Dee Discusses: True Blood 5.10

Posted: August 21, 2012 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, True Blood
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Oooookay let’s get started. Sookie almost gets killed by Mike Spencer, because vampires are running around turning people now. There’s a bunch of new baby vamps. She manages to stake him with chopsticks, which is damn impressive all things considered. Her reaction, as usual these days, is ‘uuuuuuugh really?’ Humans are smartly staying inside during the nights, but they’re very aggressive toward vampires, even nice ones like Jessica. I’ll get to that in a minute. Sookie’s story involves her and Jason looking for the answer to Gran’s message. Jason proves he’s actually smarter than Sookie this episode, because he figures out there might be something hidden under the floorboards. They get a contract out that looks like squigglys all over it. They try to find someone to translate it, and it obviously is Fae-related. Finally they go to the Fae bar and show it to them, but the younger ones (only a century) don’t have any idea. They ask Mariella, the Fae who got knocked up by Andy, to translate it. She says that Sookie’s apparently contract married to Warlow. A vampire? What in the world?

Right so Sanguista stuff. Eric and Molly tried to escape, but they’ve caught him. Bill orders Molly dead, and everyone on the Authority seems fine with the fact Bill is practically in charge these days. He’s a pretty young vamp, that’s weird. They say that Eric has to join them or else. Eric and Nora have a drug dream with Lilith’s blood that Godric comes to them, and Lilith murders him in front of them. They both claim to be fully involved in the movement now. Which is obviously not true of Eric, because no one could ‘cure’ him of Godric, but it’s smart for him to pretend. Bill’s not pretend; he’s crazy pants. Eventually Russell goes SO FAIRIES ARE YUMMY and Salome’s like we’re creatures of the night, and Russell goes lol I do what I want. So he’s out of there to go after the fairies. Jessica has been dragged in by Bill and she’s confused by psycho vampire daddy. She does look alarmed about Russell going after the Stackhouses, because she’s one of the only sane people left on the show.

Luna and Sam manage to look for Emma by sneaking in with Steve Newlin as mice. Steve yells at Emma for taking human form because he wants a puppy, not a human. Aw. Tara and Pam are annoyed that the sheriff is ordering more vampires to be turned, and Pam suggests them just running the heck away and leaving Fangtasia. Tara decided not to accept that so she just goes right ahead and murders the Sheriff. NICE. And finally Hoyt’s gone, because he’s tired of this BS. He asks Jessica to glamor her out of him and Jason too, and he leaves for Alaska. I believe it’s for good because the actor is probably leaving the show. Hey it’s better than a vicious death like all the others?  I guess we’re supposed to be sad, I’m more like eh okay shoo. Jessica and Jason are heartbroken about it of course, and the actors do a fantastic job of showing that heartbreak.

And I think that’s mostly it for this episode. It wasn’t bad? I think all the chess pieces are moving where they’re supposed to go. Now Jessica, Sam, Luna, Bill, Eric, and the Authority are all in their base. Sookie and Jason are with the fairies. The humans are elsewhere. Don’t know if the werewolves will be coming back. But everyone at least is starting to pick their places and get ready for the final acts. I’m glad that the Ifirit stuff is gone and now I guess Hoyt’s story is done, along with the Obama racists. So now the major plots are the vampire crazy people and the fairies. Dun dun duuuuuun. I’m liking this season. They’re taking big risks by letting the vampires basically start World War III, although I guess we’ll see how far they decide to go with it.

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