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Oh come on you all have to know what Aladdin is. One of Disney’s Renaissance masterpieces that still maintains its popularity to today. Aladdin is a street-wise street rat who dreams of living in the palace, and his lady love to be is Princess Jasmine, who dreams of being free from the rules requiring he to marry a stranger. She runs to the streets and he saves her and the two start to crush on each other hard. At the same time the Sultan’s royal adviser Jafar is trying to get into a mysterious place called the Cave of Wonders to get a magical item. It will make him all powerful. He needs the diamond in the rough, and that’s of course Aladdin. Aladdin is arrested and then freed by Jafar in disguise. He sends him down into the cave and wants him to bring back a simple gold lamp in return for all the riches within. He betrays Aladdin but the lamp goes with him, and that’s when Aladdin meets the strange and all powerful Genie. Genie will grant him three wishes, but there’s only one thing Aladdin wants: Jasmine.


No seriously if you haven’t seen this movie yet what’s wrong with you.

First Impression

I saw this in theaters. I was around eight years old. I saw The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast in theaters too, but the older I got the more capable I was of really soaking in the movie. I remember Aladdin in extreme detail. I loved it and wanted to see it immediately after the first time. My poor parents, I don’t know how many times I dragged them, but it was a lot.

Current Impression

This is still one of my favorite Disney musicals of all time. I know almost every single word. I definitely know every word to the music and it’s great now that I actually understand all of Genie’s pop culture references. As you’ll see in my next review, I liked this movie so much that I bought both of the sequels. Yes, commence judging me now. I watched the animated TV show on the Disney channel too.  I have no shame about that. This movie still makes me smile and sing along and yes there may be something in my eye toward the end. You read nothing.

Favorite Character

I hate to be obvious here, but this can’t be surprising: Genie. He was the breakout character. Robin Williams in this role is what inspired them to cast a lot more famous people in their future movies. It also made them put in “adult” jokes more often. The success of the movie is often handed to Williams, and I can’t disagree, because I love every second he’s on the screen. Every line makes me react emotionally. The character and his voice performance are excellent. So I’m obvious.

Favorite Quote

“No matter what anyone else says, you’ll always be a prince to me.” – Genie and I tear up every time I hear him say that. Shut up!

Favorite Scene

The Cave of Wonders. Oh my god. I remember being a little kid and at the time this was the epitome of animation. The way we gasp at Pixar and IMAX right now, that’s how I felt the first time I saw that lava chase scene. The creativity of this design is incredible. From the jewels and Carpet to the ruby and the frantic flight out, it made my heart pound and I got so nervous. I’m pretty sure I screamed when they almost ran into the cave wall. It still impresses me honestly. I don’t care how good animation is now.

Favorite Song

“One Jump.” This is the first song I memorized from the movie, and we actually did a dance of it at school. I love everything about it.  I love the music and the clever lyrics and the animation and how it builds up to a frenzy. It sets the character up perfectly for Aladdin and the setting for the movie.

What Doesn’t Work

The Genie thing is a double edged sword, isn’t it? All of his constant pop culture references can detract from the plot and from the mood. I like comic relief and breaking the fourth wall, but not when it’s done 95% of the time. Sometimes he can take me out of the setting of the movie. This is a small gripe. I love him despite that. I can’t really think of any other criticisms I have here. This is a beautiful film.

Why I Own This

Have you read the rest of the review? Duh. 😉 I think this might have been my favorite Disney until the Nightmare Before Christmas stole my heart forever. It was the movie that I bought the most tie-ins. I liked how clever and scrappy Aladdin was. Jasmine was stubborn and aggressive, very Princess Leia-ish. I love that she goes out into the real world and almost immediately gets herself killed. Way to be realistic, movie. This holds up against time. And I’m incapable of keeping my mouth shut when the soundtrack comes on.

  1. Data laughing says:

    Nothing wrong with owning the sequels. Hell, “Second Rate” in Return of Jafar is one of my all-time favorite villain songs. And the last movie may have some issues, but “Welcome to the 40 Thieves” is another really fun song, and, you know, John Rhys-Davies is there. So that can excuse a lot.


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