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There’s a lot of shifting emotions going on in this episode. Assassinations, lusty wildlings, two unfortunate dead bodies, and Cersei Lannister showing she has a soul. Are we sure this isn’t the sign of the Apocalypse? Let’s talk about the Game of Thrones episode “A Man Without Honor.” Spoilers below!

Even Dany’s like WTF Theon!

Sansa/Arya – Sansa tries to thank the Hound for saving her, and she freaks out when she realizes she’s had her first period and can now marry Joffrey. Shae attempts to help her hide it, but it’s too late. Cersei talks to her about being a woman and having children, and suggests she loves no one other than her children. Poor, poor Sansa. Joffrey’s a monster and even his own mother knows it, and she has to marry him. Meanwhile Arya is still hanging out with Tywin Lannister. He knows she’s lying about being a commoner and teases her about it, but she keeps up the pretense. He’s trying to figure out who murdered his man last week. He compares her to Cersei, and they’re still bonding. He doesn’t seem to care much about her being a girl who likes swords and thinks dresses are stupid. One has to wonder what it was like being Cersei, all things considered, growing up with this man.

Cersei/Jaime/Tyrion – Cersei has finally come to grips with the fact her son is a raging psychopath. After telling Sansa to protect her children, she confesses to Tyrion that maybe Joffrey is the punishment for her sins with Jaime. For the first time she opens up to her little brother about her relationship with Jaime, and Tyrion tries to comfort her. Meanwhile Jaime is locked up with his visiting cousin and they bond over the time the kid squired for Jaime. Jaime tells a story of his own, and then kills the kid in order to distract (and kill) the guard and then escape. He gets caught anyway and the father of the guard he killed wants his blood. Catelyn stops the killing, but knows that it won’t keep them off much longer, so she confronts Jaime herself.

Robb/Jon – Robb flirts more with the doctor. That’s about it for him this week. Jon is trying to find his way back to his people while holding the wildling girl Ygritte hostage. She says her famous line “You know nothing, Jon Snow” for the first time. Dee fangirls. She flirts with him a lot and talks to him about oaths and freedom and whether or not she’s more free than he is, despite being his prisoner. She escapes and then Jon finds himself surrounded by wildlings. Ruh roh.

Theon/Dany – Meanwhile Theon’s a bastard. A lot. A loooot. He goes after Bran and Rickon, and he realizes people will laugh at him if they know the kids got away under his nose. He takes two farmer boys around the same age, burns them beyond recognition, and lets people think it’s their corpses. Yeah this is basically a spoiler, but you all knew that Bran and Rickon weren’t dead, come on. Dany finds out her dragons were stolen by creepy skeletal guy, and he made a deal with Xaro to be the King of Qarth. They have the dragons, they kill all the other leaders in the city, and Dany runs away with Jorah and like one guard. Leaving her dragons behind. Tsk.

Sexy even covered in dirt and blood.

General Opinion of the Episode

Dee: Like Jachelle says below, I think having this episode go more slowly really worked. The pace going fast fast fast and then slow and thoughtful is great. Plus we know they’re building up to something big. Stannis is marching on King’s Landing soon, meaning there’s at least one big battle coming up. All the pieces are moving and this is the part of the chess match where pieces are being taken quickly but no real ground is being lost yet. It’s getting there. On a personal note, so psyched that Jaime Lannister is back in the game, and I want to mention that it’s great to hear more of his backstory with Cersei. The fact is that Cersei and Jaime are the heart of why this entire series happened; if they weren’t incestuous lovers, and those were Robert’s children, this whole thing wouldn’t have come to be. I know that most people go eeeeeek incest, but the books and the show are fleshing it out more, making it a part of why the characters are who they are. Seeing both of their introspection, for me, puts an interesting spin on what’s going on. Still guys, damn look at what you’ve caused. You beautiful idiots. SO EXCITED FOR WHAT IS COMING.

