Dee Discusses: The Vampire Diaries 4.5

Posted: November 21, 2012 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, The Vampire Diaries
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Have you ever watched a show that you mostly hated, but for whatever reason you are finding it difficult to quit? This is basically the story of my life with certain shows. I think it’s because they get me early, the first season or two I love it, and it slowly degrades into infuriating material until one day I go I AM DONE. I did that with Glee and House. There are a few¬† shows that I just lost interest in. And I’m getting there with The Vampire Diaries. I do think the first and second season were interesting, but now I find myself hating characters I used to connect with, and yelling at the screen for the hour. I’m getting there. Slowly but surely. Like with Glee. You’re on the chopping back, TVD. Soon. I just have to find the strength.

ANYWAY. What happened this episode? Okay right Connor. He escaped from Klaus and he’s planning some more vampire murdering. He takes over the Mystic Grill to grab Jeremy, and Matt and whatsherfacenewgirl happen to be in there too. He texts the Salvatores and Tyler that he’ll kill them all if they don’t come. Elena of course freaks out because that’s her brother, the only family she has left, and Damon just wants to go kill the hell out of Connor right now. Stefan has a secret deal with Klaus to not kill Connor, and he informs the hybrids instead. Okay guys, here is just. This show has the most amazing ability to not do obvious things that would solve everything. For example. Why does Stefan have to lie to everyone? Klaus says he’ll kill them, but he says that like a billion times and everyone’s still alive. Plus it gives everyone plenty of incentive to keep Connor around, maybe help him trap the guy, and gives Elena some hope. Yeah it could be dead hope, sure, but still. This is one of those things that are clearly designed just to pull out the drama, but it makes no sense and is annoying as hell because of it. But I can’t do anything so let’s move on.

Tyler is with the other hybrids and he confesses to Caroline he most certainly did not cheat on her. Hayley helped him break the sire bond and they’re actually trying to save the other hybrids from Klaus. It was a really great moment, and I’m glad they didn’t go the obvious route with this. He tries to convince Hybrid Guy not to follow Klaus’ orders and go after Connor, but he does. And then he dies a lot. It’s pretty gruesome. Connor has set up these traps all over the place so werewolf venom gets everywhere. Then he shoots a hole through the guy. Messed up. Damon’s like fuck this noise I’m going in, so Stefan vervains him and steals his sun ring. Then he tells Elena to trust him and rushes off. He does go underground and manages to sneak in and get Matt and April out. Jeremy is hanging out with Connor though, and they’re bonding in a weird way.
Stefan comes in and tries to talk him down, and Jeremy accidentally steps on a trap. Elena arrives after telling Damon she’s freaking dangerous, a vamp remember?, and Connor still doesn’t know she is one. Seriously dude? She’s hanging out with all vampires. You know she is. She’s dating one. That didn’t even cross your mind a tiny bit? Whatever.

So she distracts Connor, Tyler gets shot, and Elena saves him with her blood. He managed to get off of the trap thanks to Stefan, who grabs Connor and tries to sneak him out. Damon shows up like ‘hey brother wtf’ and Connor gets away, but then Damon puts his hand in Stefan’s chest until he admits about the cure. See, that wasn’t so hard. If you did this from the freaking beginning none of you would be in this mess. And then of course Elena kills Connor because he stabs her and stuff when she tells him to stay away from her brother. She cries a lot because she does that all the time now, and yells at both the Salvatores. Jeremy finds out he’s got the creepy hunter tattoo now. Dum dum duuuuuuuuum. A note here: Elena. Believe it or not, you have killed and/or encouraged people to be killed in the past. Usually in self defense. Connor tried to murder all your friends and stabbed you. I think that counts as self defense, so don’t get all like wah wah wah I’m a murderer. If you went and killed an innocent person like say Caroline did, and she dealt with it with a lot more grace, I’d get it. This guy was dangerous. I don’t think killing is a good thing, obviously, but I don’t buy her heartbreak here. IMO she would have killed him as a human if she had to. He was trying to kill her. So. Whatever. MORE DRAMA. Then she hallucinates blood everywhere in the end. Yay.

Oh yeah and Bonnie’s hypnotized by that professor guy she likes and he kept her out of the way of the fight. Also she’s doing magic again.


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