Dee Discusses: The Vampire Diaries 4.12

Posted: February 1, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, The Vampire Diaries
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Everyone guess what! There’s an episode that I don’t completely hate! In fact I only got annoyed twice this entire hour, and that is so rare these days. I dream again of a show without the Originals, which seems to be a possibility since they’re doing a spin off for them. Leave now and never come back! But seriously, this was a fairly decent episode, and it did get me intrigued with the storyline from here, so well done you guys. Of course I’m giving them a lot of credit since every episode used to make me yearn for the next, and now I’m impressed if I don’t want to table flip afterward. Still. I’m giving you a tiny bit of credit. Some bread crumbs. Don’t get cocky, show. I’m sure Plec will find a way to ruin you soon. The two things that annoyed me this episode surrounded the stupid love triangles, soooooo not surprised there.  Anyway previously on The Vampire Diaries, they need Jeremy’s tattoo to be finished so they can get the cure for vampirism, Bonnie’s doing dark magic called Expression, Damon was compelled to kill Jeremy so he’s bled out and trapped by Stefan until that goes away, and Elena told Jeremy they should kill Kol.

This made me laugh because I actually said ‘if they just killed an Original the map would probably be done instantly.’ And voila. It made sense they headed that way because why else introduce Kol back into the show? So they come up with a plan to kill Kol. Klaus knows he has to stake his brother since he’s gone off the reservation, but Rebekah has the only stake left. So he tries to get Stefan to take it back from her, which is a little easier now since Stefan and Rebekah are sleeping together again. And while she loves to say no emotions and whatever, we all know that she’s just a little girl on the inside who wants to be loved and special and prom queen. It usually drives me crazy, because of how old she is, but it works in this episode because the actress really sells her scenes. Anyway she’s like lol no Klaus go to hell. The team comes up with a plan: Stefan distracts Rebekah and finds the stake, letting Matt put her down, and Bonnie holds Kol long enough for Jeremy to kill him and get the map. Naturally this is going to go all wrong. There’s supposed to be an 80s dance, but it get canceled by Bonnie’s dad.

Elena calls a “truce” with Kol to try and figure out more about Silas and distract him long enough for the rest of the plan to work. They have a polite-ish conversation, and he seems relatively certain of Silas being bad news, but I don’t blame her for shrugging it off. I’d like to point out I think it’s strange Elena still cares about the cure at all. She said before that she’s not hugely invested in it, and it hurts her that Stefan is treating her like something that needs to be cured. And now Damon is too, so wtf, but I guess she has no real choice since Jeremy is the map and this is going to become a problem no matter what. I’m team Cure Klaus and then kill him a lot. I know this won’t happen. Let me dream. Long story short, Bonnie gets held up by her father and her vampire mother who comes back, so Kol tries to kill Jeremy and Elena. Instead they manage to get the drop on him and down goes an Original. Klaus gets there just in time to see this and he is maaaaaaaad. It’s still hard for me to believe there’s love in that family considering how horrible they are to each other. I don’t believe blood is thicker than water. He yells that he wanted to find the cure to destroy it and he doesn’t care about them or his hybrids. Thiiiiiiiiiis is weird. I haven’t gotten any indication from Klaus this season that he feels that way. He could be lying this whole time, but it seems pretty weird to make a 180 like that. He could’ve just found all the hunters and killed them and then the map doesn’t exist so whatever. Or destroyed the sword and the headstone. There are plenty ways to keep from the cure being found. I get he can never be 100% positive without destroying it himself, but it seems weird to throw at us a completely different motivation for him now. Sloppy writing or he was just overly emotional because of his brother? No idea.

Bonnie comes in and stops Klaus because she is awesome. Well she’s always awesome but she’s extremely awesome with these new powers. Obviously they’re dangerous as hell and she’ll probably go Dark Phoenix soon enough, but for right now, it is great to watch someone able to take on Klaus. She tells them to invite Klaus in, and then she traps him in some kind of invisible box in the house. She says she drew on the moon so he’ll be stuck there for a few days. Conveniently enough time for them to go look for the cure, since Jeremy’s tattoo works and they have him and Bonnie to track down what they need. Meanwhile Stefan decides not to stake Rebekah when she offers him the stake and admits she wants the cure for herself. She wants a normal life and children. It does annoy me that Rebekah acts so childishly for someone her age, but the actress really did sell her sincerity about wanting to be human. Stefan is moved, possibly because he shares that in common with her, and he brings her onto their team instead. Elena’s not having that because she’s jealous, but she has absolutely zero legs to stand on since now Damon’s back. BLAAAAAAAAAH. Damon and Stefan do stupid posturing and Damon taunts him about Rebekah. Him sleeping with Rebekah is not even a single bit as bad as you sleeping with his ex-girlfriend, you moron, shut your face. Another thing I didn’t like was Klaus asking why Elena forgives Damon, and he says he does evil for a reason. Yes. Killing Jeremy in the first season had “reason.” Or when you killed that random girl after Elena said no to you a second time. Or the loads and loads of dead bodies you’ve strewn out behind you and sincerely do not regret in the least. Shut up, Damon.

Next week I guess they start off on their journey to find the cure. And I’m actually interested in it! Go figure. Of course I’ll probably have to put up with more triangle BS, which I’m not looking forward to at all, but does this mean I don’t have to look at Klaus for a little while? Here’s hoping. So this episode wasn’t that bad. There was no Caroline and Tyler which is annoying, are they not even going on the mission with them? Sigh. I love Bonnie’s rising power. I kind of just want her to keep these powers and find a middle ground with them. I also appreciate how often they have Jeremy shirtless these days. Approved.


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