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Hey everyone, did you know that Game of Thrones is unbelievably screwed up and every week something new happens that makes you go WHAAAAAAAAAT? Of course you do. Because that’s what this show is, and if you’re watching, you already know you’re unprepared. In this episode Joffrey is psychotic some more, Dany saves her people, and let’s not talk about the mini smoke monster. This is about the episode “Garden of Bones” and will contain spoilers.

Let’s get this recap underway and separate by location! Woo!

King’s Landing/Robb Stark – Robb’s won a major victory against the Lannisters. He refuses to harm any of the prisoners, mostly because it’s wrong but also to protect his sisters, but that doesn’t matter because Joffrey’s a raging psychopath. Joffrey humiliates Sansa in public and orders his man to beat her. Her dress is ripped and she’s terrorized and Tyrion comes to the rescue, but Sansa manages to pick herself up and leave intact. Robb meets a pretty nurse who says it’s his fault they’re at war, blah blah, she’s not Jeyne this is silly. (Jachelle: Apparently this is an inside joke for all of you fans of the books because I have no friggen idea what Dee is talking about. Carry on.) Tyrion distracts Joffrey by sending him to the brothel, but he makes Ros beat another prostitute just for fun and to show Tyrion he can’t be controlled. Creepy, creepy kid. Tyrion knows Cersei is sleeping with their cousin Lancel so he blackmails him and asks him to spy in exchange for saying nothing.

Renly/Stannis – Littlefinger shows up to give Eddard Stark’s bones back to Catelyn and to talk to Renly. Renly brushes him off and Catelyn is angry to see him, but he tells her that Sansa and Arya are okay. Liar. He also taunts Margaery with the knowledge that Loras and Renly are lovers and she isn’t really with her husband. Stannis and Renly have a face off with each telling the other one to give up. Stannis says Renly can be his heir instead, but Renly refuses. In the night Davos goes with Melisandre and watches her give birth to a shadow baby. No one will ever, ever, ever feel the same again.

Arya/Dany – Arya and the others get to Harrenhal where Gregor Clegane is in charge. All of the people there are getting tortured and murdered in horrible ways. Before anything can happen to them, Tywin Lannister comes in and stops all of it. He recognizes Arya immediately as a girl and takes her to be his cup bearer. Dany meanwhile makes it to the massive city of Qarth. The leaders there want to see the dragons in exchange for food, but Dany refuses until they help her people first. They are going to turn away but she gets all feisty on them, so one of them named Xaro decides to swear a blood oath for her and let her into the city. Go feisty Dany!

General Opinion of the Episode

Dee: This show just continues to be excellent. It amazes me every week how accurate the episodes are and how closely it is written to the actual text. There’s so much going on and they’re balancing it better than I ever expected. This episode had a lot of big movements, such as showing the difference between Robb and Joffrey  (and Tywin!) in how they handle prisoners, a very disturbing pregnancy, and that Dany is awesome. Great episode all around. This show is so good!

Jachelle: Oh my god you guys, shit is getting REAL up in here. I AM SO UNPREPARED. I love when television (or any media really- books, movies, etc) just floor me like this. I both love and hate the agonizing feeling of not knowing what’s coming next, while also knowing that whatever it is is going to COMPLETELY steamroll me. I have so many emotions. I love it. Things are moving forward so beautifully, this is only the beginning. I mean, what other show could have a crazy shadow monster born IN THE FOURTH EPISODE? And there were rats eating through peoples stomachs, and don’t even get me started on King Psychopants. Everything is already so intense and crazy I can hardly stand it. I think the rest of this season may actually be the death of me. Remember me fondly. Dee, you can have my DVD collection when I’m gone.

Favorite Scene

Dee: The shadow birth scene! Okay bear with me here, there’s a reason why. LOL. As a fan of the books, when I read this scene described – and it was described very well – I was like holy. Crap. And I didn’t think in a hundred years would they be able to do this on screen, let alone do it well, because there’s something so eerie about it only the mind could really imagine. But I was proven completely wrong with this. That was exactly what I envisioned when I read it. They put just the right degree of creepy and disgusting and horrifying and wtfery and it worked well. I’ve read through a lot of fan reaction and all book fans seem to agree they were very accurate with what was written on the page. What the shadow means … well you’ll see soon. But I had to make special mention of this because as a fan it was kind of amazing.

Jachelle: Feisty Dany! I love Dany so so much. So that scene where she refuses to back down or cave to Qarth, made me cheer out loud. Okay, not literally. But there was some serious mental cheering going on in my head. Go Dany! I look back to where she was at the beginning of the series, and I’m just so damn proud of her. She’s grown so much and I think she’s shaping up to be an amazing leader. Tough, and spirited, she’s the mother of dragons! Hell yeah!

Least Favorite Scene

Dee: I hesitate to say this because I think the scene itself was well acted and important to the plot, but I still don’t like seeing violence in the bedroom like that with Joffrey and the prostitutes. I don’t like Ros and I usually wish she’d just go away, but damn girlfriend didn’t deserve to put up with that monster. I know Tyrion didn’t really see that level of psychosis coming from his nephew, even now, but dammmn. That was still hard to watch.

Jachelle: Yeah. How about that birth scene? Amirite? It wasn’t a bad scene, and clearly it’s going to play a big role in the upcoming episodes, so I can’t really dismiss it, but OH MY GOD IT MADE ME SO UNCOMFORTABLE. I actually covered my face because it was freaking me out. Ugh. I’m getting the heebie jeebies just remembering it. BRB, finding some brain bleach…

Favorite Character of the Episode

Dee: Tyrion of course but I’m going to go with Sansa instead this week. That poor freaking girl. I have to say though that young actress is doing a phenomenal job with her character, and the way she walked out of the room with her head high and full of grace … man. This girl is getting battered around and humiliated and her ability to survive and keep sane throughout that is impressive to me. I just want to give a round of applause to her and her actress. Also Tyrion for saving her, but that goes without saying. In the books, Sansa was one of those people it took awhile to warm to. You definitely felt sympathy for her by the second book, but since the book is written by Points of View chapters, and her chapters could get really vapid and annoying, she took awhile to work. I think the actress here has managed to do it with just a few episodes.

Jachelle: Damn Dee for stealing Sansa. You know what, I don’t even care. I love her and I’m picking her for my favorite character too. It was definitely that moment where she walked out of the hall with her head up and was basically like “Screw you guys, I’m not going to let this beat me.” I’m definitely rooting for her, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Of course, this is Game of Thrones, so it’s much more likely that she’ll be COMPLETELY DESTROYED before things get any better for her. Sigh.

Character Who Should DIAF This Week

Dee: Gregor Clegane up in Harrenhal. You know things are bad when the arrival of Tywin Lannister makes you feel better. Arya and Gendry were very close to getting their young lives cut off there. There are a lot of sadistic and cruel people in this show/series. Everyone’s only starting to get a taste for them, but there’s worse coming unfortunately. To be a ‘good’ person in this world is basically to sign your own death warrant. Gregor was already evil of course, but torturing people to death just for existing? Uncool. Thank god for Twyin Lannister and I can’t believe I just typed that.

Jachelle: JOFFREY WHAT THE HELL OH MY GOD. Scepter rape, crossbows, having Sansa nearly beaten. “Not the face.” Sweet merciful Zeus. He is so freaking scary, I can’t even handle it. I am so terrified of him. Someone hold me.


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