Dee Discusses: Political Animals Episode 6

Posted: August 23, 2012 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television
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There are a lot of things about this show that I loved, and there are a lot of things that frustrated me beyond belief. They had a lot of trouble with consistency of vision. The writers weren’t very clear about what they wanted the audience to think, or at least in my opinion that’s what I had trouble with. I wasn’t sure who I was supposed to be backing and if I should fall for plot contrivances or hope against them. In the end I felt like I wanted more, more of this show, but I also want them to come back with greater focus if they do. Because there are excellent building blocks here for a much better series. If they wrote this always with a second season in mind, it might explain why a lot of things trailed off here at the end and it didn’t feel tight and well put together. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s do the recap.

Okay. So Elaine resigns, but Garcetti goes whatever you’re awesome, my VP is a dick, don’t resign and let’s run together instead next time. After they bonded over the submarine, she decides that’s probably the best way to go, and she seems at peace with that decision. Unfortunately she doesn’t tell Doug about this, so he gives Susan her resignation letter without knowing the rest. Why? Because the plot can’t move forward if she tells him the whole story, of course. Susan tells Georgia because she’s stupid stupid stupid and Georgia wants to run it. Susan admits that she slept with Doug – they of course agree it was a mistake – and her editor is like da fuq? So now they can’t run that story. And he gets fired or something. I don’t care. I think we’re supposed to like him again?

Doug admits everything to his mother who understandably is PISSED, although she shouldn’t be that surprised considering how much he was against her running. He changed his mind on that and I’m still not entirely sure why. Did he get illusions of becoming the Chief of Staff in the White House? Yes. Ugh. So they fight and he storms off like an overgrown child because Mommy’s mad at him. Meanwhile TJ is back at home sulking about being on house arrest. Grandma gives a passionate plea to him to stop his BS and fight for sobriety. When someone brings up rehab he’s like meh never works. Well clearly this is going to work better, lol. Doug talks to him about plot contrivance I mean this picture they had of them at their family home being happy. I’m sure that won’t come into play at all later.

Basically, none of this matters because the President dies. Air Force One goes down on its way to France, and everything has changed. I feel like this was annoying. Super annoying. Like okay Elaine’s seeming like a bitch for going up against a guy who isn’t that bad and dividing her party. Giving her the VP position would be too easy and not fun if we get a second season. We need her to go up against a dick instead. OKAY KILL THE PRESIDENT. Now she can run against the Vice President who is now sworn in, perfect. Way to try an emotional ploy that backfires, and you know why it backfires? Because they spend about 2 minutes going ‘that poor man and his family’ and then immediately not giving a crap. Elaine just leaves her work in the middle of a crisis to find Doug’s wedding. He’s eloped with Anne to that plot contrivance I mean family home.

Obviously the Secretary of the State can just leave while the President is dead. And the VP just swore himself in before they’ve found the body. And she plans on running against him obviously so the smart thing to do is go have a wedding and celebrate – er mourn – er celebrate … life? Elaine, honey, your job is kind of important. We see only one call from France apologizing, but probably every ally is calling to give their condolences. You help run the country and the President and his people are all dead. You don’t just run off to dance and laugh at your son’s wedding wtf guys. Tonal shifts for the lose? So now it’s okay to talk about running because she’s going against the mean guy. Also? Anne’s family isn’t at the wedding. LOL The whole Hammond family shows up but doesn’t think that maybe she’d want her family there, of course not. No one else matters.

Doug cheated on Anne before the marriage, nothing going to happen about that? We see like 2 minutes or less of him feeling bad, and not really even feeling bad. The President is dead and you were bitching about the VP putting in his bidding before the body is found, but you people are talking about running and having a celebration … and the body isn’t found. WHY AM I SUPPOSED TO WANT YOU TO WIN? And the reasons for you not running, like your sons having their own personal problems and the stress of the family being too much, that’s not going to change. You think that VP guy was mean before? You try going against him and see how quickly he pulls out the dirt and really destroys your family. These are quibbles, I know, but they add up and what they add up to is they don’t know what they wanted in the end with this show. They didn’t want to clean it up entirely so there are more loose ends than I can imagine.

There’s plenty I liked about this show. The acting is great, the dialogue is sharp, the characters are ambiguous and interesting in their own way, and if they could get away from some ridiculous tropes, I really think it could be fun. If they get a second season I hope they learn to pace themselves better. This just makes me miss Kings though which was such a better show and got absolutely no attention. Damn you USA. I’m glad I saw Political Animals. If it continues, I will be watching it, no doubt about it. I just am throwing it out into the ether that I hope they get a clarity of vision that destroys all these loop holes and inconsistencies. Otherwise, beautifully done show. It looked good, it was acted well, and Sigourney Weaver is the shiznit. There’s a lot of potential here.

…please stop doing the southern accent, Ciaran Hinds. I can’t take you seriously at all.


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