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Will’s baffled by the fact his students are still devastated about Whitney Houston’s death. They have memorials to her and are randomly walking through the school singing her work. Emma suggests maybe they’re transferring their sadness about leaving school to a safer place. Will makes the theme of the week Whitney, of course, and encourages people to talk about the end of the year feelings after the song. Will didn’t realize that maybe he’s also projecting some of his emotions in the wrong place, because he keeps insisting to Emma that they move their wedding up immediately. He hires a wedding planner to make it faster and he wants it to happen next month. He reveals he’s afraid the kids won’t come to the wedding once they’re out of school and they’ll all forget about him, and he too is grief stricken about losing them. I guess in some ways he does feel like their parent and they made this Glee group together; it makes sense he’d feel devastated when his first group of singers are graduating and moving on. He comes to terms with that over the course of the episode. Another parental figure does too, although he’s an actual parent, and that’s Burt who talks to Kurt about how hard it will be without him. He’s proud of his son, but he’s sad too and will miss him. It’s a very sweet moment (as all Burt/Kurt scenes are).

One of the major stories of the week is that Kurt and Blaine aren’t getting along that well. Blaine’s been distant and Kurt meets this enthusiastic other gay boy who starts text flirting with him. Kurt insists it is innocent, it just makes him feel good, but even Rachel is like yeeeeeah not so much. When Blaine finds out he does get angry and sings “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay” at practice. Everyone seems pretty startled and/or judgy of Kurt. Kurt sings a love song back after talking with Burt and realizing what he’ll be leaving behind when he goes. The two continue to fight until they go to Emma for counseling, and Blaine confesses he’s actually hurt that Kurt keeps talking about New York like he can’t wait to go. Which he can’t, because college and the future is exciting, but Blaine still has a year and he’s afraid he’ll lose Kurt. (Because he probably will, shhhh, don’t terrify the teenagers who believe high school love lasts).

Also Quinn’s frustrated she’s not getting better as fast as she wanted to. Joe Hart – Dreadlocks guy – goes to help her because he has Jesus in his heart and she’s also very very pretty. Anyway they have some weak attempts at chemistry and he freaks out because he’s chaste, and he talks to Sam about it. Who is mostly like lol what it’s 2012. Anyway, Joe gets excited just by Quinn accidentally brushing up against him and panics, and they sort of agree to … chastely date? They don’t really make this clear at all. She gets to sing in the episode and is still working on getting better from her injury. She’s apparently no longer close friends with Artie because he’s not a reasonable love interest like Glee Project new boy. In other news, everyone starts getting nostalgic for their last year, Puck tells all his bros he loves them, Rachel and Santana decide to be friends, and they sing a lovely rendition of “My Love is Your Love” at the end together.

Opinion of the Episode

Dee: This was definitely better than last week! I think they capitalized pretty fast on Whitney’s death, but I do think they tied it in well with the metaphoric passing of their time at the school and eventual graduation. I am a little disappointed with what songs were given to who. Her music has a lot of soul in it. I would’ve preferred Santana to sing “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” with Brittany doing the actual dancing, because Heather can dance but her voice is decent at best. I like Kurt’s high voice but it just rang a little weak in his song and I wasn’t overly impressed with Blaine’s either. I guess that’s what you get when you expect people to do covers of songs their voice range isn’t in, but they had Mercedes right there to handle this music better since it is in her actual voice range. I don’t really remember the nostalgia of leaving high school, I couldn’t wait to go to college, but I connect to it anyway. It’s an exciting future for them, but it’s also the end of something that became very special. I liked that. It’s causing a lot of turmoil and excitement for everyone, and this is the sort of drama I can actually be drawn into. This show usually is at its best when it focuses on the Glee friendships and their bonds instead of the stupid triangle drama and after school special stories. So overall, I like this. If the next few episodes continue to focus on the reality of the kids (some of them at least ugh) moving on, I look forward to ending this season on a satisfied note.

Jachelle: Overall not a bad episode. It wasn’t an entirely memorable hour of television, but at least I wasn’t yelling at my TV? (Glee, why have we come to this?) I was pretty engaged in the storyline and was tapping my foot along to the music as usual, so I’m calling it a win. Honestly, I’ve never been a big Whitney fan. Of course she’s a fantastic singer, and there’s no arguing her place as a music legend, I was just never a diehard fan. I did like tie-in to their mourning about leaving school though, I thought that was well done. Although I totally identified more with Emma’s story about losing Princess Diana. OH GOD, I’M OLD. I remember being so sad when she died. But I’m getting off topic…I really felt for Will when he admitted his fears about the kids not coming back for his wedding. It’s clear that these kids mean everything to him. They’ve been with him through some of the most difficult times he’s had to face. Their relationship has surpassed teacher/student at this point. I thought the moment following that with Emma reassuring him that the kids would always come back for him was sweet. Aww.

