Dee Discusses: The Vampire Diaries 4.4

Posted: November 2, 2012 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, The Vampire Diaries
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Is anyone starting to feel like this is getting repetitive? Haha “starting” to get repetitive. But seriously the last few episodes have been the same: Elena’s a vampire. She doesn’t want to be a vampire. Her instincts are to kill like all vampires. She’s too emotional and cares about people so being a vampire sucks. It’s been three straight episodes of this and I’m getting over it. Hey remember how this happened to Caroline and she dealt with it relatively quickly because they couldn’t sit around and wait for her to catch up? I don’t know I feel like this story was done and it was done well for Caroline, so I’m less forgiving of this one. Also jeez how many times are we going to rehash Damon’s the “bad” brother who loves killing people and Stefan’s the “good” brother who wants to hug puppies. And how many excuses are they going to keep coming up with to have Klaus stay on the show, now there’s a new doppelganger BS plot. Can’t they start something new? Please?

I got the ranting out of the way early. The story this week is that Elena’s decided she has to learn how to feed on people safely. Because Stefan’s not sure he can help her with that, since he’s a ripper, and Damon’s volunteered, she leans on him for it. They’re going to visit a college with Bonnie, who has a connection with a professor there. He subbed in for her grandmother and knows about witches. Mysterious. This gives Elena and Damon the chance to hunt on the campus. Elena can’t do it at first because she keeps seeing people as, well, people. At a frat party she conveniently sees a guy roofie a girl (um did that girl lose her drink at some point?) which gives her the righteous fury to go after him. Damon does keep her in control and she pulls off in time. She gets blood drunk though and the two of them dance sexy-drunk (not really sexy imo), and Bonnie comes in to look offended. Thank you, Bonnie. Elena realizes she was getting way too into feeding on people and what a fine line she’s walking between feeding and murdering. She wants to go back and learn to be a good vamp from Stefan, not a bad vamp from Damon. He’s all sadface about it. Don’t care, Damon. You’re a creep.

Mercifully, Klaus’ story has nothing to do with Caroline this week. It’s about the Five, these warriors who were super badass and blessed by a witch to kill vampires easily. Back in the day they didn’t know what sunlight rings were so the Originals messed with them. One of the guys, Alexander, fell in love with Rebekah. They tried to get closer to him because he swore they had the ultimate weapon against vampires. But he somehow knew about them being vampires and enough to stake Rebekah. Since the stake didn’t work on Klaus, he got free and murdered them lots. Rebekah cares too much though so she loved the guy even though he staked her, because come on, she’s been staked like 200 times by her brother. She’s got a thing for men who hate her. Klaus wants Stefan to help him make peace with Rebekah. They have a hilarious dinner. It’s revealed what they’re looking for: a cure. They said they had a cure for vampirism.

Naturally, Stefan’s very interested. The tattoos that Jeremy can see on Connor are a map to the place with the cure. This special sword Alexander had reads the map. That’s what Klaus is looking for, and Stefan helps manipulate her into giving the info. He wants the cure for him and for Elena. She buried the sword with her boyfriend, and Klaus daggers her again. He’s such a douche, I swear. So he’s going to go looking for the cure, Stefan swears not to tell anyone until they get more info. Jeremy has been kidnapped btw and apparently Stefan compels the knowledge out of him. Awesome. Mind rape for all. He draws the tattoo but some of it has been hidden; Connor says every time he kills a vampire more of the tattoo comes out. NICE TO KNOW. Elena comes back knowing she doesn’t want to be a ripper, Stefan’s lying to her about the cure, and that’s pretty much it. Also Rebekah bought Matt a car. Good thing she did that before she got staked; he has a nice new truck now!


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