Dee Discusses: Lost Girl 3.1

Posted: January 25, 2013 by Dee in Dee, Recaps, Television
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Previously on Lost Girl. Lots of awesome happened. Okay I’ll be more specific. Last season ended with the team kicking the Garuda’s ass thanks to everyone giving Bo their strength. Unfortunately it brought out the dark side of her, and Kenzi managed to break the blood bonds before she could go all Dark Phoenix about it. Dyson got his love back thanks to Kenzi with a chainsaw, but she got some weird magical stuff on her arm. The Ash is dead again, Vex joined the team to help them in that last battle, Lauren’s girlfriend is dead, Dyson’s girlfriend is dead, Kenzi ran off her boyfriend, sad times for all. Oh and Trick is Bo’s grandfather. AW. I want them to hug all the time. I loved that he wasn’t her father, like we suspected, but her grandfather instead, which puts an even sadder spin on Aoife’s situation. Sadface.

The episode starts with Bo doing a bunch of illegal things and being tracked down to the bar by Dyson. They decide to arrest her and send her to a Fae-only prison where the Amazons keep an eye on all the prisoners. But of course it’s all just a lie and Bo’s there undercover, because Lauren’s mentor was there and disappeared. She asked Bo to do this to figure out what was going wrong in the prison. There’s a lot of uncomfortable aggression going on in this place, as you’d expect from a prison. They’re not supposed to have their powers, but Lauren gives Bo a power stone that lets her be able to. The leader of the place is finding ways to impregnate the Fae in the place, speed up the birth, and then sell the rare babies afterward. Yikes. Bo likes her meek cellmate, so naturally she’s the next one who is let out and then shows back up pregnant and terrified. Bo manages to get the other guards to turn on their leader by revealing she is actually a he. The Amazons really, really, really, really don’t like that. Ehhhh that’s a little transphobic there. I get what they were going for, but I’m tossing you a little side eye and shade, show. Just a little.

Meanwhile Kenzi’s pissed that they can’t help Bo out and appeals to the new Ash … HALE! YES! Loved this reveal. Technically he’s only the Acting Ash, which Trick loves to point out, but it’s so lovely to see him step into that role. Unfortunately it’s a dangerous one; the last two have died. Run, Hale, run! Anyway Dyson hasn’t told Bo that he got his heart back. Vex wants to be Dyson’s new partner because no one in the Dark Fae will talk to him any more and he’s bored. Really it’s just a reason for them to keep him on the show, because he’s a fan favorite, but guys … a little goes a long way. Kenzi sneaks in at one point as Bo’s lover and looks hilarious and they make out and it’s just so funny. I love their friendship to death. However when Dyson and Kenzi get to the jail to break out Bo, they see her kissing Lauren. She’s decided to make a go of it with Lauren, and Dyson decides to step back and not tell her about getting his heart back.

Also, randomly Bo kills some guy on the street. What? This comes up later. We still don’t have an answer on it. Not a bad intro. I wasn’t very comfortable with the prison stuff, and I know that was intentional, it was uncomfortable intentionally. But that still made me wince a few times. Also the reveal of the leader being a man … seriously no one figured that out in hundreds of years? Hmm. I don’t know that I’d say it was the best episode to come back on, but it was so good to see them, I didn’t really care. I MISSED YOU LOST GIRL! Obviously the Lauren/Bo thing sparked a little bit of a ship war, as that happens with triangles, but I’ve found this one to be pretty reasonable. Dyson’s not being a jealous bitch and trying to undermine their relationship. He respects Bo’s choice, and Bo has been crushing on Lauren for a long time now. I’m not sure what I think of them together because I haven’t seen them together, but Dyson and Bo had their own problems considering he lied to her for most of their relationship. So did Lauren. What’s up with her liking dishonest people? Hmmm. Anyway I’m interested to see how this goes!


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