Dee Discusses: True Blood 5.7

Posted: July 31, 2012 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, True Blood
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True Blood season 5, I love you, let me count the ways. You gave me the Authority vampires on a drug trip. Bill was getting a piggy back ride from Eric. I’m just saying. Thank you. LOL. Okay now to the actual recap of the show. I’ll just start there. So Roman is now murdered and obviously Salome was the one who let out Russell. DUH. She’s a Sanguista and lets Nora out, makes peace with Russell, and encourages the other members of the Authority to join her. They offer that special blood from the vial, and it makes them all seriously high. They run around what I think is New Orleans in slow motion and dancing and being crazy. They threaten a Taxi driver for honking at them and then murders what seems to be an engagement party. This show. Horrible horrible things happen and yet I’m sitting here giggling because Russell is doing karaoke. In the middle of feeding this naked woman appears to them. They assume it’s Lilith and all freak out. Eric does too until the ghost of Godric appears to him and says it’s all a lie and he has to save Nora. He seems to wake up from whatever drug spell they’re under and see there is no woman there at all. Bill however seems to be totally into this new lifestyle. Bromance breaking up on the horizon? Might be.

Sookie is reeling from hearing the truth about her parents dying. She’s not cool with it, as you can imagine. The fairies do tell her that she can use up all her powers and be normal. They also say she has more abilities she’s never realized before. She leaves and thinks about having a normal life. She has a conversation with Sam at the hospital about the bastards trying to kill all the supernaturals. In the end she tries to get rid of all her fairy magic desperately. Jason’s over at Jessica’s place after having a fight with her about vampires. He’s like wtf you feed off someone you don’t know and she says this gross thing about how you don’t know the names of your cows, and he yells and she bites him so he shoots her in the head. She’s all like get outta here. Whatever Jess, you bit him. He runs off to deal with Sookie.

Sam does weird detecting and is on the trail of the people who shot him and Luna. Meanwhile Hoyt has joined the hate club and seems happy to be there for now. They find out about their friend dying and aren’t happy, obvs. There’s more Terry stuff. Holly points out that there might be a demon after Terry, duh, crazy things happen in that town all the time. Arlene seems to believe her a little. Lafayette goes to deal with Jesus’ creepy grandpa. Who kidnaps him and sews his mouth shut omg. He plans on putting the magic power into his unborn child. His pregnant wife stabs the hell out of him and cuts open Lafayette’s mouth. I guess she’s letting him go. That’s good. Also Lettie Mae sees Tara and is her awful self and disowns her for like the 100th time. And it hurts Tara for like the 100th time. Pam’s actually nice and reassuring to her about it, so they bond. And hug. It’s kind of adorable. Oh yeah and Alcide’s going to challenge JD to run the pack. Martha’s like wtf you doing but he says Marcus is using V. She doesn’t believe him until she sees it for herself. Alcide’s making out with his ‘second’ Rikki. He’s jumping around a lot since Debbie died the other day and he was making out with Sookie. Huh.

That’s the recap. I’m going to follow up on that last part. You know the problem with this show is it’s only supposed to take place over like a week at a time. Which means when big things happen … it makes the characters look like more of a jackass. Alcide going from Debbie’s death to Sookie to this woman in a few days is kind of questionable. Also there was no resolution to his situation with Sookie at all. Also I’m glad that Jason called Jessica on how uncool it was to eat all these people she doesn’t even know or care about. Jessica’s supposed to be better than that. I get there can be a disconnect, but she treats other humans with respect. It definitely didn’t give her the right to bite him, so she can stfu about him shooting her. There’s a lot going on in this episode so it can jump around, but I’m enjoying most of the storylines a lot. I want to make special mention of the werewolf lady Martha. She’s pretty badass. Anyone who read the books knows about Cal Norris, and how he was supposed to actually be. They made him this creepy whitetrash guy, when in the books he was pretty respectful and decent. I feel like she’s somehow become that person instead. I really like her. And that whole sequence with the vampires getting high around town? Really freaking funny.

I miss Godric.

Also there was this really cute wedding video of everyone happy and alive at Arlene’s wedding. 😦

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