Dee Discusses: Political Animals Episode 5

Posted: August 19, 2012 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television
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This episode takes place exactly after the last one, with the family all at the hospital with TJ. He survived the OD, but he’s out like a light and very weak. Congratulations Sebastian Stan for being able to get paid to just hang out in bed unconscious. I’m going to separate this one into people because it works best for this episode.

Elaine/Garcetti – First thing on her list is that she asks Susan to not print the story about TJ. She agrees in exchange to be on the front line of the incident with the Chinese sub. The Chinese rep tells Elaine there is a bomb on the sub and if they try to save the men on it, they will blow it up. They’d rather destroy their tech so the Americans can’t have it. For once Garcetti and Elaine are completely in accord. They refuse to listen to the threat and say on national TV if it happens, they’ll consider it an act of war. Elaine points out that if Garcetti handles this well, he will be unbeatable. I hope this means she will stop her idea to run and maybe wait it out until the next election. The sub is saved and all goes well. Yay! Elaine also talks to Bud about TJ and she admits maybe they should’ve put him first a long time ago when he was still young and struggling.

Bud – Actually that leads here, because she finally tells Bud about what happened to TJ in December and why he lost it. Bud has a tender moment with his son when he tells him that he was in a bad place, and hearing TJ play the piano so beautifully at the White House gave him peace. This explains why he’s always so insistent that TJ follow his piano skills. When he finds out from Elaine what happened at that the Vice President blackmailed TJ’s lover and caused his fall, Bud goes to the White House to confront them. He does guess correctly that Garcetti had no idea about it, and punches the Vice President in the face. It’s enormously satisfying. It doesn’t make me love him or anything, but I smiled all the same.

Grandma/Anne – They are tasked with going back home and cleaning out the house of booze and drugs. They search through his room to find his stash. At the same time they talk about Anne joining the family and the stress of that. They do dump out his stash, but Grandma suggests they smoke the marijuana. Anne opens up about how creepy she finds Doug’s relationship with his mother, and some of her own misgivings about the relationship. When she leaves the room to go binge, Grandma tells her not to do it. She recognized it a long time ago and says it’s an illness, and Anne should tell Doug.

Doug/Susan – Ugh we all knew this was coming. I have to say I’m seriously disappointed with this storyline because it was SO OBVIOUS. The two of them get wasted on the plane and have a heart to heart and end up having sex. Yes, it’s f’n ridiculous because he hates his father for cheating, and Susan hates men for cheating too. But they cheat. Does this happen? Sure of course. Was I hoping just once that it wouldn’t go the obvious route? YES I WAS HOPING. It would’ve been great to have one of them go no this is against everything we believe in, I want it to stop. Blah blah blah blah blah. Unimpressed. That’s all I have to say about it honestly. UNIMPRESSED.

The Doug/Susan thing really soured me on the episode. I liked the rest. I have to say I hope this means Elaine has decided not to run. Garcetti is back on path, and TJ does not need to be in the fricking spotlight. It still pisses me off that they plan on just taking him home and ignoring the problem again. Sure they’re detoxing him, but he needs actual help. He should be checked into a facility and go back to AA. This type of behavior just enables him, and it also probably makes him keep that shame spiral because they hide him away like an embarrassment. I really liked Anne this episode and it’s too bad just as we’re getting to know her better, Doug screws her over. Every main male in this show has been a cheater. I get it happens, people, but come on, that’s just becoming ridiculous. And no TJ hasn’t cheated, but he’s been the one people cheat with. Head desk, head desk, head desk. Here’s hoping it ends on a high note.


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