Deechelle Discusses: Once Upon a Time 2.9

Posted: December 24, 2012 by Dee in Dee, Deechelle, General Media, Jach, Once Upon a Time, Recaps, Television
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Previously, Charming was put into a sleeping curse to tell his wife how to defeat Cora, and he’s stuck there until she gets back to Storybrooke. Team Kickass Women were heading toward Rumpelstiltskin’s old prison cell to get his enchanted ink, but Cora knew it was happening since she had Aurora’s heart. Hook took the heart.

Quick flashback: Hook was hired by Regina to take her mother’s heart and bring her back. He was caught when he went to get information about Rumpelstiltskin from Belle, and she said she didn’t know how to hurt him so he was going to kill her. What a gentleman. That’s why his hook was able to take out a heart, it was enchanted only for one by Regina. Cora was the Queen of Hearts from Wonderland (whiiiich makes perfect sense), and she turned Hook to her side instead. She planned to either kill or … something else to Regina (can’t tell right now), but Regina admitted she still loved her mother and that’s why she couldn’t bring her over to Storybrooke. She had too much of a hold over her heart, and that was a weakness. Cora used a spell to protect her and Hook (and the surrounding area) from the spell, so they wouldn’t be taken by Storybrooke. They were held there for all those years, but with their memories intact. That nicely wraps up the mysteries about how they were protected from the curse and how Hook took out the heart. Nicely played.

Team Princess goes to the cell but they’re caught by Cora and Hook. Aurora is revealed to be a spy, and they keep her heart. Hook taunts Emma with the once-magic bean because he’s a jerk despite being pretty. They seem pretty defeated as Cora and Hook go to the once magic pool, and she does a spell which makes it come back to life. That’s the portal, woo. Rumpelstiltskin’s ink is gone except for a really creepy scroll where he wrote Emma’s name a hundred times. Snow uses this by blowing the ink off the page of the scroll and it makes the cell disappear. Aurora agrees to stay behind since she can’t be trusted. Team Awesome goes up against Team Bitches. Hook apparently is gallant enough to save Aurora’s heart from going into the portal, but not gallant enough to stop from trying to murder a helpless woman in her cell earlier. La la la. Emma manages to somehow beat him even if her abilities with a sword are suspect, and she stops Cora from ripping out Snow’s heart by jumping in the middle. Cora’s like lol this is what I do, but she can’t take out Emma’s heart because magic. Probably True Love magic. The power of heart. The villains are defeated, Mulan brings Aurora back her heart (after some vaguely suggestive conversation), and Snow and Emma are ready to go back through the portal.

Little do they know that Rumpelstiltskin and Regina have decided the risk is too high to let them through. They can’t take the chance Cora will get through the portal instead, so they use the magic crystals left over to cause a lightning storm in the well where they’d be coming from. This is after Regina lying lies like a liar at Henry about her helping to save Snow and Emma. Red figures out what they plan so she and Henry track the two semi-villains down, and Henry has a passionate argument with Regina. He verbally smacks her down and she decides to have faith in him by having faith in his family. So she takes the lightning into herself, and lo and behold, Snow and Emma make it through alive. Yay. Charming is woken up, the family is reunited, and everyone goes to celebrate … without Regina. Wah wah waaaaah. Emma confronts Rumpelstiltskin and he admits he didn’t create her or give her magic, that’s all natural. Cora and Hook get through anyway because the enchanted water brings back the magic bean so they … somehow magically get his ship there. Wait is the ocean a part of Storybrooke too? How far does the spell extend? Shut up and enjoy it, Dee.

General Opinion of the Episode

Dee: I think one of the weakest parts about this show is the CGI. I understand that they save their budget for the huge cast, the amazing setting, and the crazy gorgeous costumes. I respect that, because those are their strongest places and they are very strong. The problem is that the lack of good CGI and/or the lack of good action sequences or fighting scenes makes most of their “intense” battles just … boring. This matters because when Cora and Hook were fighting Emma and Snow (and Mulan briefly) I was kind of bored. My kingdom for a good action sequence, OUAT. Okay outside of that though I was happy with how they wrapped up this half of the season. Like we thought, everyone gets back safely, Charming is reunited with his family, Regina’s still on the path of redemption, Aurora and Mulan stayed in their world to get Philip, and now we have Hook and Cora promising some drama. We didn’t get to see Neal again, but I guess that’ll be fun for when they come back. It was a good way to wrap up this half of the season. I remember how the winter break for season one though is when the show turned around for me. I was iffy on it until Graham’s episode and that’s when it had a “shit just got real” moment. I’d say the finale also had that, with the curse being broken. I’m not so sure this was one of those turning points for me, but more of a “okay that is wrapped up, next part.” I’m not saying it was bad, because there were tons of great things about it and I’ve really liked how they handled this season so far, but I wouldn’t say I was excited during the episode. I’m not sure why, it didn’t grip me, but I am psyched for it coming back and to see what they do with the villains! (I have to say I told you so because I called Regina’s mom as the Queen of Hearts last season. Booyah.)

Jachelle: Well that wrapped things up pretty nicely, didn’t it? I liked this episode and thought it was a pretty solid winter finale. Unlike Dee, I didn’t find any of the scenes boring, but I wasn’t hanging on the edge of my seat to know what would happen. I knew things would work out, but I was content to sit back and watch how it would do so. In addition to wrapping up the major storylines for now, it left us with some fun tastes of what’s to come. Hook and Cora arriving in Storybrook, Aurora and Mulan looking for Phillip, and the promise of more Neal. All of that combined with the fact that the Charmings are all FINALLY together again, means I can’t wait for new episodes. Seriously. If nothing else, I’m just dying to have them all together again as a family. And I swear to Odin if anything else keeps them apart for the last half of the season, I WILL SET EVERYTHING ON FIRE.

