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Flashback: Shortly after Red and Snow rush out of Red’s village, they’re still being hunted by the Queen’s guards. They split up because it’s the full moon, and Red isn’t convinced she’ll be safe for Snow to be around. The next morning she’s approached by a young man who says he’s also a werewolf, and she meets a pack. The leader of the pack says she’s Red’s mother Anita. Granny stole her years before. Dum dum duuuuum. Red is trained on how to control her wolf and embrace it, and she decides to stay with them when Snow comes to the den to get her. However the Queen’s men come into the den and after killing them, Anita says Snow has to pay the price. When she’s about to kill her, Red shifts into the wolf and strikes Anita. She falls on something sharp and dies. Because this show doesn’t have enough parental issues, right? Red says that Snow’s her real family because she doesn’t want her to be only human (Granny) or wolf (Anita).

Storybrooke: The dwarfs find diamonds in the mines, and the Blue Fairy says they can grind it into fairy dust. WOO. Everyone’s psyched about this because it means they might be able to fix Jefferson’s hat and open the portal. People are celebrating in town when King George confronts Charming and swears he’ll get his revenge. Ruby talks to the handsome Billy, who says he used to be a mouse for Cinderella, but she flees. Half because she probably has issues with all the men in her life dying, and the other half because it’s the full moon and she’s nervous about turning. The wolf gets out of the locker she and Granny put her in, and she panics. Billy is found ripped in half. Wooooow that’s graphic. Ruby panics and hates on herself, but Charming swears he knows it wasn’t her. But doesn’t seem to question that it’s probably someone else very very very very obvious. Sigh.

Charming and Granny go searching for the real culprit, while Belle takes in Ruby. George has stirred up a mob against her, and they go to the Sheriff’s office, but she’s already in the library with Belle. She locks Belle in the library and plans on letting the mob kill her, since that’s “what she deserves.” Obviously King George is the freaking bad guy here and Charming proves it, so he calms wolf-Ruby down and she gets it under control. Aw. Unfortunately George has stolen Jefferson’s hat and burned it. Jeez. I appreciate there’s at least one person they aren’t trying at all to redeem. Charming doesn’t stab, punch, or do anything to George. And an important crossover with the other world: Henry is still panicking about his dreams. He wakes up burned, so Regina takes him to Rumpelstiltskin. He gives him a potion that can help control the other world and doesn’t ask for a price, but that will totally come back up later. He’s able to communicate with Aurora on the other side! Yes!

General Opinion of the Episode

Dee: It was … okay.  Here’s the thing, remember when I said that they have been meandering a bit, and it’s annoying when real plot things could be happening? Yeah. That’s an example. I absolutely love Ruby/Red and I would be fine getting backstory about her if it moved the plot forward in any real way. The only thing that changed from the ordeal was that the hat was burned. It could’ve been done in five minutes. Do I love character development? Totally. But for crying out loud there are much more important things for us to worry about right now. All I could do was embrace the scenes about everyone coming back together, and sigh when exposition was on. I like Ruby, I’m fine with getting more about her, but not at the expense of the rest of the show and the running plot. Also a lot of it was stupid. More on that later. Also I didn’t care at all about her mother and the wolf pack, and that seemed like a random thing to introduce. It was sloppy. So not my favorite, nope.

Jachelle: Hm. Looks like Dee and I are disagreeing on this one, because I really enjoyed this episode. And I do totally agree with the problems that she pointed out. Yes, there are more important issues that could be addressed at this point in the show, and yes it was completely obvious that George had killed Billy, (you know things are obvious if I can catch them). And while the plots are usually pretty awesome, at the end of the day, I just really love character development.  I loved watching Red’s story here, and it completely engaged me, so I didn’t mind the rest of it. Besides, it’s looking like the next episode is going to be packed full, so I’m even more willing to just accept this episode for what it was, which was an interesting look at Ruby’s character.

Favorite Scene

Dee: Charming talking down the wolf. I love all the friendships and family relationships in this show, and Snow/Red is definitely up there, but I love love love how Charming and Red’s friendship has developed. That scene with him was just lovely and his utter faith in her is the sort of thing you wish any of your friends would have.

Jachelle: Any scene that involved Red and Snow. They are just the best BFFs ever, okay? I adore them. They compliment each other so well. And they were just so sweet and loving with each other right off the bat. I can’t get enough of them. I honestly can’t.

Least Favorite Scene

Dee: I’m not going with scene, I’m going with plot. Seriously, Charming? George shows up, says he’s going to ruin you, and mysteriously your second in command murders someone the next day. I mean why the hell did it take him so long to piece this together? It was so obvious. Also who the heck are those townspeople who made it so easy to start a riot? I hope they all stfu and feel bad about this later. They had literal pitchforks. I know it was intentionally fairy tale like, but it just made me roll my eyes. And Charming, guess what, good guys can kill bad guys, and he murdered a dude (mouse). At the least I think you should be allowed to stab him a little. I’m just saying. So this all irritated me. It was all so predictable and in a way that makes me go guys you should be better than this.

Jachelle: WHATEVER DEE. YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST CHANGE FROM SCENE TO PLOT. I CALL SHENANIGANS. Ahem. Anyway. I think my least favorite scenes were the “Dream” scenes with Henry and Aurora. If only because the crazy CGI flames were REALLY distracting. I don’t know, wasn’t there a better way to have done that? It just felt hokey. I do like the idea that it presented though, if nothing else.

Favorite Character

Dee: At the end of the day, despite all my obvious issues with the episode, I’m still going to go with Red. I think Meghan did a good job with what she was given, and I believed her terror and sorrow. In the flashbacks she had just murdered the love of her life, and you can see what that heartbreak and guilt had done to her. And why finding the pack fed her nothing she needed. I think she went overboard willingly giving herself to the mob, but if you thought you were a murderer several times over, you’d probably give up at that point too. So because of her beautiful friendships with Snow, Charming, and Belle, and being strong enough to tame that terrifying wolf, I say kudos to you Red.

Jachelle: Snooooooow. I love you, Snow. I’d ask you to come here and be my BFF, but Dee would cut you and then Red would be sad. Also, you’re not real. So we’ll just stick with I love you. She didn’t have a huge role in this episode, but when she was around, she nailed it. She was earnest and sweet with Red and got a little bit of her sass on in the wolf den. Also Belle has my love for being Ruby’s other awesome BFF. GUYS. I JUST LOVE ALL OF THIS FRIENDSHIP. IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY.

What about animals being characters?

Dee: So we saw GusGus the mouse was turned into a human! I’d been wondering about this since Archie called his dog Pongo, but that would mean Pongo would be a man now, right? Farewell GusGus. In any case, that opens even more doors to them if the talking animals can be characters too. They better be planning for Simba right freaking now. I want some Lion King in this show.

Jachelle: I couldn’t stop giggling when we found out that Billy was Gus from Cinderella. TOO CUTE. I wish I could have been in the room when they told the actor “Okay, so you’re a mouse.” Also? I’m completely envisioning the human personification of Lucifer the cat and cracking myself up. This just opens up a whole new world of animal sidekicks and I couldn’t be more pleased.


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