Deechelle Discusses: Once Upon a Time 2.12

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Previously: Belle lost her memory because Hook sucks, Hook got hit by a random dude in a car, Rumpelstiltskin can leave the town, they know Cora’s in town, and Regina’s still MIA.

Enchanted Forest: It’s not actually the Enchanted Forest so we’ll go with ‘other world.’ It’s interesting that Henry says Frankenstein’s not in his book. Oooo. Frankenstein’s father tells him to be a medic for the army, to bring honor and blah blah blah to the family, and his younger brother thinks he should stick to his work because it’s super serious. Victor wants their name to go down in history for a major discovery. While grave robbing, his brother finds him and gets shot. He tries to bring him back to life, as we saw him trick Regina in order to get the heart Rumpelstiltskin promised, and his brother comes back a monster. Not unlike Daniel, which begs the question of why he thought this time it would work when it worked horribly for him. None of this is really new information.

Storybrooke: Everyone’s panicking because an out of towner is now there, just as they feared last week. Rumelstiltskin manages to heal Belle’s bullet wound so it isn’t a problem, but her being terrified of him certainly is. They all go to the hospital and the stranger needs surgery. They call in Whale who seems to be drunk and not all with it, and he just wanders off instead of doing his job. The others are deciding if letting him die is the best idea, but they’re good guys so of course they’re not going to pick that. Red manages to talk Whale back into the hospital, and he saves the man’s life. He tells Emma he was texting when he hit Hook, and so he didn’t see any of Rumpelstiltskin’s magic. He’s lying apparently, since he whispers to his wife she wouldn’t believe what he saw. Emma’s lie detecting is BS yet again. Rumpelstiltskin is heartbroken that Belle doesn’t remember and is also freaked out about him, and she breaks her cup. 😦 He has a confrontation with Cora and they agree on a truce. She gives him a globe that will help him find Baelfire. He demands Emma help him find his son, fulfilling her favor to him from when he let Cinderella’s baby go. Meanwhile Cora figures out where Regina is hiding and reveals herself. Regina’s having none of her shit for a little while, saying she’s taking her in town so everyone knows she didn’t kill Archie, but then she lets her mother’s manipulation gets to her. They’re going to plot to get Henry back. Yeah. That’ll work out well. What part of good always wins are you not getting?

General Opinion of the Episode

Dee: It was okay! I actually liked Frankenstein’s stuff, although I will say there are times where I feel like them meandering into character’s backstories when it isn’t 100% necessary to the storyline makes me a little annoyed. Like the next episode in three weeks is about the Giant. I think we have enough characters that we already know and could use more information on. Where the hell is August? I know the actor is doing something else, but I’d much rather get more of him, I feel cheated we haven’t heard head or tail of him since early on. He had so much more story to give. Like I said, I like Frankenstein’s stuff a lot, and I get it sort of tied in with the accident and he’s the only doctor, but did I feel it was really necessary? Ehhh not really. It was filler more. We knew in general what happened with his brother. You could already assume he got him killed and tried to bring him back just from his last episode alone. So I felt like it was treading water. This is a problem LOST had too, and I compare the two because the structure they use is similar. They had a lot of interesting but generally unnecessary flashbacks. If the flashback isn’t adding a huge amount to the plot, it’s probably not the best choice. The actual storyline of the new person in town and whether they’d let him die or save him was interesting in theory, but come on, it wasn’t even a real argument. Of course they were going to save him. I loved all of Rumpelstiltskin’s stuff with Belle and his plans for Bael, I liked a lot of the aspects of the episode, but it wasn’t their strongest one by any means. And I’ll get to the Regina stuff later.

Jachelle: I was surprised at how much I liked this episode! Maybe it’s because I wasn’t really thrilled with Whale/Frankenstein’s last episode, that my hopes weren’t very high for this one. After the end of the last week, I admit I was a little annoyed they were going back to another Frankenstein-centric episode. But I was on board right from the start of the episode. Like Dee said, maybe it all wasn’t entirely necessary to the story, but I didn’t mind so much this time. I had a good time with it. Ethan Embry turned up as the “Stranger” in town, which as kind of fun. I will adore him forever after seeing him as Mark in Empire Records (one of our favorite movies of all time! Read our review of it here.) I loved Ruby this week. (More on that below) The Rumbelle setbacks broke my heart to watch. But I’m really interested to see how that works out. I’m dying to see more of Belle and what sort of personality she’s going to have now that her real memories are gone again. Both times we’ve seen her without them she’s been kind of out of it and just sort of reacting to things around her. I’m really hoping we’ll get to see an actual character emerge at some point before her memories are restored. Fingers crossed! And randomly, I have to say that I just really loved the visual of Rumple in his gorgeous red cloak against the black and white background of Frankenstein’s world. That scene when he’s dumping out the gold onto the floor? Gorgeous. I love it.

