Sigh. I hate love triangles. I know this is new to anyone who has been reading me go on and on about how much I hate them in my recaps, but this is highly relevant to this episode and the Vampire Diaries in general. Why is it that season one seems so different from now? Maybe because the driving force of the show was plot and intrigue with some personal relationships on the side. It really highlighted friendship and family too. Then they killed most of the family and all the new characters and now it focuses way too much on the romances. And it refuses to let Klaus leave the show which makes my head want to blow right up. You could’ve been better than this, show. You could’ve. You were in the first season, I believed in you. It was a balance of annoying and interesting, I could take it. Oh well. Suck it up, Dee. You knew what you were getting into.

Elena’s not doing well with her vampirism. Now she knows she can only drink blood directly from a human, and Matt is offering himself up as a regular meal, but her emotions are still all over the place. If last episode was about grief, this one is about fury. Elena is angry. I’m sure a lot of this is anger at the world in general, and I don’t blame her for that. But it does aim in Rebekah’s way because she killed her. Remember? It was her fault she died. And then Rebekah is all Matt why don’t you love me, and he’s like you tried to kill me and managed to kill Elena wtf. Why do people keep thinking that someone who killed a close relative/friend is still somehow a love interest? Why Julie Plec? Anyway. Rebekah is still in school and has decided to stay around instead of go be somewhere else because that’s what the script tells her to do. She plans a party so she can get friends, and she taunts Elena at school in hardcore mean girl ways. Elena’s anger escalates over the episode until she straight out almost stakes Rebekah at one point, but Stefan manages to calm her down.

Stefan wants to show Elena the fun aspects of being a vampire, but when he has fun as a vampire he ends up a ripper and like takes people apart. So he’s understandably nervous about getting out of control himself. Which is one of the reasons he can’t help Elena as much as he wants to, because he’s always holding back and she’s always hiding things for him so he won’t judge her. Yikes. I still would like to point out Caroline is the best option for her here, since Caroline continues to be a strong force for good and help everyone out. She has a lovely connection again with Stefan where they remind us he’s the reason she’s alive and she is comfortable as a vampire now. She assures him she’ll keep him centered since Damon is fighting with him. Fighting over Elena. Some more. Blech.

Damon goes after Connor and almost gets himself way killed. Meredith shows up to help him and there’s a little sparkage there. I guess everyone can sleep with everyone on this show, why the heck not. Go for it. Anyway Klaus is back because Tyler got attacked and he doesn’t want to lose his hybrids. He’s excited because Tyler’s Unexpected Love Plot Device Hayley shows up. She’s a werewolf who helped him shake the sire bond and she’s hot and probably Tyler cheated on Caroline with her. Amazing how that perfectly sets up the stupid stupid stupid stupid love interest of Klaroline. So he can break them up and she can embrace the man who murdered her friends and caused basically 100% of the trouble in Mystic Falls. YAY. Whatever. Klaus and Damon team up and are actually really funny together as they take on Connor. Klaus keeps him alive because he’s a member of “The Five,” whatever that means. It has something Klaus wants because he saves Elena.

Oh yeah Connor figured out Rebekah was throwing a party so he spike the beer with werewolf juice he stole from Tyler’s gums. Why didn’t he take the juice and murder Tyler while he had the chance? The world may never know (he’s a regular). Rebekah hallucinates murdering Matt, aw. Elena straight up almost murders Matt. Klaus heals her, and then she noms on Matt and can’t stop herself. Damon manages to stop her just in time and compel Matt not to remember. So now she’s going to take lessons from Damon because the whole control thing isn’t working for her. I’d be into this storyline if it was closer to the Lexi/Stefan BFF bond rather than one more Delena vs. Stelena battlefield. Oh right and Connor bonds with Jeremy about hunting vampires earlier so he helps them set everything up anyway. That’s his contribution. Bonnie’s somewhere. Ish. They don’t need magic so she doesn’t matter. So Delena are apparently going to look at colleges with Bonnie next week, from the promo, and she’s going to eat a lot of people. This will end well. At least “The Five” might end up being interesting. Maybe not. I think it’ll just make her useful again as a doppelganger so they can keep finding reasons to keep Klaus on the show. Yaaaaay.


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