Dee Discusses: True Blood 5.12

Posted: September 2, 2012 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, True Blood
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So season six is over! Let’s get this finale started. Russell just ate an old Fairy so he’s completely high on fairy blood. I guess that’s the reason for why he’s all over the place and distracted enough for Eric to snatch him. Eric grabs and stakes him in the first few minutes, there, done. Bye Russell. That was slightly anti-climatic? Or very. Nora immediately goes Sookie smells AMAZING and Eric tells her hands off my fairy. Jason has brain damage (nope, too easy) and keeps seeing his dead parents telling him to kill allllll the vampires. Wait didn’t he go through this in season two? Also why did no one notice Sookie smelling amazing until the past few years? I’d say maybe she didn’t smell great until she started using her fairy powers, but that’s not true if Warlow smelled it on a band-aid when she was a little girl.

Nora, Eric, Tara, Sookie, and Jason decide to storm the Authority underground. Tara because Pam’s there and now she’s in love with her, which isn’t that hard to believe because they have good chemistry together. Plus Pam and Tara have the same kind of ‘why does everyone suck’ attitude. Jason tells Sookie he plans on killing everything in sight, and they’re too busy to go to a hospital for his clearly deranged mind. They have to go save Bill … from himself. Bill’s annoyed because he saw Sam was there and Sam’s flying around trying to get Luna and Emma out. Luna does the smart thing and skinwalks into Steve Newlin so she can take her daughter out, and then that southern Authority vamp says he has to go on camera. While on camera Luna shifts back to herself and declares there’s a vampire base underground and proves to the world there are shifters. Awwwww shit.

Sam then turns into a fly, flies into the vampire’s mouth, and SHIFTS INSIDE HER. Jeez he has some amazing kills on this show. That was great. Luna collapses, unsure if she’s dead or not. They’re lucky to be over there though because the murder brigade has come in. Jason is deadly accurate as he wipes out most of the vampires, and they get Jessica and Pam out of prison. Pam and Tara make out because why not, and like I said, chemistry. Meanwhile Bill is playing games with Salome and tells her that Lilith came to him in a dream. And told him Salome was the chosen one. He then puts silver in the vial of blood, taking Lilith’s blood out first, and kills Salome. Well. Great. Sookie shows up to convince him not to go completely crazy anymore, so he swallows the blood instead and appears to die. Followed by rising out of the blood as a creepy Bilith. Eric yells RUN and that’s the end of season six.

Also Andy has four fairy babies, Alcide’s the new pack master, Jessica loves Jason but he’s like evil vampires blarg, and Nora knows who Warlow is. Wait what?

Ooookay so that’s it for season six. I’m glad I came back for season six! I enjoyed it. It’s a weird show, but it’s always entertaining to watch. Alan Ball is done with it now though, which doesn’t exactly instill confidence in me I have to say. I’m still willing to give next season a shot. I enjoyed the weird sanguista movement and I’m very interested to see what’s going to happen now that shifters are out in the public too. No Tru Blood, shifters are well known, and the world is about to change for real. I like that. I have no idea what they’re going to do with Bill. I clearly think his days are numbered, there’s no saving him at this point. Which is fine by me. I guess next season we’ll have more with Warlow to look forward to, so more fairies and they probably have to put together the vampire authority again. With less crazy this time? Maybe.

Overall I had a fun time with it. I think a few of the storylines turned out not to be that interesting, like the Terry bull and even Alcide’s storyline drifted a few times. I’m worried about Jason’s head, isn’t anyone worried about Jason’s head? Hoyt’s gone for good, and I like that was tied up neatly. Are the Obama terrorists going to come back now that the shifters are out more too? That’ll be interesting next season. So I’m coming back for sure. True Blood is entertainment and it’s ridiculous and it makes me laugh … usually when it’s not trying to be funny. Or is it? I can never tell.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

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