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I feel like I’m banging my head against the desk so loudly at this point it could be heard all around the world. People reading here must be wondering “why is Dee constantly watching shows she seems to despise?” This is a good question, people. I should start writing about the shows I love, because I don’t usually recap them other than Game of Thrones. I’m going to start doing that, because there’s a lot I love about TV. There’s a lot I even love about this show. Okay that’s a lie, there’s some things I love about this sho— a few things I like. Oh hell recap of “Heart of Darkness” below, spoilers.

They said we’d know who the big evil was for this season by now, and I guess that means it is Esther. Hey show runners, guess what? I think Esther has the right idea. I’m realistic here, the show cannot continue if everyone in it dies but Bonnie, Jeremy, Elena, Ric, and Matt (the non-vamps). So obviously they can’t bring up things like ‘the world would be better off if all the vampires died’ and ‘vampires have ruined our life and town’ and ‘we should be selfless enough to help Esther even at the cost of our lives because it would probably be saving thousands of other people who are future victims.’ Because then you go oh right, lol, Esther’s technically the good guy in this scenario. She’s like the Original Slayer – focused on the mission of wiping out the demons and not really capable of seeing a middle ground. After watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for seven seasons, I’m willing to go yeah not all demons are evil, we got it. But do I think someone like Angel or Spike would sacrifice their lives to destroy all vampires if it meant saving all their victims? Yeeeeeeeah they would. Because they’re champions. I’m just saying. But whatever, that’s not really important here.

Main story is that I hate Delena.

I mean main story is that Damon and Elena go to see Jeremy because they need to find out who Rose was turned by. She is the sire of Katherine and thus all of them, so they need to know which Original she came from. Jeremy can see ghosts still I guess if he wants to. Why doesn’t he still see Anna then? Wasn’t the gate closed? God I don’t know. Stop asking questions Dee. Rose tells them it’s this woman named Crazy Mary who sired her. Also he’s BFFs with Kol now and they’re like damn maybe we shouldn’t have sent Jeremy off to be “safe” all by himself and underestimated the fact the Originals can DO WHATEVER THEY WANT. Ahem. Anyway Damon and Elena make out. People apparently thought it was hot. I think I just made a disgusted face that would rival Nick from New Girl. Jeremy walked in like um gross hey remember when he killed me Elena that was such a laugh, he didn’t say that but he should’ve. Kol’s already killed Mary, but that begs the question why can’t Jeremy see her ghost? If the ghosts show up when they want to if Jeremy’s there to listen, and/or have to be around someone they know, I think Kol counts for that. And Mary would want to be like bitch you killed me. But that would be too obvious guys, so Mary’s dead and they don’t know who sired her. Glad to know yet again a lead turns into nothing. Damon harasses Elena about why she’s blowing so hot and cold, she admits Stefan says she has feelings for him and doesn’t know if she does (honey you just stuck your tongue down his throat), and he’s like whatever make up your mind. Agreed. She points out every time a bump happens he flips out and kills people and does horrible things, but apparently that isn’t a legitimate reason reason for a girl to doubt her murderous future vampire lover.

In the car Rose tells Jeremy how Damon’s perfect for Elena and will be either the best or worst thing for her. Even Delena fans get grossed out by this. Jeremy looks at her like ‘I don’t want to talk about who my sister should sleep with there are more important things.’ He’s on his way back to Mystic Falls since clearly the idea for him to leave was stupid.

Stefan has Ric and they need to get the stake so he has to terrify Ric into letting his dark side come out. His Hyde is like sup bitch, lol, you suck at everything. He tells them it’s in the cave. Earlier Rebecca had a conversation with her mother Esther who said she was sick and then just dropped over dead. Which isn’t suspicious AT ALL (what). Klaus is like oh well, that was easy. Yeah it was easy. Moron. Evil Ric (or Good Ric depending on who you talk to) goes into the cave with Rebecca and is like lol why would I give this to you anyway. And she goes because I want to kill all the vampires and steps through the barrier because she’s Esther and has possessed her daughter. So they’re going to team up now to kill all the Originals and thus all the vampires and I’m supposed to think this is really bad. Shhh just go with it. Oh yeah and Rebecca took over the dance from Caroline and she was sulky and Rebecca really is pathetic and sort of sad for that.

