Dee Discusses: Lost Girl 3.3

Posted: January 28, 2013 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television
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Previously on Lost Girl, Lauren and Bo are dating, Dyson got back his love for Bo but hasn’t told her, Kenzi has something on her arm they still haven’t talked about, Dyson got a new partner named Tamsin, Vex is part of the group because the Dark Fae hate him, Hale is acting Ash, and he’s trying to get the Dark and Light to have a new peace agreement. Woo! So the Morrigan is sending tons of Dark Fae assassins after Bo, because she claims Bo murdered one of theirs not too long ago. Tamsin also thinks this and it’s part of her job to try and catch Bo in a compromising way. Bo and Kenzi are both starting to get worn out, so Hale agrees to help protect Bo if she gets this Staff of Righteousness back for him. It’s been stolen, and if she gets that, he can put a Light Fae protection on her. Meanwhile Vex is sulking that no one respects him and the Dark Fae all shun him for not being able to use his powers now. Lauren says it’s a mental block, and there’s nothing physically wrong with him. He goes to the Morrigan to give her Bo’s phone where the embarrassing pictures she took are held. The Morrigan’s not impressed, but she does use Vex to put a parasite on him. He brings it back to the apartment, and it infects Bo.

The parasite regresses anyone it infects to their teenage years. The point is they are brought back to before their Fae powers kicked in, so they’re mostly harmless humans. It also attracts the attention of some bad pig Fae who hunt for it like truffles. Bo manages to infect both Dyson and Tamsin, and the three of them act like nerdy teenagers and have a sleepover at her house. They dance to Hungry Like The Wolf and trade deepest darkest secrets. We learn that Tamsin is a Valkyrie. Ooooooooo. She indicates something about not getting close to people because it ends badly. I’m guessing the violent sort of badly. Otherwise this is just a hilarious comedy hour with the three of them being adorably awkward together. Plus shirtless Dyson dancing and being shy around Bo. Meanwhile Lauren and Kenzi have to be the adults, something Lauren does a lot of, and Kenzi does none of. It gives the two the chance to connect since they don’t like each other. They both assumed the other doesn’t like them, and they bond. It’s cute. Kenzi gets the Stick of Righteousness stuck to her when she picks it up to fight.

Vex is encouraged by the Morrigan to help kill Bo, and he’ll be back in their good graces. He’s swayed by Kenzi telling him he’s changed and this isn’t him. He does end up saving her instead of killing her, but he’s not entirely certain of his motivations anymore. He decides to leave and go on a journey of self discovery. Kenzi gives the staff back to Trick by declining the power it offers her. Hale chews the Morrigan out for sending a parasite after Bo, especially since it infected Dyson and Tamsin too. He points out they’re trying to do a real truce, and she’s making it worse, and threatens her if she doesn’t fall in line. It’s awesome. Go Acting Ash Hale! Dyson, Bo and Tamsin don’t remember much of what happened, so they don’t know whatever deep dark secrets Bo and Tamsin wrote to each other when they were BFFs. Ooo I bet that comes back later!

Overall this was a really funny episode. You can tell the actors are having a blast. They love when they get to be silly. I’m glad that Kenzi and Lauren got a chance to connect, and we got more of Lauren’s backstory. I do wish we could’ve let Lauren go a little wild in this episode. She’s always so serious and fits that role well, but it would’ve been nice to see her get a chance not to be. I’m glad Vex will be off the screen for a bit. I liked his story in this, but I feel like he’s been grating on me the past two episodes.  Really enjoying this season so far! CAN WE GET TO KENZI’S ARM YET? JEEZ.


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