Favorite Scene

Dee: Rumpelstiltskin and Emma’s scene toward the end. I’m not sure why this one stayed with me, although it could be because Jennifer Morrison has really grown on me over the past season. I thought she was the weakest part of the show last season, but she’s really been strong this season and her struggle with her parents has been interesting. I feel like she’s matured since being on this show, which is funny since obviously she was already a grown woman, but maybe she’s just gotten into the character more with time. Of course I love every scene with Robert, so as always Rumpelstiltskin is both mysterious and interesting, and I like that it was confirmed for her that her magic is personal. He didn’t give it to her. They’ve explored more of Emma’s powers now, with her letting magic work with the hat and now having the POWER OF HEART (lol).

Jachelle: Henry going after Regina and Rumpelstiltskin to save Emma and Snow. Henry is so fearless. I mean, he can be kind of an idiot about diving into dangerous situations at times, but in this instance I think his heart and bravery just really shine through. Earlier in the season he told Charming that he wanted to be a hero, and if that’s going to come into play at all in the latter half of this season, I thought this scene was a wonderful set up for it. I love Henry’s absolute faith in his family and that good will triumph. It’s a nice reminder of my favorite part of fairy tales.

Least Favorite Scene

Dee: I have two, and before Jachelle glares at me, it’s because they’re related and it’s an overhanging problem with the show. Shhhhhh, I can do what I want. The two scenes would be Hook saving Aurora’s heart, and Regina looking like a sad kicked puppy when everyone goes off and leaves her. This is the problem. The show wants to simultaneously make these characters villains and potentially redeemable, which I get, because we looooove a redemption storyline. The thing is they seem to throw these things in to make us feel like ‘oh they’re not so bad after all’ but this is usually around the same time they’re doing (or have done) evil things. Hook was going to murder the helpless Belle. He would’ve happily killed Emma and Snow in that last scene. Him going ‘look I saved Aurora’s heart the one I stole in the first place’ doesn’t really make that part okay, so you’re not going to win me over, show. As for Regina, yes she came through and saved Emma and Snow, but this was after she willfully helped Rumpelstiltskin almost kill them to start with. Her breaking the spell is really just fixing her own mistake, and it was only because Henry caught her and demanded it. So do I feel bad for her when she looks sad when they all leave her in the end? No, not at all. For crying out loud she ruined their lives and was pretty close to being complicit in their murder only a few minutes before. Redemption is possible (and awesome), and I’m totally on board it, but I felt more like the show was intentionally trying to manipulate me into sympathizing/caring rather than it feeling natural. I do hope Regina gets to the point where the Charming family invites her over, but she can’t expect that because one time she goes ‘guess what guys I didn’t murder you today!’ /end rant

Jachelle: Emma and Hook’s swordfight toward the end of the episode. I know Dee already mentioned it, but seriously? Emma’s fought with a sword once in her life, and she’s holding her own against a pirate? And not just any pirate, but Captain Hook. I was just snickering to myself the whole time going “Really?” Then again, it makes about as much sense as her being able to fight off a dragon with a sword. Apparently we’re just going to go with Emma has magical sword powers. I think it comes from that magical wafty princess hair of hers.

Favorite Character

Dee: You know what, screw it, I’m giving Henry the chance to shine here. That kid is just relentless and I have to hand it to him. He has this directness that appeals to me, and now that he knows he’s 100% right he also has a strong confidence and moral compass. Technically he’s the hero of the show. He found Emma, he helped her break the curse, and he’s the one who believes that heroes and true love exist. Which anywhere else would seem naive and silly, but in this show it’s essential that someone believes it. I think Jared’s done a pretty good job for a kid actor and I liked the scene with him talking Regina down. He’s talking to the two most dangerous people in the town with no fear at all and he’s schooling them. I couldn’t help but admire his gumption.

Jachelle: Going with Aurora this week. I’ve been loving the character development we’re getting with her, and fingers crossed that we continue to get more now that she and Mulan are separated from the main characters. It was pretty obvious she was going to sacrifice herself to stay behind since she couldn’t be trusted, but I still loved her for it anyway. I’m so glad Mulan got her heart back to her, and I really can’t wait to see what happens next with them.

What are the big things we want addressed when they get back?

Dee: I definitely want Neal to come in, that shouldn’t be a surprise. I want to find out if he’s Bael or Peter Pan or both. I’d like to see August again, since seeing him in the background with Neal was very interesting. I know that the actor has his own pilot now so he won’t be around as much, but there’s a lot more to explore with August. I hope we get the chance. I’m not sure what it will look like with Cora and Hook coming in, so I don’t know if I can speculate on that one. Honestly between Regina and Rumpelstiltskin and anyone else, I’m not entirely sure how much of a threat Cora is. Outside of being emotionally manipulative and cruel. Is she really stronger than both of them together? Also Hook got his ass beaten down by Emma, who obviously can barely hold a sword, so I’m not really that threatened by him. I’d like to know some day what happens with Aurora and Mulan, and that we’re not gone from the other world forever. I just want it to come back!

Jachelle: Neal for sure. And like I said above, I really want more Mulan/Aurora, although common sense tells me that will probably get pushed aside for other storylines at least for a little while. I’m interested to see Hook and Rumple meet up again, and kind of looking forward to Henry meeting Cora. Aaaaaaaaand I need the Charming Family to be awesome together for awhile. I just need this in my life, okay? They make me so happy.


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