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Flashback: Teenage Emma Swan steals a car and meets Neal, a fellow car thief, and they hit it off. They’re both scraping together and living off cons and stealing, and they are otherwise a happy in love pair. Unfortunately Neal has police after him because he stole high end watches and his face is plastered everywhere, so he has to flee. Emma says she’s going to get the watches for him, they can sell them, and start a new life in Tallahassee. Neal is cornered by August Booth, who tells him that Emma has a destiny ahead of her and she can’t keep being with him if she’s going to do it. He shows Neal something in his box, probably not the typewriter, that makes Neal believe him. They plan for Emma to get arrested for Neal’s crimes and sent to prison. Neal asks August to leave the car they shared (the yellow buggy) and a bunch of money he got off the real watches. It looks like August left the car but stole the money. Bad August. No treat for you. Emma’s in prison when she finds out she’s pregnant, and she believes that Neal was really that cheating lying bastard who left her for no reason. Aw. August promised to send him a postcard when it was safe to come after her, which explains the first scene of the season.

Badass Chick Squad: They’re at the beanstalk and Hook says only him and one other person can go up. The Giants are all dead except for one, and they need a magical compass that will help them get to Storybrooke. Emma decides she’s the one to go up, and tells Mulan to cut it down if she doesn’t come back in ten hours. They go up and trick the Giant, throwing a sleeping potion in his face. There’s some flirting from Hook to Emma, but she’s having none of that because she knows he’s a liar and he reminds her of Neal. They find the compass but the Giant wakes up and attacks them. Hook is buried under rubble, but Emma uses the Giant’s own trap against him. She refuses to kill him, and that seems to get through to him that not all humans are evil murderers. He lets her go with the compass, and she asks him to keep Hook there for awhile so the ladies can get a head start on him. Hook is pissed, but them’s the breaks. Snow’s mad that Emma told Mulan to cut down the beanstalk and they swear to go back home together.

Two things of note: Aurora says she has horrible dreams about being stuck in a red room and Snow comforts her, and back in Storybrooke Henry has the exact same dream. Ooo what could that mean? Guess we’ll have to find out. Next week is a Ruby/Red episode.

General Opinion of the Episode

Dee: This is one of those episodes that reminds me of LOST, and not just because Jorge Garcia plays the Giant. It’s one of those URGH JUST TELL US ANSWERS episodes that LOST was famous for. I do like a good mystery, and I do like that one of the mysteries right now is how the Badass Chick Squad is going to get back to Storybrooke. My assumption is that they’ll be back before winter break, so right now it’s all about how, and I like that. But pondering on things like who Neal is and what was in the box drive me craaaazy. Well at least they promised an answer to those quickly. Crossing fingers. Overall I liked this episode. It was interesting to see how Emma’s idea of love was warped from this experience and there was so much more to it she didn’t know. And how August knew where she was and just sort of … left her to it? What was he doing exactly, why not come up to her now? Hm. Either way I appreciated the flashback and that it was focused on that side of the story mostly. Overall a solid episode, and I’m glad to see Neal and that he wasn’t just a scumbag who left her. But what was in the box? I’m not sure I see the chemistry between Emma and Hook that a lot of other fans are talking about, but maybe that’s because I’m not really interested in Hook outside of him being pretty.

Jachelle: WHAT’S IN THE BOX? Yes, I sat on my couch yelling that during this episode. I REALLY WANT TO KNOW, DAMNIT. Ugh. I’m terrible at waiting for answers. I would spoil myself for everything if I could. Anyway. Good episode! Younger Emma was adorable with her little glasses and ponytail, and we saw the origin of the buggy! Aww. We’ve seen so many flashbacks of the other characters’ pasts that it was very satisfying to finally get some good Emma backstory. I thought it provided some nice insight into why she acts the way that she does in the present. I thought the Fairytale Land stuff was great. Who doesn’t adore seeing Jorge Garcia on their screen again? This was a rapid-fire paced episode. I mean seriously, the episode hit the ground running and didn’t stop until the credits. It was handled well, though. I never felt overwhelmed by the story and didn’t feel that things were going by too quickly. I saw a certain amount of sort of snarky-frenemies chemistry between Hook and Emma, but I would definitely nose-wrinkle if they were ever paired up. Their interactions were fun to watch, though. And way to go Emma for getting two favors out of the giant. That girl is a survivor, yo.

