Dee Discusses: True Blood 5.6

Posted: July 20, 2012 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, True Blood
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Oh wow okay a lot of stuff happened this week. They’re halfway through the season so this is when shit starts getting real, and I can already see that happening. I’m not even sure I can separate this into a grouping, so I’m going to just write piece by piece what happened for once.

We start back at the abandoned hospital. The werewolves are attacking; Alcide was dragged away by one (Marcus’ father), and Eric and Bill take on the others. Sookie is left to Russell, and he immediately attacks her, but like she said she’s the only one who really can snap him back. She uses her fairy attack on him, and he goes flying. Eric almost goes to kill him, but Bill points out the Authority wants him and they might be able to survive this. Eric does halt, and the Authority picks that time to come and grab him. Eric and Bill are allowed to glamor Sookie and Alcide rather than killing them. Eric glamors Alcide into always protecting Sookie but also keeping his furry paws off her; he’s such a petty guy sometimes. Bill and Sookie have a really tender moment that surprises me, because I never liked them as a couple, but it was rather sad when he tells her to forget they existed, to forget everything that happened to them, and to move on with her life. He knows he can’t glamor her because of her powers, so it’s truly a goodbye. The rest of the humans, including Doug, are all killed by the Authority members. They do remember who saved Russell, but that isn’t revealed. Probably the guy in charge of it is in on this conspiracy.

Alcide wakes up the next day naked in Sookie’s bed and is confused about what happened to them because he doesn’t remember. Sookie goes “fucking Eric” and helps him remember everything. He’s mad too and then points out this is like the other year all over again. Russel, the werewolves, etc., and he’s understandably frustrated. He remembers that Marcus’ father did it, so he storms off to deal with it. He does end up challenging the guy and claims he’s taking the pack back. So good on him. Sookie’s just exhausted from all of this and talks to the women about how much men suck, and then Jason tells her about the fairies and Hadley and their parents. She freaks out and they go to the fairy club where they meet their cousin Claude. He explains these are the good fairies who helped save her from Mab, and they’re hiding out in this world but protecting themselves from vamps. He tells her the truth about what happened to her parents: a vampire smelled Sookie’s blood from a cut she had and killed them to get to her. It’s about as sad as you can expect since her life has been crap and now she realizes she started all of it, so she freaks the shit out and uses her light powers, and all the fairies use theirs to stop her. Awesome.

The Authority is all set to execute Russell and they’re bonding with Bill and Eric. So those two get their crosses off and are allowed to live. Good call, Bill. Everyone seems pretty happy, but Nora downstairs is all blissful because she knows what’s going to happen. She continues to be pretty scary as an extremist, honestly, so kudos to the actress. Of course something goes wrong, Russell’s cross doesn’t go off, and he stakes Roman right there and then. No one apparently tries to stop him. Come on, guys, really? He gave you at least a few seconds, you’re vampires. Unless everyone was already against him. Clearly Salome was the one behind all of this since she just chills there and looks a little sad about Roman, but whatevs. Bill and Eric better get the hell out of dodge, Russell will be gunning for them.

Tara and Jessica fight some more, Pam sets them apart, but she does say Tara did good in a fight all things considered. Tara’s like THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I MAKE FRIENDS. Hoyt confronts Jessica and points out she still cares about him. She’s like that is soooo not the point, but he gets emotional and says he’ll do whatever she wants to be with her. 😦 Poor Hoyt and Jessica. Hoyt then lets a vampire almost drain him, but he gets picked up by the guys who shot Sam and Luna. Also Sam and Luna survived their whole thing, and Grandma shows up with Emma. Luna finally accepts her help and asks her to take care of the kid while they find out who shot them. Sam does trace some of this stuff to the guy who sells all the vampire hunting equipment. Andy’s there with him, and the guy attacks them, but Sam kills him with a crossbow. He says something kind of creepy regarding killing humans though, so that’s a little alarming. Lafayette meets with his mom, who tells him he’s in trouble and connects Jesus to the guy who started all of his magic in the first place. Also Terry’s left Arlene because there’s a demon after him.

Wow. Look how much stuff happened in this episode! It’s getting intense, and in a fantastic way. I wasn’t surprised at all by Salome, and I don’t think any of the audience will be either. I’m wondering how much she’s actually a true believer though. And how much will Russell really help them considering he was like ‘all of this shit is stupid and all of you are stupid.’ He’s into chaos, and they’re religious, so I’m not sure if that’s going to connect in the end. So the shifter killing people are probably old friends of Hoyt and Jason, maybe people they were in school with? I really hope Hoyt doesn’t become one of them. Sam’s also heading toward a human hater, so things are getting pretty bad. And I’m sorry for Sookie finding out yet again that all she touches turns to crap. This season is magic so far. I can’t wait to see what happens next!


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