Dee Discusses: The Vampire Diaries 4.14

Posted: February 20, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, The Vampire Diaries
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I think I started to write this a few times and just wrote FUCK YOU TVD and walked away. But I’m back now. Probably not for long. I think I might be ready to quit this show, and a lot of that hinges on what happens with Bonnie. I think she’ll manage to come back from her injury this episode, but if she dies, I quit. So we’ll see how that goes. Anyway, I’ve liked this storyline more than I expected, although now this feels a lot more like Mikael than I think everyone wanted. Remember when Mikael bit Katherine to wake up from his sleep? It reminds me a lot of this. And he was supposed to be some uber Hunter figure, only this is an uber witch. So while the cure at first seemed interesting to me, now I just think they’re recycling storylines or at least the way they’re presenting them. Which is a bunch of BS and it’s lazy and I am so sick of this damn show. Maybe I’m just bitter because my favorite character on the show is dead. That’s probably a major part. Or “dead.” I can’t tell.

They’re still on the island. Bonnie and Jeremy are off with Shane and the native guy, although he leaves once they give him the headstone because I guess … that was just for his payment. Okay. Whatever. Their job is to get to Silas’ grave and find the cure there. Meanwhile Damon is being tortured with another Hunter, Vaughn, who is awesome and should keep torturing Damon. It makes zero sense to me that he doesn’t just kill him though. He already knows the names of everyone so he doesn’t need information, and the Hunters are supposed to have an insatiable desire to kill vampires. Jeremy only got around it with some help, but Vaughn doesn’t seem to have any problem. And it still doesn’t explain why he’s keeping him alive if he knows what he’s doing. So whatever he drags him around. Rebekah, Stefan, and Elena are still looking for the others. Stefan and Elena bond over the fact he admits he wants the cure for himself and not for her, and there’s some weird ‘we can be friends’ thing there which is dumb. Because no you can’t. You’re sleeping with his brother. It’ll always be weird.

Klaus and the gang back home are apparently trying to fix a cryptex on the hilt of the sword Klaus has. I guess to translate Jeremy’s tattoos since they don’t have the map anymore. I honestly don’t even know how to catch up on some of this bullshit, it’s confusing and unnecessarily so, but let’s get to the point: they can find where it is. And there’s only one of the cure. Klaus makes sure Rebekah knows that, so she can have her chance to get it and also stop them from curing him.  She ditches Elena and Stefan, a lot of confusing things happen as Damon and Vaughn get there and Vaughn beats the crap out of them with some hunting tools that Ric would looooove. It’s fun to watch. To final the story: Klaus says he’ll give Tyler a head start to be nice to Caroline. Um. That’s not at all. Nice. I hate you. I hate you and all of your fans and everyone who likes this ship. I HATE IT. “I’m going to hesitate before murdering your boyfriend, because I love you, and that makes me a good person.” Ugh stab stab stab. Okay. Ignoring that now.

Bonnie and Jeremy make it to the crypt but they figure out they need to feed Silas their blood. See. Mikael. I’m just saying. Vaughn gets there and stabs Bonnie, and fights with Jeremy. Out of no where Elena seems to appear to stop him, but we know from before Elena was knocked out mysteriously. It’s Katherine. OMG KATHERINE. I was excited to see you but now I’m not because she feeds Jeremy to Silas and he’s killed. 😦 His neck snaps and he’s clearly dead. I don’t think he’s wearing the ring and not sure if it’ll bring him back anyway. Although it was a supernatural death. It looked pretty damn dead. I still resist the idea that it’s for good. Shut up. So that’s the end of the episode. There’s a lot of nonsense about how Damon let Stefan go after Elena to get her the cure, because he doesn’t want her to be cured, and somehow that’s noble or whatever. I don’t care. He also planned on killing Shane and said to hell with Bonnie and the fact he exists bothers me right now. On a show where Klaus and Damon are leads and apparently romantic guys, and Jeremy Gilbert is dead, I am at the end of the line here. I’m only watching in the very smallest of hopes he’ll come back and Bonnie’s okay from her stab wound, but whatever. I don’t have much faith. If one more thing happens that pisses me off, this show is deleted off the DVR and I’ll be the better for it.

  1. You know what my absolute favorite thing is? In the promo when Elena just DEMANDS get me Bonnie. Not caring that Bonnie is going through hell and ALMOST FREAKING DIED HERSELF, god forbid she do something other than just be there whenever Elena demands her.


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