Tyler is back and he and Caroline spend most of the episode having sex and being cute. Meh I’ll allow it. Until he sees the weird horse sketch from Klaus and gets irrationally jealous. To be fair she did have it by her bed which is weird and she hasn’t thrown it out which is extra weird. He overreacted, but Caroline, wtf. Or writers, wtf. Oh and she told him that killing Klaus will kill him. Since she’s the only one who remembers that. Bonnie is not seen at all this episode. I like to imagine after her breakdown in the last ep she’s somewhere plotting vengeance and/or agreeing with Esther that them vamps need to go. I can’t necessarily explain why I still watch this show. I think I get in the habit of watching things and then it’s hard to stop watching them, especially without more incentive than ‘it’s stupid.’ If they’re going to go the Delena route just get there already. And I can dream but can the triangle be over? If not forever just for a little while please? Let Stefan go his way for awhile and let them run their no doubt disastrous course. Also if Klaus and Caroline sleep together I will quit this show. Not even kidding. Done.

  1. I feel the need to comment because I have so many ~*~*~*feelings~*~*~.

    I enjoy how they conveniently forget that Stefan has spent two plus seasons at this point doing what apparently makes Damon perfect for Elena, challenging her, forcing her to step outside of the world she knows and analyze where she stands as a person in this crazy supernatural world. It’s insulting to the people who enjoyed that ship and still stand by it at times. It’s insulting to Elena and Stefan as characters that despite all the things they’ve been through they’re safe to Damon’s challenging. I still maintain the best time for Damon and Elena’s relationship was early on when they were just becoming friends and at that point yes, Damon challenged her. Damon forced her to see other sides of the story, of this world she found herself in. Now it’s just a confused teenage girl letting her hormones talk and a vampire who can’t make up his mind anymore than Elena. Am I good, am I bad? Pick one, Damon. Stop berating Elena for being indecisive when you can’t decide what side of the morality stick you fall on from day to day.

    Rose’s speech was quite possibly the worst incident of writer insert I’ve ever seen on this show. They might as well have just had Julie Plec sitting there beside Jeremy in the car. Also she seems way too invested considering she once tried to kill Elena.

    Maybe it’s because I spend a lot of time analyzing Caroline as a character but her keeping the drawing quite honestly doesn’t surprise me. It seems a lot of the time people forget who she was before becoming a vampire, people forget the sad, lonely, insecure girl who was crying in the Grill in the first episode because despite how hard she tried she was never the one. Keeping the picture has nothing to do with Klaus, it could have been from anyone. Unlike Elena’s constant I don’t knows, I bought hers. She doesn’t know why she did. She just did. The picture has nothing to do with Klaus and everything to do with her wanting to be wanted, it’s a symbol that she might not be stuck in Mystic Falls forever, that there’s someone out there (whether he’s an awful person or not) who thinks that there’s a whole world waiting just for her. Maybe it’s a small sliver of hope that Klaus can be talked to, that she can use whatever he feels towards her to her advantage, if he listened to her once he might listen to her again and let Tyler go. Of course all of this is probably giving this show WAY too much credit and season 4 will be the season of the Tyler/Caroline/Klaus triangle.

    Again I’m spending another Friday morning thinking about how this show can be SO close to being amazing some days but yet fall so short. All the pieces are there to be a much better show I just wish they had someone who could bring it there.


    • Dee says:

      The “Damon challenges her” thing pissed me off BECAUSE just a few episodes ago Elena clearly said that one of the things she valued about Stefan was the fact he let her decide things for herself. It reminds me of when Damon fed Elena his blood so she’d turn whether she liked it or not and Stefan was the one who went on a walk with her and let her grieve over the potential of her lost life and becoming something she didn’t want. It’s like the writers are bipolar. And I wouldn’t say Stefan is ever the “Safe choice.” The safe choice would be MATT.

      Also why can’t Elena just admit she wants to have sex with him? Why does it have to be this big complicated love thing? It’s totally legit to be like I don’t necessarily want to be in a relationship with you but I can’t deny that I find you incredibly sexy.


      • It’s a big complicated love thing because that’s what it was in the books. They need to realize at this point that the Stefan/Elena/Damon relationship has evolved into something completely different than the books and let it be it’s OWN thing and not just constantly revolve the triangle around. I get that it’s the CW and it has to hit that demo that eats this shit up but enough already. If they just let the show become what it wants to be things would be way less head desk worthy.


      • Dee says:

        They haven’t followed plenty of things from the book. I don’t know I guess some of the fandom really does feed into the triangle. It just annoys me. It also really makes me hate Elena at the middle of it because not only is she indecisive, but they’re BROTHERS. I’m sorry I hate triangles in general, but the fact that she’s doing this to brothers is just … call me judgmental but I would never date brothers. It’s tacky.


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