Jachelle: Compared with last week’s heart attack inducing, caps lock instigating, shout-swear-flail worthy episode, this week’s episode was downright tame. It moved along at a much slower place this week, and I was actually kind of grateful for that. I needed it after the start to finish agony of last week. My nerves couldn’t have handled it again. As it was, we got to see some of the fallout from all of last week’s action. The story pushed onward, giving us some excellent scenes and hey we finally get to see Jamie again! At least, I think it was Jamie. It was a little hard to tell under all that dirt and blood. (Dee: He’s still sexy as hell) Then we got a few good action scenes in the last third of the episode that helped keep the episode from becoming a little too quiet. It may not go down as one of the most memorable episodes of Game of Thrones, but it was still enjoyable none the less. No complaints here!

Favorite Scene

Dee: Jachelle took my favorite scene, so assume I agree completely with her on that one. I’ll pick another one. I’m going to go with the last scene with Catelyn and Jaime. Catelyn was all kinds of HBIC this episode although she was only in the last portion, and standing up to men like that just shows how fearless she is. Or maybe not fearless; she has fear but she rises above it. She’s smart as a whip too. The confrontation between those two was tense, and I love Jaime’s sense of humor on top of everything. I could watch the two of them battle wits for awhile. Jaime’s whole thing about swearing oaths and how to compare the oaths you make when they counteract each other, that’s a really interesting subject that I’m sure will come up again. It’s the same kind of thing Jon’s dealing with too, questioning what oaths you take and what if they’re unreasonable or asked by people who aren’t worth listening to.

Jachelle: Cersei & Tyrion talking with one another. Man, these two have just got a crazy amount of chemistry together. Any time we get a scene with the two of them, my attention is completely glued to the screen. We’ve seen them angry and snarky at each other a lot recently, but you can see the worry of their situation creeping up on them now. Whatever their differences, they’re going to have to start relying on each other if they hope to do anything. Their scene together this week, they both let down their walls for a moment, and the result was extremely touching. It’s easy to see Cersei as a freaking crazy bitch, mostly because she is one, but there are times when I can still feel for her, and this was definitely one of them.

Psh Catelyn is not afraid of you!

Least Favorite Scene

Dee: Robb and the medic girl. DNW. They have no chemistry, show. Stop trying to make it happen. Sigh. It’s going on deaf ears, I know.

Jachelle: Theon going after Bran and the others. It wasn’t that it was a bad scene, necessarily. I’m just still really hating on Greyjoy at this point and get irritated whenever he’s on my screen. That’s pretty much my only reasoning here.

Favorite Character of the Episode

Dee: Jaime, love of my life. UGH it’s too early to say that. Ahem. Jaime Lannister was my favorite character this week because he’s funny and charismatic and irreverent, but then he’ll snap in an instant and get homicidal on your ass. He’s dangerous and vicious, but pretty accepting of all of his worst qualities. I am so glad he’s back on our screen and will be embarking on his major storyline now so he’s coming back into play. Yesssss. One thing I love about this character is how he questions the accepted notion of honor. What is it that makes honor? What is it that makes him not a man of honor? Who is judging this? He just sort of shrugs off the shackles of what’s expected of him and accepts what comes, and I love that about him.

Jachelle: Cersei! Did she, or did she not completely rock this week? (She did.) Between her scene with Tyrion and her talk with Sansa, I found myself really digging Cersei this week. It’s obvious that her children and motherhood bring out her best qualities, and both of her scenes this week really highlighted that.  It was very cool to watch her just being honest for a little bit instead of the cool, calculating bitch.

Character Who Should DIAF This Week

Dee: THEON. lsdjflsdjfk Ugh. I remember how much hate I felt toward this character when I first read this book because it was so intense that I still feel it right now, seething through me. THEON. YOU BASATRD.

Jachelle: Yep. It’s Theon again. I WILL HATE HIM UNTIL THE END OF TIME. Okay, that may be a little overdramatic, but you get where I’m coming from. UGH. What the hell, Theon. Just DIAF already.


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