Kurt/Blaine Opinion

Dee: I was on Blaine’s side in this one, although I do think his problem was he didn’t communicate his feelings about Kurt moving from the beginning. Yes, Kurt was being self absorbed (as usual), but he’s not a mind reader either and he’s a teenage boy in his first relationship. The fact he was so insensitive toward Blaine about this new boy was hilarious considering how constantly vicious he was about Sebastian. I liked this fight because I think it’s one that two teenagers – gay or not – would probably end up having. They aren’t communicating about their real needs because they’re immature, so they fight about other things instead. Blaine’s point that he moved freaking schools for Kurt cannot be empathized enough. Eesh. But I’m glad they worked it out. I also wish to spare them the inevitable heartache of the fact they’re 18 and probably will fall out of love and move on to new people someday. But shhh, they don’t know any better.

Jachelle: I was definitely on Blaine’s side in this. Kurt clearly kept spouting off that the whole thing was innocent because he knew it wasn’t. But I completely understand why he did it. Kurt’s always loved being the center of attention, so it’s natural that he would be drawn to someone who is constantly paying him compliments. Glee is no stranger to having far-reaching or just downright insane plotlines, but I thought this one was extremely realistic and well done. I think this is definitely something that teenagers deal with. It was nice to see the boys talk and reconcile. I love it when the show lets the characters have honest, healthy resolutions to problems instead of just sweeping them under the rug or abandoning them altogether.

Joe/Quinn Opinion

Dee: WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY. Why does Quinn need a love interest? She’s going away to college, she made it clear that she’s done with romantic jumping around because she has a brighter future to concern herself with. Her being in a wheelchair doesn’t change that. There are only a few episodes left and I personally ship Quinn with INDEPENDENCE. Stop it, Glee.

Jachelle: I’m conflicted. On the one hand, I thought Joe and Quinn had their own sort of cutesy charm. But I was really excited for badass-getting-her-life-together-doesn’t-need-a-boyfriend Quinn. And I get that she’s in a fragile place right now, and she’s sort of reverting back to her old standby of making herself feel safer by knowing that people love her. So, I do think there is some in-character basis for this going on, it just makes me sad to see her backsliding again. Can they just never let her character growth stick? Sigh.

Are you going to be sad when they graduate?

Dee: I would be if I didn’t know that Finn, Rachel, and Kurt were still regulars for next season. Ugh. But! If the others are genuinely moving on, I will feel sad to see them go. I did have a nice nostalgic moment at the end of the episode and it made me smile, and it also made me wish that those three were moving on so I could feel that nostalgic sadness without wanting to facepalm. Ah well. I will admit there was some tug at my heart seeing them all decorating the lockers with pictures, and I’m sure by the finale I’ll look back on season one with a genuine smile. And wonder how it’s gotten to this point.

Jachelle: I won’t really know until we get there, but I imagine I’ll be sad in a sort of happy way. I mean, much as I complain about the show and the characters these days, I have grown genuinely attached to most of them. So on the one hand, it’s sad to see them go, but on the other, it’s exciting to know they’ll be moving on and starting their lives.

Favorite Song

Dee: Absolutely “How I Know.” They should do a lot more a capella songs. All four of their voices sounded absolutely gorgeous together, and without auto-tune or too much blaring music, it really made this song stunning.

Jachelle: I really enjoyed “My Love Is Your Love” in the final moments of the episode. Mostly just because it was the kids singing and genuinely enjoying being with one another. It wasn’t really a performance for anything, no one was singing because they were upset or angry. It was just about them loving each other, and I love when the show focuses on that instead of all the drama. I smiled through the entire song.

Least Favorite Song

Dee: I’m going to go with Joe and Quinn’s dull “Saving All My Love For You,” mostly because it’s hilarious these Jesus teens are singing something about adultery. So that almost makes it a favorite just because lol.

Jachelle: Same as Dee on this one. It was a dull rendition and I honestly didn’t even remember it until I just went and looked up what songs were in this episode. Whoops.


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