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Once Upon a Time is about to wrap up its first season. There are only two episodes left after this one, and it still leaves me wondering what the hell they’re going to be doing next season. It’s renewal is a sure thing. So much of the past has been revealed. What is left? We’ll have to find out later. This episode was about August, Pinocchio, Emma’s intense denial and titled “The Stranger.” Spoilers below.

The promo for this episode showed that August was Pinocchio right off the bat. They probably realized that since we knew he wasn’t Baelfire, we’d jump to the right conclusion once they showed anything from the fairytale land. Congratulations! You’re a real boy …er … man. Henry reveals he knows now that someone messed with his book, which we saw Pinocchio do earlier, and it was about his story. There’s a part of it no one apparently knew except for him, so it wasn’t in the original book. Who wrote the book? Still no idea. But clearly they have no idea about this part, so that’s interesting. Let’s start with the fairytale stuff. Pinocchio was a puppet brought to life by Gepetto. During a horrible storm he tried to sacrifice himself to save his father when they were swallowed by a whale. Later on they wash up on shore and Gepetto sees his wooden boy is “dead.” I’m not sure how dead is dead for magical puppets, do they have lungs and a heart and … nevermind. The Blue Fairy turns him into a real boy just like that. Well that was easy. Why couldn’t she do that before? Jeez. Gepetto and Pinocchio are psyched. Pinocchio proves to be a liiiiiiiittle on the dickish side. Not too bad, just a little boyish mischief, but he’s not innocent either.

When the Blue Fairy comes to Gepetto to ask him to make the tree that will save Emma and her parents, he agrees but on one condition: Pinocchio gets to go. He realizes with the curse his son might turn back into a puppet and just be dead in general. He doesn’t want to take that chance so he wants the extra spot with Emma to be his son. Oh lord will I get into this later, trust me. So many things to say about this. They skip forward to the tree being made and everything we saw before is happening again. Snow gives birth, Charming is racing to get their kid to safety. The Blue Fairy tells Gepetto it’s too risky, he has to accept that it’s more important for Snow and the Savior to get out. He’s like lol no and puts his son in there anyway. SO MUCH TO SAY. So Pinocchio wakes up in the normal world all confused and freaked out, and he sees baby Emma too. He takes her out of the tree and they’re found by people, brought into what appears to be a foster home with a bunch of kids. Wait is that an orphanage? Probably an orphanage, nevermind. The guy in charge is mean. Pinocchio is sweet with Emma, but when the kids say they’re running away and can’t bring a baby, he hesitates since he promised his father he’d look after her. But he leaves anyway. Later Emma. Hope you don’t have an awful foster care experience and get bitter and have lifelong issues with abandonment.

Alright so back in Storybrooke. Duh August is Pinocchio. His legs are turning back into wood, and that’s why he thinks he’s dying. Rumpelstiltskin has figured out his identity and messes with him by having Gepetto in his store. It does shake him. Rumpy and him seem to be on the same side now, and that’s getting Emma to see the truth. I’m not sure why Rumpy’s behind breaking the curse now, but he seems on board. He agrees to send Emma to August, since August tried to get her to come with him and she refused. She wants to get Henry since she threatened to steal him from Regina. Regina confronts Mary at school, and Mary’s showing all kinds of Snow badassery by just getting in her face and then saying she pitied her. This is followed by Henry verbally smacking Regina around by saying evil will lose and good will win and she sucks. This leads her to attempt to seduce David. He does seem to be vibing with her, but he turns her down. Yeowch.

Rumpy says he won’t take Emma’s case because there is nothing to prove Regina is a bad mother or did anything to Mary. Also Sidney is already apparently locked up. Was he convicted off screen? Guess so. That makes her go to August and he says he’ll show her what she needs to defeat Regina. She goes to this random place outside of Storybrooke and she admits she knows that’s where she was found as a baby. August reveals he was the boy who “found” her, and then he brings her into the woods where their tree is. He says he is Pinocchio, he brought her from the other world, and she has to get her damn act together to save everyone. She’s in such deep denial she can’t see the wood in his leg. They get into a screaming match where she reveals she doesn’t WANT to be the savior, she doesn’t want to be responsible for that many people, and she can’t take it. She goes back and gets Henry in her car, basically implying she’s kidnapping him. Oh that will go well. August decides he’s failed so he goes to hang with his daddy Gepetto. They have a sweet moment and he volunteers to help him build things. Aw. Only two eps left.