Favorite Scene

Dee: Cora and Rumpelstiltskin’s confrontation. I want to know so much about their background. We already knew at some point he was Cora’s master in magic, and I’m pretty positive she was the Miller’s Daughter. So there’s plenty you can fill in there. But they were obviously lovers at some point, and there’s definitely a loooot we don’t know going on here. I think both actors are fantastic, so of course their talents bring it to a higher level. I always said when Robert and Lana are in scenes together, the two of them are so good separately that they’re even better together. It was the same thing here. It definitely fed my interest to know so much more about their relationship and I’m sure it’ll come up again later. I’d rather it be sooner!

Jachelle: Ruby talking to Whale. This one caught me off guard. I’ve never really liked or been particularly interested in Whale’s character. But this scene was just a fantastic little moment. First of all, Ruby grabbing him after he jumped was just badass. But their actual talk was wonderful. It was open and honest, and it was the first time I really connected with Whale’s character. And bless you, Ruby. “I ate my boyfriend.” She had such a great point about some of them really just wanting to forget some of the terrible things that have happened to them. And I loved her honesty about wanting to start over.

Least Favorite Scene

Dee: SERIOUSLY, REGINA? SERIOUSLY? SHOW! If you want to sell us on a redemption storyline the character can’t regress every single time they take a step forward. She was so close, but “almost” isn’t quite enough. I really hope this is a trick on her part, knowing she might not be able to handle Cora or something, because I am so tired of it. She was being so badass until that point. She knew exactly what her mother was doing and she still gave in,  ugh she was evil Queen and leader of Storybrooke for so many years now, you’d think she was tougher. I’m irritated at that sort of back pedaling she’s doing. I mean my guess is she’ll defeat/go against Cora eventually, but it’s cheapened by this. My sympathy was fragile to begin with. A note here: I think the acting was excellent from both actresses. I just think it’s BS if they want us to be on Regina’s side at any point in time. I might’ve been able to buy it if Regina didn’t say immediately that she knew of all her mother’s tricks, called her on all her BS, and still fell for it in the end. Too Dumb To Live, dude. Unless it’s all a trick. In which case I will admit my mistake!

Jachelle: I kind of want to say the cup scene with Belle and Rumple. Not because I disliked it, but just because it smashed my heart. BELLE’S CUP. 😦 NOOO.  But as far as scenes I actually disliked, I’m going with the scene where they were all talking about whether or not to let the stranger succumb to his injuries or not in order to save themselves. It was pretty pointless. They’re the heroes. We know they would never let someone die when they had the chance to save him. So the scene just ended up being completely unnecessary.

Favorite Character

Dee: I’m going to say Red! Even if I thought Frankenstein’s backstory was generally unnecessary, I was surprised and interested in their sudden friendship. You know the thing I find interesting about this show is that Regina gave them new back stories as normal people but also altered their personality too. We knew Frankenstein as some slimy philanderer, basically. And he is nothing like that as himself. Ruby was immature and restless. Red seems very down to earth and mature. I think it feeds into the way she kept them from having happy endings, that they were forced to live contrary to their true selves. In that light, I am really interested in seeing how the characters now interact compared to how they used to. And Red and Victor are good examples of this. Red’s very nonjudgmental, honest, and empathic. She’s a good grounding influence not just for Snow and Charming, and I like that about her.

Jachelle: Yeah, I’m going with Red on this one too. Obviously her scene with Whale left a lasting impression on me. She is seriously the backbone of all these characters, I swear. Snow and Charming and Emma, they’re all pretty great at inspiring and leading, but Red is so much more subtle about things. She prefers small gestures to grand ones. And they work. She’s got such a level head. I want to be friends with her.

Who is Baelfire? Neal, another character we’ve seen, or someone completely new?

Dee: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, at this point I will be completely shocked if Neal isn’t Baelfire. It seems way too perfect of a choice here. Not just because Henry would be related to all the major characters and it would unite them all in a strange way, but also because it fits well into what is about to happen. Emma and Rumpelstiltskin are about to go on a road trip together. Episode description implies Henry goes with them. How perfect would it be if they track down Baelfire’s path and he turns around and Emma goes “Neal?!” Dum dum duuuuuum. I’m sorry, that moment is way too good to be passed up, I will be genuinely surprised if they don’t go that way. And since his father is more than one mythical character, I wouldn’t be shocked if Bael is more than one too. A lot of people have been putting around him being Peter Pan, and that would work great, also cementing Hook as the enemy of both father and son. I guess we’ll see, but now the hunt for Bael is really on, so we should know by the end of the season at the latest.

Jachelle: Neal. No doubt in my mind at this point. Pretty much for all the same reasons as Dee, since we’ve talked about this at length before. Nothing new to add, except that if by some crazy off-chance it ISN’T Neal, I demand more backstory on the guy. Because clearly there’s something else going on there.


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