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Posted: April 12, 2012 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television
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It’s been about a month since the last episode of Glee aired, and they ended it on a cliffhanger of sorts. Rachel and Finn were about to get married, and Quinn got hit by a car while texting on the road. Oh no! Quinn could be dead! There are so many important consequences that could come from this! I bet the next episode is all about Quinn and her recovery! LOL. I expect way too much from this show. Spoilers below!

I had a few theories about what would happen when the show came back. Delusions of Quinn’s accident being treated as seriously as Dave’s attempted suicide, or maybe Quinn actually dying, or at least an entire episode surrounding her recovery and struggle. Instead they went nevermind guys, she’s fine and she has no scars and she has a compressed spine so she’s in a wheelchair for a little while, but don’t worry it won’t be forever. Even if it was a month ago she got into an accident, you’d think she would have other injuries, like marks on her face or more than just her spine injured for longer than two weeks, but lol no. This is Glee. Why do I expect anything else from them? Seriously why do I? I have no idea. It’s clearly my own fault. I am reminded all the time that Glee is a cracky show and just to enjoy it and not nitpick or it will drive me crazy. But I nitpick everything so I end up flailing. I don’t know if I can make it much longer.

Okay real recap. Quinn is okay! She’s in a wheelchair for the moment, although she was told she’d heal with time, and she is leaning on support and advice from Artie while she adjusts. She has a somewhat positive outlook, just glad that she’s alive. She struggles with keeping that attitude up though when she’s faced with the potential of not being able to walk, what if she doesn’t heal, but she pushes through it. Samuel Larson continues as new boy Joe Hart and he helps Quinn by talking about Jesus and faith with her. He officially joins New Directions. Rachel and Finn did not get married after all, and now they’re fighting because Finn is starting to think about his own future. Is it in New York with Rachel? What’s he supposed to do there? I guess he didn’t apply to any colleges so that’s a very reasonable question to ask. Is he supposed to move into her dorm room or something? What about a job? Those are good things for him to wonder about now. Puck suggests he go to California with him instead and get into the pool cleaning industry. Rachel is not so keen on this idea, New York is where she is going, and Finn is angry at her for not taking his own future as seriously as hers. Well obviously, honey, have you met Rachel? Sue’s still pregnant although her child may have complications. She’s helping New Directions but Becky suggests she shows more patience for kids, and she does. She might not be all warm and fuzzy, but she’s trying to bring it down a notch.

So in the major story this week, Blaine’s beautiful brother Cooper is in town. He agrees to do an acting class for the kids because he’s made it in Hollywood as a commercial actor. Matt Bomer, you are just a gorgeous specimen of gorgeousness. I could stare at you all day. That’s half the reason I watched this episode live. He also happens to be utterly hilarious. Imagine a very sincere Jesse St. James. He’s pompous and arrogant and gives horrible advice, but he means well. Blaine’s unhappy because Cooper overshadows him and is never supportive of him, always critical, which is totally important compared to Quinn’s recovery from almost dying so I can see why this is the A story of the week. PS – Sarcasm. Listen I love Darren Criss. I love his voice, I love his face, I used to love Blaine although that’s decreased since he joined New Directions. I still do like him the most. But shilling him to the audience and making him the new Rachel (all stories about him, all songs go to him) is a one-way ticket to making Blaine hated on his own show. The fans loved him, and so obviously the reaction to that was let’s make the most popular character get spotlighted. Which is smart at times, but there’s such thing as overkill. Be careful on the overkill.

Right right, less of the ranting, back to the episode. Blaine is sulking that everyone loves his brother and Cooper not only gives bad advice, but he is critical of everything Blaine does. He sings a lot about it. Cooper says he cares about his brother and he is supportive of him, he has faith in Blaine’s happy future, and they agree to try and keep in touch more. Yaaaaay everything’s all perfect and happy. Although this does lead to one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, and that’s an “audition tape” for Transformers with Matt Bomer and Darren Criss. I am an intense actor and you can tell because I am yelling loudly! You have to point at things! Obviously I found the Cooper plot genuinely funny at times, and ordinarily I wouldn’t have a problem with the storyline with him and Blaine at all. I think it was a pretty petty reason for Blaine to hold so much against his brother; siblings are like that. I was looking forward to a more serious reason like Cooper didn’t support him when he came out or wasn’t around to comfort him. This was probably legitimate, but they decided to go on about how he criticized Blaine’s performance of MMBop instead. For the record though, I’m okay with showering Darren Criss. You guys can do that more often if you want.

And obviously they just brushed over Quinn’s whole cliffhanger problem with a shrug. She’ll be out of that chair and dancing again in no time, so what was really the point of the car crash? No point you say? Okay then. I am concerned they’re giving Darren too much attention now and it’ll burn the audience out on him early. I don’t expect perfection from Glee. I barely expect mediocre from Glee. But I think we’ve all seen that there are really strong things about the show. It drew us in before, and when they have a good story to tell, they do it well. That’s why when they do petty and cheap things, it gets irritating as hell for those of us who think the show could be a lot better. But what can you do? It’s Glee. Love it or leave it. Songs this week included: “I’m Still Standing,” “Hungry Like A Wolf / Rio,” “Up Up Up,” “Fighter,” and “Somebody That I Used To Know.”

Next episode they do Saturday Night Fever stuff. I really hate disco. This is going to go well.


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