Deechelle Discusses: Game of Thrones 2.5

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Does anyone else have trouble getting that theme song stuck in their head for a full day after the show? It’s one of the few opening credits that is worth watching entirely every single week. It’s visually gorgeous and the music, oh the music. We are officially halfway through the season. How’s everyone doing? Curled up in a fetal position somewhere? Perfect. Let’s talk about “The Ghost of Harrenhal.” Spoilers below!

Oookay let’s start right out!

Renly/Stnnis: The shadow baby from last week? Shadow assassin! Just when Renly is making peace with Catelyn on behalf of Robb, he is stabbed to death by the shadow who looks just like Stannis. It’s very sad. Brienne is there and absolutely loses it. She’s attacked by the other guards and slays them, sobbing over the body of her king. Catelyn persuades her to run. Brienne grieves and then swears loyalty to Catelyn, until she can get her revenge on Stannis. Back in the camp, Loras is similarly grieved by the death of his lover. Littlefinger is there to be slimy as always and tells them they have to flee because of Stannis. Margaery persuades her brother to leave, and then talks with Littlefinger about how she wants to be THE Queen. Watch it Dany and Cersei, you guys have a rival! It seems that the Tyrells are not stupid though, since they are positive this was Stannis’ work and Brienne did not kill Renly the way everyone is saying. Stannis is psyched that all worked out, and his smuggler/conscience Davos makes it clear he’s not cool with what just happened. He persuades Stannis to leave Melisandre behind when they go after King’s Landing or it will seem like her victory. In return Stannis gives him command of a very important part of the army. Davos is uneasy about this.

King’s Landing: Tyrion has officially accepted the fact his nephew is a raging psychopath that can’t be saved. Cersei gets wasted and that’s hilarious. Tyrion wants to know what they plan to do about the coming army, and it looks like there’s something to do with barrels of wildfire. Tyrion is smart so he’s starting to think about what can be done to save all of them. They have inferior forces and Stannis is coming. He’s also hurt to hear that most of the commoners blame him for Joffrey’s bad decisions.

Theon/Winterfell: Theon’s sulking that none of his people take him seriously. They openly mock him when he tries to take command of his ship. His sister joins in because her people love her, so there Theon. He figures out that on the Iron Islands taking stuff is more important than words. So he makes a plan to attack one of the North’s forts. The reaction from Bran – and Winterfell – is just what Theon expects. They send reinforcements, leaving themselves vulnerable. Anyone else see where this is going? It might also help that Bran had a very heavy handed prophecy dream about horrible things happening to his home. (PS – you’re welcome ladies for the  images below.)

Arya/Jon: Arya’s still hanging at Harrenhal being awesome and cupbearing for Tywin. He seems to recognize very fast she’s from the North and she’s also smart as a whip. He asks her about Robb and what they say about him, and she’s honest that basically they’re all screwed because her brother rocks. Well except for the brother part. She looks Tywin dead in the eye and says “Anyone can die” and he gets the message. I think he really likes her, it’s kind of funny. That third-person talking man that Arya saved during the attack is named Jaqen,  and he owes her three lives in exchange for the three she saved. She asks for the death of the man who did all those rat-creepy things. She’s surprised when it ends up happening. After we all get a lovely scene of Gendry shirtless, dirty, and damn let’s have more of that okay? So now Arya has two more deaths she can order. Hey how about Tywin! Also because Jon’s stuff is so short we’re putting it here. They’re still trekking around the North. Sam’s in a good mood because he loves Gilly. They meet up with a good fighter who says that the wildlings are getting dangerous and he wants to attack one of their forts. Quietly and efficiently. Jon wants to go along. The end.

Dany: Dany is now in the lap of luxury in Qarth. She’s confident and charming and her dragons are growing up and feeding themselves little bits of meat. She’s pretty damn happy this episode and looks gorgeous. First time we’ve seen her smiling in awhile. She says she wants her birthright back, and the extremely rich and smooth merchant Xaro Xhoan Daxos suggests they get married. He’ll be her consort, and she’ll get all his money. It’s more than enough to kick the ass of people back home. Her loyal guard Jorah disagrees, saying they can’t rely on him entirely and he’ll want something in return, maybe too much power honestly once they get there. Dany realizes that Jorah is very much in love with her. It’s awkward, but she does seem to trust his advice.

