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1X01 – Deep Throat

We now have the first episode, 1X01 “Deep Throat”, and many snickers were had. As I said before, X-Files really got the ‘cold open’ down pat and that’s how they tended to draw you in. This one was a bit cheesy, I mean, just look at those MPs, jumping around like they are play acting as cops. But dang, once we see the husband, it’s all WTF?

  • Question: So, you can just run up and say “I live here” and they’ll just let you through the barricade?

Yes, the Title Sequence! The music here is as iconic as the Star Trek theme. You hear it and you instantly know you’re watching The X-Files. The haunting, electric sound, the slow pace… and then THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. While a few seasons later they will update the FBI badges, make some minor changes, that logo only changes maybe a handful of times. A precursor to the modern idea of putting things like that into the title sequence, see LOST or Once Upon A Time.

And Scully’s hair gets changed, a bit shorter and now styled with a bit of a wave. It stays like that for the whole season, if my memory serves me right.

  • Question: Why is it the ‘64,000 Question’, is that a pop culture reference I’m missing?

Mulder totally pushes the exposition asking a bunch of single questions, just like Scully had to do in the pilot. I think Scully did it better but it’s still a hard thing to chew.

This episode is really when I started to think that Mulder could be a schizophrenic. Deep Throat just pops up and disappears all cryptic like. There is no one there to witness him and it only
feeds into Mulder’s belief that there is something going on, that there is a truth out there to be found.

I love how Scully, knowing that Mulder thinks this case has a “paranormal bouquet” decides to do some fact checking and research. Again, selling the fact that this show is realistic and offers both sides of the argument.

Mulder’s Apartment!!!!! For the longest time fans asked “if he sleeps on the sofa, what’s in the bedroom?” It’s awesome when we finally get that answer.

You know, this whole conversation about how the pilots were acting sounded a lot like PTSD though the term isn’t used. I guess in 1993 it wouldn’t. It wasn’t until the 2000s that I think they really started looking into it with our veterans here in the US so kudos to X-Files for approaching this subject so early!

Ellens Air Base is an obvious allusion to Area 51’s Nellis Air Force Base.

“The government isn’t above the law.”

Can you imagine if that line was used in a modern tv show? There has definitely been a huge shift in the past twenty years regarding how people perceive the government.

Ah, the rental car is champagne color. Darn it, well…
Dark Blue … 1
Champagne … 1

Then we have the reporter who sells the core appeal of this show by stating that it’s not every day they get the FBI, just usually UFO nuts. X-Files really made the study of the unknown respectful.

Once again, Mulder’s likable nature (as opposed to the ‘brooding anti-hero’ which is so popular today) pays off.

Now we get to Mulder and Scully seeing the lights in the sky but both coming to do different conclusions. It’s totally brilliant because you can take whichever side you want!

Seth Green! I never forgot he was in this episode but as Dee put it, damn does he look like a baby.

Scully’s cross is very prominent in this scene the way it’s laying out over her shirt. Her religious beliefs are very important to the subtext of this show throughout the seasons and it’s nice to see that they may have been thinking about that as early as this episode.

“You think the military is flying UFOs?”
“No, planes built with UFO technology.”

The UFO conversation is one of the best, it’s like talking about politics or religion… there is always a way around everything and everything has a bit of logic. The audience is invited into that conversation.

OMG! That rental is a Cutlass Sierra! That was the make/model of my first car!!!

I like Mulder’s turn at taking the scientific approach to the situation, see, he’s not a crazy UFO nut. I never noticed the pilot’s eye twitch before, that was a really nice touch!

  • Question: Wasn’t the back window blown out of the car? How they get it fixed so fast in 1993?

Sunflower seeds in the glove box!!!!

Gail… Scully’s friend Gail… now I’m beating myself up, isn’t she in other episodes? Just a voice at the end of the phone? I’m sure she is but I’m doubting myself. Keeping an eye out for that.

Mulder and Scully then have a wonderful conversation about how logic and reason is good but “Aren’t you even a bit curious?” That is really spoken more to the audience than anything else.

  • Question: Was Mulder laying on her bed? Nice!

So Mulder runs away leaving Scully all manner of annoyed. Then of course Mulder has his second possible schizophrenic moment, seeing lights in the sky and all that stuff happening to him in the base. No one is there to witness it, it could all be in his head. Sure, he probably was grabbed by the military but everything else we only have Mulder’s POV to believe.

I really do like though that they made the UFO hanger very realistic like, not super stylized or anything. Again, this show really sold itself in this episode.

Scully then kicks butt and gets that guy to be her bitch. But wouldn’t it have been better to get the media out there… or is Scully still following the idea that “the government is allowed its secrets”.

Wow, that Jeep is all over the road!

“It’s you who have acted inappropriately.”

This, this right here. The perfect moment topping off everything I’ve been saying about this show.

  • Question: When did they stop doing the field report stuff? And where is she, that is not Mulder’s office.

Now we have the last scene of the show, the long lenses really making this moment as the whole idea of what they are talking about seems to some to be far fetched and to others hard to reach. And, of course, Mulder is the only witness, totally could be hallucinating Deep Throat here.

“Mister Mulder, they’ve been here a very long time.”



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