the salamander hands were waaaaaaaaaaay too much. Yes there are some things I go ‘nope, too over the top’ about, and that’s one of them. Why is it that the aging backwards doesn’t bother me, but the salamander hands do? I don’t know. That’s just how it works. But anyway, on Mulder’s first FBI case he’s hunting down a guy named Barnett. He holds someone hostage and as per FBI protocol, Mulder won’t fire on him. Unfortunately Barnett takes the hesitation as a chance to shoot the hostage and one of their other agents. Mulder felt responsibility for those deaths on him all these years, and Barnett had a personal vendetta against him. Now they think Barnett is dead.

Of course he’s not. Then there’d be no episode. The man who was on the case with Mulder, Reggie, tells him that a robber left behind a taunting note to Mulder himself. It reminds them both of Barnett, and the note has Barnett’s handwriting and everything. Scully looks into it and does think it’s suspicious that he died of heart complications when he didn’t have any health problems. There’s some talk about his hand being weird and a former doctor there having worked on him. Another prisoner says he saw them years ago doing medical tests. Ooooo. Barnett sends Mulder pictures of him and Scully, proving that he’s stalking them. They go looking for Dr. Ridley. Barnett murders Reggie. 😦 That’s very sad, I liked Reggie.

Dr. Ridley did work on progeria, the disease which ages people backwards, and he was trying to search for the clue to eternal youth. He experimented on Barnett and it disfigured his hand, but he managed to make the cure work. Barnett was aging backwards, meaning he was much younger now, so they didn’t know who to look for. He was holding the cure hostage, and Deep Throat shows up to tell Mulder and Scully he has the cure. Obviously everyone wants their hands on that, duhhhh. Barnett has been listening to Scully’s messages so they bait him by having him come to her friend’s recital, and then he shoots Scully. HOW DARE YOU. Mulder’s having none of that noise and this time he shoots the guy instead of letting him go. Even with the government being like noooo we need the cuuuuure. Whatever, Barnett’s dead for good. Scully’s fine though, there was a vest, which is good because duh they should’ve all thought of that. But the show zooms in on a mysterious locker, where Barnett may have left the cure.

Again I’d say this is a decent but relatively weak episode. I do think parts of it were really strong. I loved Mulder’s backstory here with him trying to be by the book and it bit him in the ass. It does explain why he got a little more rebellious and jaded as time went on. The story isn’t a new one, with a special X-Files twist, and I can’t say why the salamander hand just made me laugh. The aging backwards thing was fine, the experimenting on him, etc. For whatever reason that was a no-sell for me.

  1. This one and Lazerous was a bit of a meh double-header… but you should like the next one! 🙂


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