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1X02 Squeeze

We start with another cold open, this one with shades of Stephen King’s IT. It also highlights a perfect use of a low effects budget and “The Jaws Effect”… i.e. not actually showing anything thereby letting the viewer imagine the worse. Very effective here!

Then we get to Scully having a normal life and eating out with a friend from the academy. It’s interesting how they just throw out the World Trade Center Bombing with little preamble and move on to how it helped someone move up the ladder quickly. This is the pre-9/11 world for you.

“And you, maybe you won’t have to be Mrs. Spooky any more.”

It’s interesting to see how others look at Scully now that she’s gone to work with Mulder, again highlighting the fact that this tv show, at least for now, is really told from her perspective.

“Do you think I’m spooky?”

Mulder is such a cutie.

“Do you have any idea what liver and onions go for on Reticula?”

And then he starts to play the other agent with the whole Reticulan thing. I know I said they toned down Mulder’s humor but only in that he’s not a ‘kid on a sugar high’, he still has some of the best one-liners making him a character very hard not to like, even if you disagree with him.

Then Mulder sees no evidence of alien involvement proving that he’s not a real ‘UFO nut’ who thinks everything has to do with aliens. This goes a long way in cementing Mulder as someone to be taken seriously, or at least more seriously than those guys on Ancient Aliens or all the other shows that tried to take advantage of X-Files’ popularity.

Now, I thought Scully’s field was medicine and physics, not psychology, so why is she the one giving the profile? Oh well, it’s nice to see that Scully here is treated like a professional, only looked down on because she works with Mulder in the X-Files, not because she’s a female. A lot of shows will try to make a character a strong female by making them buck up against people who look down on them because of their gender. This is much more effective because she’s not having to prove anything, her strength of character simply is.

Sunflower seeds!

Another Cutlass! Only this one is like a dark grey and probably a Bureau car, Baltimore is only an hour from DC. As it’s not a rental it doesn’t count.

And there is Tooms, crawling through a duct proving what Mythbusters will confirm years later… that it’s impossible to crawl through a an air duct without making a lot of noise!

  • Question: Who taught Scully how to hold a gun? They should be shot.

Tooms goes under the polygraph and the actor really sells it that he’s like a puppy dog, wouldn’t hurt anyone, but at the same time, damn is he creepy looking. Tooms is a very important character though because he’s the first “Monster of the Week”, the first time Mulder and Scully go after something that isn’t aliens, showing that they embrace the wild world of the supernatural and unknown. You want to be sickened by Tooms but at the same time you want to know more about him.

This really proves how important the first couple of episodes are to a series… how they can make it or break it.

Then we get to the part where Mulder throws out his wild theories and Scully is ‘well, there is some merit here’ instead of just throwing it out completely. She understands that there is a grain of truth to everything. Of course, the other guys only see nothing but ‘Spooky Mulder’.

“Doesn’t mean your profile is wrong.”

They defend Scully, again, she’s not ditched cause of her gender, she’s not ditched at all. In a way her character is kinda heightened by the fact that the other guys are jerks, something I usually thumb my nose at as bad writing, but in this case, it works. Mulder does sound crazy, and he’s pushing them on purpose in a passive aggressive way. Scully isn’t affected because she knows what he’s doing. The other cops are worried about their jobs and don’t want to get ‘drug down’. It’s police politics at its best.

Woah! Mulder just grabs her necklace like that when she turns away, that’s a pretty intimate move there buddy! I know it’s meant to show he’ll recognize it later… but damn!

Oh wow, look at the “high tech” software on that computer screen! I really am starting to feel old.

Damn, Tooms has the most freaky, haunting eyes ever… he’s also Spiderman apparently. The X-Files could really sell the horror/creepy elements without having to result in the cheap tricks seen in today’s modern horror.

They hired a contortionist to do the work in the chimney scene, that is all them getting into that little hole, that’s pretty wicked.

“Who’s side are you on?”
“The victim’s.”

Go Scully! You really see the humanity in this episode.

I like how Mulder just casually says that Scully will be running the Bureau in 2023. If he only knew…

Ah, yes, Microfiche. Classic. But I like this very CSI moment here were they are looking up information and doing real fact checking and stuff. Using the same realistic take on things as they applied to the first two episodes to allow everyone in on the discussion. Also, Mulder is much closer to something everyone can believe in with this episode… genetic mutations are easier to swallow than aliens.

  • Question: Was Mulder just checking out her boobs?

That old guy is really overselling his role and that picture is awfully nice for being at least thirty years old.

And here we get the image from the title sequence of them coming through the door. Then Scully isn’t scared at all, shoving her gun down her waistband and heading down the ladder first. Seriously, who was on the gun props in this episode?!?! That is the worse place to put a gun!


More bad CSI on behalf of Team X-Files, touching everything. Also, you’d think that stuff would be in the nest… though I guess he must also mess with the tokens a lot for them not to be covered in crap loads of dust from all the time he’s left hibernating.

Scully then snags herself on something and oops, Tooms got her necklace! Why he doesn’t attack them both while he has the drop on them I don’t know? I mean, seriously, he could have knocked one of them out right there with a conk to the head and then went after the other.

That Colton is a pratt, seriously, but woah, the first person to cuss is Scully! And then she’s going to put a complaint against him! Unfortunately that’s all we see of that, we never find out what happens to Colton, I gather he probably never got high up there like he wanted to. I like to think so at least.

Tooms is going after Scully now who goes for her gun, that’s smart… you know what’s smarter? Leaving the house and getting backup. Granted, she might be thinking it would be better to take him on and arrest him so they don’t have to hunt him down later but they already knew where his hideout was! Speaking of which, Mulder put two and two together quickly, yay Mulder!

It’s a pretty nice fight, Scully held her own and I’d like to think she was just about to knee Tooms in the gonads when Mulder burst in. Another fight and Tooms is handcuffed, and why he doesn’t Squeeze his way out of the cuffs I don’t know, unless he’s like one of those animals who won’t attack if outnumbered.

But now Tooms is locked up and rebuilding his nest, Mulder is left to be in awe of him and his genetics, though at the same time commenting on how everyone is “trying to feel safe” but “it ain’t enough”. Truer words man, truer words.

Though, this is an interesting X-Files in that they come out with the bad guy in jail… so no government there making him ‘disappear’ nor does he die or otherwise remain elusive. Yet, he’s not all over the news or medical journals or being examined for how his genetic mutation and metabolism could hold the key to lords know how many things!

Oh well, at least we are left with that wonderful shot of him looking at the food tray window thinking “yeah, I could totally make that”.


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