Dee Discusses: True Blood 5.2

Posted: June 25, 2012 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, True Blood
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This was a better episode than the premiere, so I’m hoping this is a sign the show is just warming up. It is so much better than last year, let me tell you. We get to see more of the Authority and hear some interesting vampire lore. Actually I’m just going to talk about that here. There’s a fundamentalist group of vampires who believe in the vampire bible. In that vampires were made first by God and humans were created to feed them only. Humans were essentially cattle in this situation. Obviously for the Authority, who want to integrate with humans in order to survive, they do not want these fundamentalists to gain power. This is probably going to be a major storyline for the season, so good to get it up front now!

Sookie, Tara, Lafayette – Tara is screaming and flipping out. Pam told her she wasn’t allowed to eat or kill her friends, and she’s not allowed to break that maker’s bond. She is acting like a mindless animal and destroying the house. Which is awesome. I have to say the way they’re handling this is very intriguing, especially by the end of the episode. Anyway Tara’s a wreck and Lafayette starts thinking they should just put her down. He comes very close to staking her, but Sookie convinces him not to.  To give Tara a chance to settle, because it’s possible she’s not fully crazy. Sookie goes to get a repellant thing from a vampire store. Tara does seem to be more herself because she wakes up, tells them they’ll never forgive them, and runs out the door. The silver or holy water stuff they spill on her just slows her down, but she’s gone. Latah.

Rev. Newlin, Jason, Jessica – Newlin’s become the new face of nice vampires now that he’s turned over, and people do seem to warm up to him. He doesn’t come out of the closet though, to Jason’s hilarious expression. Ryan did a great job in that scene. He went between omg he’s going to say he loves me to omg he didn’t say he loved me. Hee. Anyway he goes to Jessica and is like sell me Jason Stackhouse, and she messes with him for awhile before going dude, I don’t own the guy. He’s just not that into you. He points out Bill might be in some trouble and she looks worried. Side note: Hoyt is back with his mother and Jason tries to get him to leave, but he won’t. Also Jason feels bad for sleeping with every woman in town, and Andy doesn’t give in to his V addiction when they find Debbie’s car. Yay.

Sam and Luna – Marcus’ mom Martha shows up, no longer hungry for her son’s flesh I guess, and she begs Luna not to keep her granddaughter away. Luna’s like you all are crazy, get out of here. Martha points out that Emma could be a wolf and she’ll need her help. Luna isn’t having it, and she’s definitely not having Sam defend Martha. This is a weird conversation, because Sam is acting stupid on this matter. He’s not Emma’s father and if he thinks Luna should consider that, he might want to wait for a less insane day. She’s too defensive at the moment, and it’s her daughter. Anyway Luna does come in later and find her daughter is a wolf. Yikes.

Eric, Bill, The Authority – This is really the main storyline of the episode and about the fundamentalist group. They know that Nora is a part of this group, so they suspect Eric and Bill. The two of them go through various tortures, but they give nothing away about themselves or one another. These two are starting to trust and like each other more through refusing to break, apparently. In the end the Authority does believe they’re not fundamentalists, at least partly because they both love being in the human world. They still think they mess everything up and though they did a good thing by killing the witches, they’re more trouble than they’re worth. They are ready to give the Truth Death to both when Bill says Russell Edgington is still alive. They do not like this. It looks like Eric and Bill might stay alive a little longer if they agree to go find and kill Russell like they were supposed to in the first place.

Also Pam’s flashing back to when she was a whore in 1905 and eventually met Eric. I hope this is leading somewhere. I like Pam but it’s not really necessary, is it? Overall not a bad episode. I’m not entirely comfortable what they’re doing with Newlin. Him as a vampire advocate now is very interesting, but he’s coming across a little stereotypical in the repressed gay part. I can’t wait to see what happens with Tara. That’s one storyline I’m completely on board with. What is her deal? And I like the Authority stuff too. So far so good.


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