When I remember that we have ten more episodes to go through this season, I get very tired. They seem to be close to getting the cure now which makes me wonder what the back episodes are going to be. Hm. I’ll admit last episode and this one were slightly more tolerable than usual. I feel like at least our characters are doing something other than sit at home angsting. Now they’re moving around and angsting. It’s a step up. This episode starts the journey of finding the cure. The following are on this journey: Elena, Damon, Stefan, Rebekah, Bonnie, Jeremy, and Shane.¬† Matt’s … somewhere. Tyler and Caroline are babysitting Klaus and I’ll get to that later with my rage intact. But for now those seven are on some island looking for the cure.

Shane talks about his experience in finding the tomb in the first place. After his wife and son died, he went looking for answers and fell into a cave that kept whispering to him. Because he spilled some of his own blood, he was able to see his wife again. She told him about Silas and how he could resurrect all his loved ones if he planned the three (three!) massacres. He argued for about five minutes about it, but obviously he gave in, and he went after Bonnie. So there’s another massacre coming. It seems to imply that the current cast will be it, but there’s not thirteen of them. Yet? Shane knows what he’s doing though. There are native islanders all over the area who apparently are working for him. They yoink Jeremy at one point, and when Bonnie does a spell to go look for him, she’s stuck out there too. There was also a fun scene where she basically groped the shirtless Jeremy, I mean looked at his tattoos. Feel free to keep having him shirtless for “plot.” I’m okay with this.

Elena, Rebekah, and Stefan go looking for Jeremy when he disappears, leaving Damon with Shane. That’s soooo smart. The really really really really annoying thing here is the three of them just walk around and bicker. You’re looking for Jeremy. You’re freaking vampires. You have super speed when you want to so run across the damn island. Nope, they have to fight instead. SHUT UP SHOW. Although this leads to an awesome moment where Rebekah is verbally bitchslaps everyone around in an awesome way. She points out that the bad things she’s done has been in response to their actions, and that they’ve technically killed two of her brothers now and she’s still working with them. I love how she’s become a voice of reason here, and I’ll admit I’m secretly shipping her and Stefan these days. I don’t know, he just seems to be healing thanks to her, and the fact they both genuinely want to be human for themselves is touching to me. She saves Elena instead of letting her get staked by a trap. Later on when they realize they’re the only ones left, Elena sucks up her pride and gives Rebekah the white oak stake. She says this is a gesture of faith and they’re the only ones left, also the ones who want the cure the most, and they have to get over their stuff to work together. I liked this scene a lot, so I’m going to hand it to them for some solid development there.

I also like how they’re handling the inevitable Damon/Elena break up. Yes a lot of it is probably due to the sire bond, although I expect once that’s broken she’ll still have feelings for him. But here Elena asks Damon to be human with her, pointing out that’s how much faith she has in her love for him, but Damon says the obvious: he doesn’t want to be a human. Elena argues it’s because he doesn’t want anything good for himself and blah blah blah, but I think the show’s been consistent in that Damon might’ve resisted being a vampire at first, but it suits him now. He likes being one. That’s been a consistent character trait of Damon, and while I do think he’s considered it since being with her, he stands in the ‘not interested’ category at the end of the day. I appreciate that they’re having legitimate backing behind why they won’t work out as a couple. Eventually it was going to happen either way, even if she was human. Sometimes a couple doesn’t work because they want different things, and while this is played for high angst, it’s something I really do like to throw in a problem for them. Anyway Damon stomps off because she got mad at him for trying to kill Shane. He said he didn’t care about Bonnie being a time bomb. Elena, honey, look at your life, look at your choices. He gets captured by another guy who is one of the Five. Interesting!

Meanwhile back at home in stupid land, Klaus is stuck in the house and Tyler comes to gloat. I knew this whole sequence was going to end up annoying me. Caroline tells Klaus off, and he stabs her and bites her. She’s dying of the werewolf wound so at first she and Tyler go elsewhere, but he brings her back. He begs first, but Klaus refuses to believe him, and he thinks letting Caroline die will ‘teach him a lesson.’ You’d think this would make the Klaroline fans stfu since they kept whining he’d never hurt herrrrrrrrr. This is the second time he had her get a poisoned werewolf bite for his own reasons. You people are delusional. In the end she guilts him into saving her and implies she believes he can change through love and blah blah blah. We all know she’s doing it just to save her own life, but the shippers will find reasons for it to be TWU WUV. Facepalm. Again, I can never tell where the show is going with this. But I don’t care because hopefully he’s gone at the end of the season and off somewhere else. For good.

That was the episode. I’ll admit¬† I’m kind of into this storyline. I think it’s iffy and they didn’t exactly do much in this episode, but it’s headed toward something and I’m willing to give it a shot, see where it goes. Except for the Klaroline BS, the love triangle was faced with more realistic reasons for their angst. I liked the pact between Elena and Rebekah, even if that is very likely to break up soon. At this point I’m hoping Rebekah does become human and get her version of a happy ending. Which is weird since she’s driven me crazy for awhile now with her whining, but I don’t know. The actress has managed to pull it around and I’ve been feeling for her lately. Go figure.


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