Dee Discusses: True Blood 5.8

Posted: August 3, 2012 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, True Blood
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Apparently Bill has turned to the dark side. Or the crazy side. Even Eric doesn’t seem to know if he’s for real or not. All the vampires come back from their drug trip and feel like they are right to eat babies and do whatever they want. Lilith wants it, right? Eric basically thinks they’re all crazy – duh – but Bill is into it. Salome asks him to come to bed and she has an innocent girl tied there, who says she has a child. Bill struggles because she reminds him of his daughter, who he never turned into a vampire. His daughter begged him on her death bed and he still refused. Just because you didn’t have a choice, Bill, that doesn’t mean no one else wants it. Moron. Anyway he gives in and then comes up with the idea to destroy all the Tru Blood factories. That way the hungry vampires will be forced to stop mainstreaming and start killing. A very, very good idea. And a very terrifying one. Eric has great WTF faces this episode. He tries to reason with Nora who tells him off and insults Godric in the process. OH NO YOU DIDN’T!

Baaaaaaaaack to Sookie trying to get rid of her fairy powers. She’s apparently a really powerful one, because she barely seems slowed down at this point. Jason stops her and points out that she never blamed him for their parents dying either. They used to think it was his fault, but she wouldn’t say that. And that she needs to be powerful and not be ordinary, because being ordinary sucks. And Sookie? You’re always being attacked by supernatural people. Keep those powers, girl. She decides to ask the fairies for help. They want to figure out who killed their parents. They do a ceremony where they all hold hands and Sookie puts herself into the mind of her mother that night. She witnesses her father and mother be murdered –  yikes – and then somehow gets into the vampire’s head. Claude seems very freaked out about that last part. She does figure out Claudine knew who it was and called him “Warlow.” So they just have to find Warlow. Whoever that is. Honestly the vampire under the hat looked like Russell to me.

Alcide hooks up with Rikki and I guess they’re dating? Again, Debbie’s body is barely cold, but whatever. They have a lot of sex. I think Joe might have actually been naked, there looked like full frontal nudity at one point. He goes to fight JD but refuses to hunt down an innocent man and kill him. So JD’s like lol I win by default. Alcide stops him from killing the kid on the hunt, and he gets exiled and/or quits the pack because of it. I don’t know. All those wolves are stupid. Hoyt is with the hate group and they’ve kidnapped Jessica. They tell him to murder her. Hoyt has a rather serious conversation with Jessica instead and it’s really great. She doesn’t condescend to him or promise him anything to get out of the situation. She’s honest that she loved him but lost it somewhere, and she knows it’s not coming back. He spares her and promises to go get help. He gets kidnapped again doing just that.

Sam and Andy get there instead, because Sam’s tracking the hate group. Andy’s letting him help out and use his shifter abilities. Luna accidentally skinwalked into Sam’s own form and panics. They find each other and he promises to figure out a way to help her. It’s ambiguous – at least to me – whether she dies or not when she turns back. I’m thinking not. Tommy skinwalked a few times before he died at the end. They save Jessica. Sam smells someone in the room who might have been Hoyt’s mom – it sure sounds like it! Meanwhile Pam shows her mommy skills again when this mean woman from high school comes in to mock Tara, and then she snaps at Tara for being rude. Only to turn it around and take the woman hostage to be Tara’s slave. Unfortunate implications there. I’m not sure why I’ve gotten to the place where it seems sweet that Pam got Tara a slave, but. This show does that sort of crazy to you. Oh also Lafayette does a seance for Terry and the spirit says he has to kill Patrick or the other way around for it to end. Oops.

We’re coming around to the end of the season soon. Next week it looks like Eric’s trying to get the hell away from the crazy vampires, and Sookie looks closer into the death of her parents. I’m not sure where the season is going honestly. How are they going to get out of this Sanguista thing? The entire vampire authority is now a part of this extremist cult. Mainstreaming is basically going to become a disaster after this. Also shifters are now out in the open if the hate group knows about it, so that means the wolves and shifters might be outed officially. I’m guessing that the person who killed Sookie’s parents is someone we know, but maybe it’s not. A new villain? I wouldn’t mind! So far so good. Also Lafayette? Stay the hell away from magic, it never goes well!

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