Dee Discusses: The X-Files 1.12

Posted: February 9, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, X-Files
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I am loving the guest appearances I never knew happened before. A lot of actors are on this show! Mark Sheppard is one of my favorite character actors. I think he’s magic. I miss Leverage. It should be noted the firestarter stuff just made me think of Stephen King. I love that book. The bad guy of the week is a firestarter who can make people spontaneously burst into flames and do tricks by setting his arms on fire. There’s a woman on the scene names Pheobe and she has a romantic past with Mulder; she broke his heart. She’s British and clever and there to get his help since British parliament people keep dying. They’re on the case! Scully is taking a back seat to Mulder and Phoebe, possibly because she’s jealous. Or it’s awkward. Probably both.

At one point he goes to a bar and blows his cover by showing off his powers to a girl. She gets scarred by the fire he starts and the bar goes up in flames. This is relevant since later on she describes his looks and they get that picture at the right time. They lay a trap for him at a hotel, and instead Mulder and Phoebe dance and make out and almost get a room together. Instead a fire is set off and Mulder tries to save the kids of the current parliament member. He can’t make it to them without smoke getting to him. He is mad at himself for this, but dude it wasn’t like you’re a superhero. Anyone would’ve done that. Firemen need masks! They figure out finally it’s the caretaker. This is a pretty simple episode, all things considered.

When they do figure it out he’s already started trapping them in the house and again the kids are in danger. This time Mulder makes it to them. They have a stand off when he points out setting off a gun could kill them all. Phoebe throws an inflammatory subject on him so he’s set on fire. He seems to love it though and survives. He’s locked away and he is still smiling. Phoebe leaves without saying goodbye, leaving Mulder with a bittersweet feeling. This was a great episode. Mark Sheppard is great, I love firestarters, and Mulder fails. I’m glad this show never makes him perfect. He messes up constantly and he’s no superman. I love that Scully was awkward but didn’t get in his way or try to pressure him about Phoebe. I wonder if we’ll see Phoebe again. Maaaaaaaaaaybe? Overall another great venture here.

From my notes: Β Someone’s a leprechaun. TOP OF THE MORNING TO YOU. Come on that can’t be an accident. Whoops guy set on fire. A firestarter! I love that book. Mulder and Scully are being adorable and bantering. Greeting Agent Mulder, this tape will self destruct in fifteen seconds. He implies she’s a vampire, and she kisses him. Scully looks a little uncomfortable. The arson specialist is creepily into it. WAIT is that Mark Sheppard. That is Mark Sheppard!!! I refuse to call him anything but that from now on. I’m not sure if he has a name, but it’s Mark Sheppard no matter what. He’s so young and adorable I want to marry him. But murderous, so I shouldn’t. Mulder has a photographic memory? Phoebe believes him without argument, unlike Scully. Special snowflake. Hello shirtless Mulder. I think everyone should focus on getting the fuck out of the burning room. He set himself on fire and just laaaaaaaughs. You can’t fight fire with fire. Apparently they can.Β  I feel like Mark Sheppard is hot even burned up. I know I have a problem.

  1. When I first watched this episode Mark Sheppard was a relative unknown… so imagine my joy when years later I came back to it and did the same thing OMG MARK SHEPPARD!!!!!

    I miss Leverage too. 😦


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