General Opinion of the Episode

Dee: Great as always. I think this is another good example of how the show manages to balance out its locations very well. There were several storylines going at once, but it wasn’t difficult to follow where everyone was or what they were doing. I am a little disappointed Renly’s death happened so quickly. Of course it happened that fast in the books, but I thought maybe they would do that at the very end of the last episode on a cliffhanger. To have it be in the first few minutes felt more abrupt somehow. Still, RIP Renly. You probably would’ve been a good King. Still loving this show!

Jachelle: If a day ever comes where I’m not completely pulled in by an episode of Game of Thrones, I’ll eat my hat. That being said, another fabulous episode in the bag. I’m just so excited for all the new developments each week. I was a little relieved we didn’t have any Joffrey this week, because holy crap after last week I needed a break from his scariness. I was totally shocked by Renly’s death in the beginning of the episode. (THANKS FOR THE WARNING, DEE, YOU JERK.) Man, I have got to stop being surprised by character deaths on this show. Ugh. Okay. Anyway, sad about that. I think he would have been a good King. And I need more Margaery! So, I’m interested to see how she’s going to keep herself relevant to the game. Tyrion is still kicking ass and taking names, which I love. And hello there Ayra, could you be more badass? I want to be you. I mean, not in the literal sense because your life really kind of sucks right now and frankly if I had to deal with any of it, I’d probably already be dead…HOWEVER, I am constantly in awe of how smart and capable you are. If only I could be that awesome. Anyway. Loved this episode. I need more!

Favorite Scene

Dee: Cersei drunk. That will never stop being funny, guys. I can watch that scene over and over and still snicker to myself. Cersei should be drunk all the time. As always I just love when you get Tyrion and Cersei in a room together. I think the two actors have enormous chemistry together. She may be drunk but not enough to give away her secrets to him, although jeez, Cersei get it together woman. Your son is a psychopath and your brother may be the only person who can help you. Someone dump a giant bucket of water over her head!

Jachelle: Ayra’s little standoff with Tywin. SWEET CALIFORNIA RAISINS, THAT LITTLE GIRL IS SO AWESOME. Tywin and Ayra are both so clever and sharp that I just loved watching the two of them play off one another. I hope this isn’t the last time we get to see them interacting together.

Least Favorite Scene

Dee: I think probably the Renly death scene because of what I said above. It was precisely done the way it was in the book, so there was nothing wrong about it, but I think it was misplaced for an episode. It would’ve served a lot better to be at the end of an episode instead of at the beginning of one. The Wall stuff is also a little boring right now, although Sam’s trying to be adorable.

Jachelle: Any of the scenes at the wall. Those were the only parts of the episode when I found my attention wandering a bit. Although, yes, Sam is amazingly adorable and I just want to snuggle him all the time. But back to the topic at hand, to be honest, I’m not even entirely sure what was going on there. There were some people they were watching? They sent some Rangers (and Jon) to go scout them? I really am not even sure. Ah, well. I’ll figure it out later, right? Right. Moving on.

Favorite Character of the Episode

Dee: ARYA. Man I would high five that chick. Her scene with Tywin was fantastic with her staring him down like that. He’s also very intelligent, I love how sharp as a tack he is. She stood up to him, she oogled Gendry a bit (come on), and got herself a personal assassin with Jaqen. All in all, she is just proving herself to be a Stark direwolf!

Jachelle: Brienne! Her agony over losing Renly followed by her pledging herself to Catelyn, UGH MY HEART. BRIENNE I LOVE YOU. I admit, I’m not Catelyn’s biggest fan, but this development just made her SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING OH MY LORD. I’m using a lot of caps lock. Sorry. More Brienne, please!

Character Who Should DIAF This Week

Dee: FUCKING STANNIS. Listen, I’m not saying I loved Renly. I didn’t. He was alright, he seemed level headed, and I think he would’ve made a good king. He was willing to join with Robb. No, right wasn’t on his side, but Robert wasn’t by blood the heir to the kingdoms. Renly tried to take it by force the way that Robert did, so fuck you Stannis. You let some psycho shadow self murder your little brother in an extremely dishonorable way. You can DIAF.

Jachelle: Yeah, Stannis, you definitely need to DIAF. I can’t wait to see all of this blow up in your friggen face.


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