So. Thoughts. Geez is Gepetto an ass. Don’t get me wrong, I get it, he was trying to protect Pinocchio, but there was no guarantee Pinocchio was going to die. No one knew what was going to happen with the curse. Plus there are bigger things than him, everyone was screwed by the curse. The smartest thing to do was to make sure Emma would be safe so everyone would be okay when it was broken, including Pinocchio. Also you damn idiot, you’re sending a SEVEN YEAR OLD into an UNKNOWN WORLD with a BABY. WHAT. I’m sassy gay friending him right now because what what what are you doing? Look at your life, look at your choices! If Emma did end up getting one of her parents over to our world, things would’ve been a lot different. In twenty-eight years she might’ve been prepared to help everyone. She wouldn’t be so tortured and bitter. It might have saved Pinocchio’s life temporarily but it ruined it too. He apparently rushed off to abandon Emma and did whatever he wanted all this time, until Emma stayed in Storybrooke and he was forced back home from being turned into wood slowly. This wasn’t the better option, Gepetto. You ass. I liked that ending scene with him and August, but I’m still pissy about his horrible life choices.

I really don’t like Jennifer Morrison, but I have to say she absolutely killed it in that scene in the woods. When she broke down and said she didn’t want the pressure of being the savior, I felt for her, I really did. That fear and pain was real and of course she’s in denial. It’s not just about it being a ridiculous idea, she genuinely can’t handle the responsibility. For the first time in a long time I genuinely like and sympathize with her. I don’t think kidnapping Henry is a good idea, yeah no, but I get her. Also I want to say something about Regina and Henry. We’ve honestly seen nothing about the way she treats him that implies she’s a bad person to him. To others absolutely, she’s horrid, but she does seem to love him. I wish I could see their relationship before Emma came into town because for whatever reason when Henry was giving her a verbal smackdown, I was irritated at him. Yes she is the evil queen but isn’t there anything about her, anything she’s done for him, that he should appreciate? He seems like a smart, healthy, wealthy, and well-adjusted kid overall. Being strict with him isn’t abuse. I don’t know, I wish there was something he could hate about her more than “you’re the evil queen.” Also I have a lot of issues stemming around all the references to Emma being his real mother and it doesn’t really reflect nicely on adoption but yeah whatever.

Good episode so far. A lot of exposition but it had some highlights. Next episode: we find out about when the Queen poisoned Snow, and Henry’s pissed Emma is making them leave town.

  1. Aoife says:

    Wouldn’t “Rumpy” want to break the curse so he could be reunited with his own son?


    • Dee says:

      But he doesn’t know where Bael is. He’s somewhere in our world as far as we know, and he was taken outside of the fairy tale land long before the curse happened. I guess if the curse was broken he might be able to go look for Bael.


      • klvnbrks says:

        He created the curse to find Bae. I’m guessing he needs Emma to believe in order to help out with that. Really loved seeing the vulnerability in Regina when David turned her down. And MM’s telling her off. She clearly got to her. As far as next season, I imagne it will involve amping up making Emma believe. Regina really doesn’t have to work that hard if Emma simply chooses not to believe and refuses to be the savior. It’s odd because it seems she was starting to believe after the Mad Hatter incident. I think he’ll still play a part.


      • Dee says:

        I think Emma will start to believe soon, actually. Maybe even by the end of the season. That’s why I’m a little confused to see where they can go from here, because it’s only so long before she comes off kind of like a moron for not getting with the program. I think there’s a part of her that does believe, or knows there’s something going on, otherwise she wouldn’t be trying to run with Henry now.


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