Dee Discusses: Lost Girl 3.6

Posted: February 19, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television
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Lost Girl, I have a bone to pick with you. I recommended you to a lot of new people, and if any of them tried to join in this season, they’d be disappointed in me. Season one and two are great, and there are elements of this season I’ve liked so far, but damn do you have problems with consistency. The worst problem you have right now is the Idiot Ball/Idiot Plot, and I hate those. Oh how I hate those. It’s a trope where characters have to be acting stupid and/or not like themselves in order for the plot to work. It’s lazy writing, because I know you’re capable of doing something good without having to resort to these tropes. I’ve seen you do it before. Get it the hell together. This episode used two major plots for the season so far together: Kenzi’s mysterious norn rash and Bo’s rising Dark Side. The problem is both are tainted by the fact these characters are being morons about both. It was very obvious last week that Kenzi was not herself, and luckily Bo got it at the end, but this episode is a lesson in Why Do I Like These Characters?

For the sake of loving this show, I’m going to assume that Fake Kenzi aka Anari had some sort of magical ability to turn people into blind idiots. Blah. So here’s the deal. Bo drags Anari into the pub and yells that this isn’t her, demanding she tell her where the real Kenzi is. Dyson, Tamsin, and Trick clear out the place so they can handle it. Anari swears it’s her and screams that Bo has been killing again. Instead of even thinking for a single bloody instant that Bo could be right, they all turn against her and lock her up. What. What. I can’t. Blah. For one thing, even if Bo is going dark and killing people, that wouldn’t explain why she’s fixated on this not being Kenzi. That has nothing to do with her dark side. Second, Anari’s behavior has been clearly different from Kenzi, she knows next to nothing about her prey outside of what happened with the norn. I’ll accept that Dyson does confirm Kenzi is who she says she is by asking that part, because that’s something only he and Kenzi know … as far as his memory says. But still. Trick, Lauren, and Dyson are so adamant about not believing Bo that it takes TAMSIN OF ALL PEOPLE to take her side. AGH I AM SO MAD.

But this also gives Tamsin more time on the screen and interaction with Bo, so I’d call that a win in the end. I was suspicious of her at first, but she’s quickly turned into one of my favorite people on this show. We get to see a little more of her powers, which includes the ability to make a person terrified and self doubting. It helps in a battle. It also causes her to lose a little hair. Tamsin breaks Bo out and she thinks that Kenzi has been replaced by a kitsune, a fox Fae. I know them! It fits in with Anari being able to take human form and loving shiny objects. She also is obsessed with someone loving her. The norn’s bottle gave Kenzi Anari’s powers temporarily, and she took her life over once she regained them. Ummm. Why hasn’t Kenzi used these powers at all? We’ve seen none of that. Sloppy. Or it’s coming back later. I really hope the latter because SLOPPY if not. Bo’s determined to find her BFF no matter what though, which makes me warm up a little. Lauren asks her why Kenzi is special and she says Kenzi is her heart, and that she makes her feel normal and special at the same time. Awww. Damn you, Lost Girl, that made me smile.

They do save Kenzi, obviously. There’s still no exact word on what kitsune’s can do in this world other than shapeshift and maybe give off a little glamor? I feel like there was something about her that made people believe when they shouldn’t. It took her actually trying to seduce Dyson before he realized what was going on. Instead of assuming he is a freaking idiot, I’m hoping she had some kind of seduction vibe to go along with the fake persona. Beyond that, I think it’s telling Hale has not been in either episode. It would have been completely unbelievable for Hale to not see through this. I think that’s a huge portion of why he’s been sitting it out, and it annoys me, because he would 100% want to be in the middle of any Kenzi plot. They’re extremely close and we know how much he cares for her, so forcing him out of the plot in order to make it work is sloppy. That’s this whole episode. Sloppy. I’ll give it just a few bits of credit: The Tamsin stuff was great. She’s protecting Bo now, which means she knows there’s something else going on, and she’s a good ally for them to have. I did like some of the Kenzi stuff to show how deeply her friends care for her, but they still didn’t see through the BS, so that’s irritating. Dyson killing Anari and thinking it was Kenzi was a well acted scene, but it was tainted by the rest of the stupidity.

I liked parts of this episode, but I feel bitter about how it went down and I’m annoyed with how much I was looking forward to Kenzi’s norn arc. I’m still hoping there’s more left for that. Also Bo’s apparently going through some kind of Fae change and if it doesn’t go well, she’ll become an underfae or something. Okay. We’ll see how that goes. She still isn’t killing people, so that’s something they’ll have to look into, but I’ll bite for this Fae storyline. Although that would mean that Trick, Tamsin, Hale, and Dyson have probably all gone through it too, right? Why didn’t they notice before? Hmmmmmmmmmm. Get back on your A game, show!

  1. Dee! Kindred Spirit, I couldn’t have said it better. This episode had me scrambling back to the previous season to see if I had disremebered something. I’ve had issues about sloppy writing from this show before; thought it was just the nit-picky nerdy writer in me. This show is kind of one of my guilty pleasures, none of my sci-fi pals watch it, and part of me can’t blame them. A convoluted plot arc that takes so long to unfold, you’re not sure if you missed something the first time does not make for a show that one wants to recommends to one’s friends. I keep watching because I learn from sloppy plot devises, and sometimes the show is really good. Hopefully things will get more interesting as the season continues to unfold. I’d hate to go all “short-attention span” on it.


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