I’m creeping toward an ability to quit this show for good at the end of the season. Or at least that’s how I felt, until I heard Klaus was leaving the show for his own spin off. Now I think Klaus should burn in a fire and I feel like that show won’t end up a success, meaning he could just come back, but the idea of him being off the show appeals to me. Then again I’d still be stuck with the triangle either way. I feel like I should write down notes as I watch this show because I think some of my exact reactions to things could be pretty funny. Such as when Jeremy had the gun pointed at Damon and I kept yelling SHOOT HIM SHOOT HIM PLEASE DEAR GOD LET HIM DIE. Of course I knew it was never to be, but there was a moment. Not dissimilar from when Stefan gave a snappy reply to Elena’s why are you with Rebecca BS with lol do you know who your boyfriend is. This show. There’s not enough liquor in the world. I can quit.  I believe in myself. At the end of the season, I believe. But let’s do this first instead. Okay so previously on, Damon decided to let Klaus slaughter a lot of people so Jeremy can get his tattoo done faster. It’s hilariously awful how this is a cliffhanger that piddles off easily by halfway through this ep. Stefan starts working with Rebekah. Kol’s in town, because what we need is another bloody Original. I would really love Elijah and/or Katherine to come back.

So the show starts right back up at that moment when Jeremy protests they said he didn’t have to kill innocent people. Klaus naturally decides to compel them to murder Matt if he doesn’t kill them. It’s too bad because we know that vampires aren’t automatically evil, we’ve seen Elena and Caroline struggle but get through it. These poor people were killed for nothing and they’re red shirts anyway so no one cares. Not even f’n Elena who I had hoped would give Damon a lot more shit than she does. Anyway she shows up to save Matt and they get inside the house. She spends like five minutes going Damon that’s wrong and he’s like oh well and she goes oh well. I’m willing to put this to the sire bond because later on Matt mentions the Elena he knew would never have been that indifferent, and he’s right. So the show seems to acknowledge this Elena sees things differently. Remember Elena, the girl who freaked out because she killed a Hunter – who was trying to kill her – and she valued all life. Yeah. Few episodes later, it’s okay her sire kills bunch of people, because have you seen how cute he is? Meh.

We exist to make Dee scowl.

They go to kill the nest of vampires but Kol’s gotten there first. He says that the Silas guy Shane wants to resurrect would bring the end of the world around. This is like when we heard Mikael was someone Klaus was afraid of and he died in like one episode. Silas will probably be killed fast. Kol says he cares more about keeping Silas down and doesn’t give a fuck about the cure. Klaus makes him promise not to lay a hand on Jeremy, and you really would think he’d know freaking better than this, because Kol just compels Damon to do it instead. This is giving me flashbacks to that time he really did kill Jeremy because Elena said no to him when he came onto her in the first season. Memories. I could tell then that he was obviously her one true love. *sarcasm* Anyway he realizes it fast and then he starts hunting down Jeremy. Elena begs Stefan to help. He does intervene just in time and yoinks his brother away.

Before that Stefan and Rebekah are trying to find Shane’s headstone that he had for the cure. Shane’s been arrested by Bonnie’s dad and Sheriff Forbes. He reveals to Bonnie he did actually get the pastor to kill himself and everyone there, but it’s all for a good cause. She’s like WTFFFFFF. She starts hurting him through the black magic and gets all Dark Bonnie on us, but he manages to calm her down using this hypnosis technique he put in her. I think that’s what it was. Her dad is understandably concerned, although he comes off more as angry and pushy than concerned, which is a shame because obviously he has good reason. Stefan and Rebekah do manage to get it when one of Shane’s people shows up. The guy bites off his tongue, but she hides it somewhere. Stefan decides to hell with it and go with the old fashioned break up technique of having angry meaningless sex to make himself feel better.

Right before that though he bleeds Damon so he’s too weak to get up. They can’t get Kol to stop compelling him, because he fled when Rebekah threatened him. And if he sees Elena he can just sire bond her into opening the door and so he’ll kill Jeremy. Okay. Whatever. Elena gets jealous that Stefan’s messing around with Rebekah, who tried to kill her (technically she did kill you actually), and he’s like um Damon tried to kill Jeremy twice (again did actually kill him). I think you can also point out that Damon’s your brother and they had sex the day after you broke up. That part seems important too. Elena has no leg to stand on, but to be fair, that IS how people feel after a break up whether it’s fair or not. They are hurt and make stupid decisions. So it might make them annoying, but it’s realistic in terms of a break up. He tells her he’s not in love with her anymore and goes to have sex with Rebekah. That seems unlikely to be true, since if he didn’t love her why would he bother getting the cure?

It’s a note here – like it’s noted in the show – that Damon isn’t able to resist compulsion the way Stefan did. The shippers are arguing over this as proof Stefan loves her more. I’d say probably the show thinks that too, since they made the reference themselves, which again is a little bitch to Delena fans. I hate the triangle but at least treat the two sides like equals here. Otherwise it just seems even more pointless than usual. Elena gets the idea that Jeremy should kill Kol, thus killing all the vampires he’s sired and that might automatically make the tattoo work. Hey, that could work. Let’s do that. I wonder if they’re going to cure Klaus this season. That’s what Rebekah wants and it could lead into his show. But then he’d just get himself turned again. Hm. I guess we’ll have to see. And I’ll see because I’m not ready to quit. 😦 I only have myself to blame.


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