Deechelle Discusses: Once Upon a Time 2.3

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Woot we’re split into three worlds this time, so let’s do it. First though — who was the Lady of the Lake? I don’t remember seeing any swords being tossed out of a lake this time.

Enchanted Forest – It’s in the past when Snow and Charming are together, and they’re planning their rebellion. They get attacked and she’s supposed to go to his mother’s house, but she gets captured by the evil King. He makes her infertile by a potion, just like what happened to his wife, and Lancelot is the one who hands her it unknowingly. He’s a disgraced former knight and he’s horrified by his part, so he helps her get back to Charming. He’s fighting off guards and his mother gets shot trying to look out for him, so they all decide to go to the magical lake that cured Frederick. When they get there only a sip of water is left, and his mother tries to convince Snow to drink it instead for her infertility. She refuses, but Lancelot and Charming’s mother manage to trick them by insisting on a wedding and having Snow drink the super special water. Cured!

Current Enchanted Forest? (Not sure what to call this yet) – Cora admits right off she’s Regina’s mother and Snow wakes up and recognizes her immediately. She’s like boo hiss stay away evil bitch. Lancelot is the leader of the camp and he reunites happily with Snow. He agrees to let her go back to her old palace to see if she can find the portal from the enchanted tree. He sends Mulan with her, and then Aurora sneaks after them to try and kill Snow. She’s like lol wimp. Emma accidentally wakes up the ogres by being loud and shooting a gun, but Snow saves her by being awesome. They get to the palace and Emma gets to see her old room for the first time. Lancelot shockingly shows up, but it was Cora all along, who states he’s been dead this whole time and she’s been posing. She wants to use the tree, but Emma burns it before she can. Mulan declares Snow the new leader of their camp, so they go back to work on their escape.

Storybrooke  – Charming tells Henry he wants him to stay out of everything for his own safety. He’s all sadface about it, but this is Henry, so he makes his own plan. He tricks Regina into leaving her house (aw), and he steals her keys and finds her crypt/secret underground place with all the hearts. Jefferson told him where it was, when they talked about Grace. Henry is looking for something to help and almost gets bitten by the snakes, but Charming shows up to save him. He agrees to let Henry be a part of the mission because it’s his business too, and he cutely teaches him how to swordfight. Jefferson is reunited with Grace. Cuteness all around.

General Opinion of the Episode

Dee: I liked it! I had a few minor issues which I’ll discuss below, but otherwise I found it pretty enjoyable. Last week we got some flashbacks and fleshed out Regina’s story, and this week we’re jumping over to Snow and Emma’s situation. I am so glad Snow immediately was like CORA EVIL EVIL HISS. Smart lady. The Storybrooke stuff was good too, and I like that Henry continues to be an aggressive part of everything. He’s not going to be tossed to the side after everything that happened. He was the driving force of the plot on this show, so go Henry, stick your nose into everyone’s business. When people underestimate him, they end up regretting it. Plus Jefferson’s reunion with Grace was painful. Right in the feels. I did like this episode in general, although I can’t say that I feel the flashback was particularly important outside of introducing Lancelot. Sure it was a nice story, but do I think it was vital to the show and the mythology? Eh, not really.

Jachelle: Another great episode. I know we’d talked about this being a hard show to real new viewers in with because of it’s super complicated backstory, but man oh man, I really feel like they’ve been knocking these episodes out of the park, and I honestly hope they’re pulling in some new viewers on sheer awesome alone. Snow was so amazing and poor Emma just broke my heart into tiny pieces. Lancelot was lovely, and despite the fact that the flashbacks had little to do with the current situation, I still enjoyed watching it. Even if it was just so that I could stare at Snow’s costume for the entire time. Seriously, did you guys notice that? IT WAS AMAZING.

Favorite Scene

Dee: UGH that last scene with Snow and Emma in the baby room. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was everyone’s favorite scene, and that’s because it was remarkably effective. Not the part I’ll talk about below, but where Emma breaks down and Snow reflects on what she lost. Absolutely heart wrenching and beautifully acted. I am so happy with how they are handling that development between the two of them and I look forward to more. I want it to be noted here that I think Ginnifer Goodwin is doing a lovely job of portraying a motherly relationship with someone who is the same age as her. It’s a bizarre situation, and since they played friends last season it would be easy to make it not much of a shift, but there is a huge shift here in how they interact and I think it’s beautiful. Bravo guys.

Jachelle: Usually I’ll try to pick something other than Dee, but I really can’t choose any other scene than the Emma/Snow nursery scene. It was beautiful and heartbreaking and I just can’t bring myself to pick a different scene. This episode was all about that scene for me. I’m extremely close with my mother, so mother/daughter relationships will automatically tug at my heartstrings, but I felt like this one went above and beyond. Dee is absolutely right in remarking on the shift in their relationship from friends to mother/daughter. It’s amazing to watch, and I can’t wait to see more of it. Even though I know this won’t be the last time this season that those two will bring me to tears. Someone get me a tissue.