Favorite Scene

Dee: This is kind of random for the episode, but I liked the parallel of Charming and Snow in this. Snow telling Aurora about when she had nightmares and soothing her the same way Charming did for her. And then he did the same for Henry in exactly that way. I just love little reminders of the love and bond those two share, and how open hearted and loving they are to other people too. It reminded me of why I’m invested in the two of them. Also it brings up an interesting potential for Aurora and Henry seeing each other in their dreams. What’s up with that? Can’t wait to find out.

Jachelle: I really enjoyed the scene where Emma steals the car and meets Neal for the first time. First of all, I was weirdly excited to see where Emma got her yellow bug from? I don’t know. It just made me happy. Then couple that with Neal popping up in the backseat and the way the two seemed to just click right off the bat, and the whole thing was really enjoyable for me. Their adventures together did have a very Peter Pan-esque feel to them, and I thought that scene was a great set-up to their relationship.

Least Favorite Scene

Dee: Hm this is a hard one. I don’t think any of the scenes were necessarily bad, they were mostly on the same level. Maybe when Emma tells Mulan to cut down the beanstalk because she should know better by now. And also because it’s not like much can come down the beanstalk or anything. Sure Snow might try to get up with one of those bracelets, but they’re a competent group. Leaving the beanstalk open could be a good thing. Eh, I’m grasping here, because overall I thought it was a solid episode.

Jachelle: Like Dee, I thought this was a really solid episode, so my vote for least favorite scene goes to August convincing Neal to let Emma go by showing him whatever was in that damn box. Not because it was a bad scene, I JUST HATE NOT KNOWING. So there.

Favorite Character

Dee: I’m going to go with Emma again this week, which is weird because she didn’t used to come even close to my favorite character last season. What can I say, I like what they’re doing with her now. I’m super psyched she’s not being fooled by Hook in the least. She showed compassion to the Giant, and while she trapped Hook there for now, it was with the knowledge he’d be let go eventually. She wasn’t going to leave him to die, but she knows very well this is not a trustworthy man. Maybe it’s coming from the wrong place because she didn’t trust Neal, but I think in Hook’s case it’s a good idea not to take any chances. Her priority is getting home and keeping Henry safe. Just because someone is pretty and charming, that doesn’t mean she’ll take the chance with the safety of other people. So I say good on you, Emma.

Jachelle: I’m going with Neal this week. He was just a fun character to watch. He was so adorably mischievous. I can totally see why Emma would have fallen for him, and been so hurt when he screwed her over. I am definitely looking forward to seeing him eventually reunite with her again.

Who Is Neal?

Dee: I’m sticking with Baelfire. I told Jachelle that there’s no way I could see a writer giving up the chance to make Henry the grandson of Snow, Charming, and Rumpelstiltskin. Come on, and he’s the adopted son of Regina too? Maybe people call this super predictable, but I don’t care. It works for me. I’m on board. The only part I’m confused about is why he’d have such a significant personality change. I’m sure there’s a reason for that. Bae was very strong and moralistic, that’s why he stood up to his father. There are rumors he could be Peter Pan too, which would make sense IMO, maybe he went to Neverland first? We’ll see. But I’m going with Baelfire final answer. I always assumed he was Henry’s father (look back at my recaps, you’ll see it!) so I’m hoping I was right!

Jachelle: Iiiiiiiii am terrible at guessing these sorts of things (Dr. Frankenstein, anyone?), so I’m going to smile and nod and agree with Dee this time. I think her theory about Baelfire slipping through to Neverland and becoming Peter Pan before eventually traveling to the real world actually makes a fair bit of sense. So, yes. Bae + Peter Pan = Neal. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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