Least Favorite Scene

Dee:  I hate being like a RAWR PROBLEMATIC IMPLICATIONS person, but I need to get on a soap box for a sec. When you watch a lot of TV and you’re a writer and know popular tropes, you get tired of seeing a few things. Especially when it’s dealing with racial issues. Let me just say that introducing a black character and then immediately killing him off, especially killing him off-screen, that’s going to get you a side eye. I’m aware that the actor is signed on for a few more episodes, so it’s entirely possible Cora could be a lying liar who lies. And if so, I’ll apologize for this! Even if he comes back in flashbacks only, you have to understand that casting a black actor for Lancelot was bold and awesome, and having him be fantastic and noble was also great. Having him be killed by Cora ‘ages ago’ and that’s that? SIDE EYE, SHOW. Check out this section of TV TROPES to see a few things I’m talking about .Next I’m going to side eye you for having Mulan step aside for Snow to be the new leader. She’s an experienced general and warrior. From what we’ve seen she has no problem taking control and she cares about her people. Why would she immediately hand over power to this new chick? Snow knows no one in the camp, she doesn’t know their situation, she doesn’t have the history and the connection that Mulan has for everyone. Mulan could have easily taken over for Lancelot, since she was his best warrior, and had Snow be an adviser. This is an example of pushing POC (people/person of color) to the side in order to let your main character take over even if it’s not entirely plausible. Snow was going to be the leader eventually, I’m sure that has to do with their plans for the narrative, but it was pushed pretty fast. She was there like one day? And in the pit first? Does Mulan get to decide who is leader automatically? Will her people be weirded out that she – who they trust – is just giving it over to this stranger? Do I think the writers do these things because they’re racist jerkwads? No, not at all. Do I think this is prevalent on TV and movies and a really well known set of tropes that are getting tired and people should consider working on it? Yes, let’s think about that thanks. You can admit something is problematic and still like it, but admitting it’s problematic is important. Sorry I’ll get off the soap box now.

Jachelle: Seriously. How am I supposed to follow up THAT? Thanks, Dee. Kisses. I’m actually going to pick the same scene as Dee again here, but my thoughts are a little less intense. My reasoning has a lot less to do with POC issues, and more to do with the fact, that I just really liked Lancelot. I’m a fan of Arthurian legend and I was so excited to see Lancelot. And the show didn’t disappoint at all! I thought he was great. He was funny and likeable and seemed to have excellent chemistry with everyone. I was totally on board Team Lancelot and was looking forward to what else was going to happen with him…then BAM. We find out he was really Cora all along and she’d already killed him. And I just really hate being tricked like that. No, writers. You do not get to make me love a character, and then tell me that said character has been dead all along. I was really disappointed with that turn and felt like there could have been a different way of handling things. I’m really hoping that Cora was lying and that Lancelot is still alive somewhere.

Favorite Character

Dee: Snow. She protected her daughter by letting an ogre attack her and shot it in the eye with a freaking arrow. And was a lioness protecting Emma. I can’t believe how much I disliked her as Mary Margaret last season, and I’m so glad that character is gone because Snow White is a bamf.

Jachelle: Redundant review is redundant. Sorry guys. Going the same route as Dee again for this section. Snow White is the most badass mamma around, and I worship her. That scene with her and the ogre was AMAZING. I cheered. And to detour slightly, I completely agree with Dee’s points up above about Mulan being the much more logical choice to be the camp’s leader. She’s got the experience and knowledge, the people trust her, etc. That being said, I’m glad it’s Snow that is acting as leader. I completely see the problems Dee pointed out, but the truth is, as badass as Mulan is, it’s Snow that I’ve spent the last 25 episodes falling in love with. I love seeing her take charge and shine. So, yes, I’m looking forward to seeing the character growth that’s going to come along with her leading the camp. And who knows. I mean, we don’t have any idea what’s coming for the season. We can only guess. For all we know, Snow could step aside and let Mulan lead them. Either way, these two are going to be tied together for awhile this season, and I’m interested to see if the show takes us to some unexpected places. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Which World Do We Like The Best Right Now

Dee: This is surprising, but right now I’m digging Storybrooke. It’s just fun seeing how these characters are shifting between their two minds and trying to decide how to deal with everything. I’m liking Charming and Henry and even Regina right now, and I’m hoping they get more of that going on the show. I never thought I’d want to see more in Storybrooke, but there you have it. I want to see more.

Jachelle: I’m still firmly on the side of the Enchanted Forest. Of course I love everything that’s been going down in Storybrooke, but I still prefer my fairytale stories for now.

  1. Ayden says:

    Great review ladies! I just caught up with episode earlier today on DISH Online (grr my boyfriend and his need to delete my DVR recordings on accident), so it’s awesome that I can finally read about the show and what others thought about it! Personally I knew the episode was going to be pretty spectacular due to some comments my coworker at DISH made, but I really had no idea it was going to be as good as it was. I absolutely agree with both of you in each category you guys talked about too, except when it comes to favorite character. I know he wasn’t showcased much in this episode, but Mr. Gold will continue to be my favorite character of all. I know he’s supposed to be all evil and stuff, but I can’t help but enjoy every scene he’s in. Snow is definitely in a close second though! I’m with Dee on liking Storybrooke right now too, and I really love the kinder side of Regina as well. I’m hoping that sticks around for a while too, especially if her mommy dearest will be making an appearance soon. 🙂


    • Dee says:

      If you read our earlier stuff, you’ll see that Rumpelstiltskin is my overall favorite character of the show. 😀 I love every version of him. Pre-magic, post-magic, Storybrooke, all versions. Robert Carlyle rocks my world, and I could watch him on screen for an entire day if I got the chance. I like the idea of them getting Regina and Gold into a more redemption zone, and it looks like they’re now setting Cora and Hook up to be the new big villains of the show. Which is fine by me, I always wanted redemption for Regina and Gold! 😀


      • Ayden says:

        No I haven’t had a chance to read through any of your other reviews, but I will definitely later on tonight! I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves Rumpelstiltskin either, and I’d totally watch him on screen all day too if I had the chance! I bet you are right there with me on loving the latest episode too, since it was all Rumpel and Mr. Gold! Loved it! 🙂


      • Dee says:

        It was! I love him. I think he’s the best actor on the show. I could just watch him and Lana (Regina) act together all day and night, honestly. Whenever they’re in the show I feel like the acting in general goes up several notches.


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