Deechelle Discusses Game of Thrones 2.1

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As mentioned in our Game of Thrones Season One Recap, we were both very excited for this show to come back. It seemed like most people were! Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr and all the other social networks were full of anticipation and people commenting before, during, and after the episode. There are some who say the seriously bought HBO just to watch this show live, and if the buzz is right, this show might just get more popular with time. Season two is here, and this is our recap of the premiere episode, “The North Remember.” Spoilers below!

Alright where to start. As you all know there are a lot of different settings in Game of Thrones so it’s difficult sometimes to know how to get it all down. Maybe I’ll go by houses at first, that could work.

Lannister – Joffrey is now King and he is enjoying being the psychopath we all know and loathe. He’s forcing knights to kill one another for his pleasure and he tortures a drunken knight by trying to drown him with wine. Sansa appeals to his vanity to stop him. Tyrion shows up and declares himself the Hand of the King now, and he also verbally bitchslaps Joffrey around because he rocks at that. He also verbally bitchslaps Cersei for letting her monster son mess up everything, and they agree he can stay as the Hand as long as he doesn’t rule over her. He brings his prostitute companion Shae into his quarters and they are cute and giggle. Meanwhile his father Tywin is off trying to beat Robb Stark back, which is not happening at all ha ha ha, and Jaime is still their prisoner. Not looking great for the Lannisters right now, but they’re keeping the power. In the end, someone ordered the murder of babies who are probably King Robert’s bastards, thus removing any evidence that Joffrey isn’t his kid. Because they all have black hair and blue eyes like their dad, and he obviously looks like his real dad.

Starks – Sansa is a prisoner of Joffrey’s and on the cusp of being in danger as long as she doesn’t speak up against him. She has learned to say soft words and keep passive to him. Catelyn is with Robb and appeals to him to trade his sisters for Jaime, and he’s like lolz no my army would never stand for that. They’re family but they’re not exactly as important as the Kingslayer. Sorry, Catelyn, you’re cool and all but Robb’s probably right here. He’s struggling to keep his army together and for a young man who hasn’t seen war before, he’s doing pretty well! He’s won three victories against the Lannisters, and confronts Jaime about how he’s getting his ass beat by a young wolf. Ha ha. Bran is trying to make decisions in the North since he’s the King there for now, but he keeps having strange dreams when he’s in a wolf. Arya is off toward the wall with Gendry, currently Robert’s only living bastard son at the moment. Catelyn wants to go back to the North for Bran and Rickon, but Robb asks her to go meet with Renly instead and try to make peace. He also sends his friend Theon Greyjoy back to his home to try and get his father to ally with them.

Baratheons – Stannis has declared himself King since he knows that the kids are incestuous bastards, and he refuses to make peace with Robb or Renly who have also both called themselves King. It really seems smarter for him to at least make peace with Robb; he doesn’t want the big throne, just to keep the North out of it. Stannis is stubborn like that. He has at his side a mysterious red haired witch woman named Melisandre who works for the Lord of Light, or so she says. When his maester is offended he has given up his own gods for this woman, he poisons a cup and sacrifices his life for hers. Unfortunately he dies and she just drinks the poisoned wine like ‘ha ha, you don’t know me at all.’ Oops, dead maester. We’re also introduced to Davos, a loyal man to Stannis, who tried to talk the maester out of his plan. He’ll become important later.

Everyone else – Jon Snow and the rangers from Castle Black come a keep run by a creepy guy named Craster. He gives them advice about the wildlings beyond the war, and the fact one of them has declared himself King too because that’s just the thing to do these days. He’s gross and marries all his daughters, and mysteriously has no sons. Jon speaks out against him, and his leader basically tells him to stfu. Annnnnd last but definitely not least Dany is walking across the desert with her people and her dragons. The dragons won’t eat what she gives them for whatever reasons, and people are starting to starve and fall over dead. She sends scouts out to different directions, hoping they can find shelter. Otherwise everyone is going to die out there.

So that’s the summary! How did all of that happen in one episode?

General Opinion of Episode

Dee: Great start! They jumped things right off with the usual violence, sex, politics, and wtfery we’re so used to. This show has such a distinct style to it, and it was extremely nostalgic coming back to it. Hearing that opening theme song again. Gorgeous. I think they might have wanted to remind everyone a little bit more about some of the characters, because there are a lot of them. That’s hard to do without feeling like you’re giving a lot of exposition, I understand that, but I think the audience does already know the main characters fairly well. They’re introducing a lot of new ones this season and I think they need a little more background on them. That may be coming, but it could be a weakness for this season if they’re not careful. Other than that, it was great to see everyone we love/hate back on the screen again. The scenes were all strong and the interactions fascinating. Overall I loved it and I am so excited for this season.

Jachelle: HATED IT. Yeah, right. Not even close. I loved this episode and I thought it kicked off season two on just the right note! Look, I am not ashamed to admit that I clapped when the theme music started playing. There may have even been a YAY or two. But it is a very complex world we’re diving back into, and it took me a second viewing to pick up a lot of things I missed the first time around. That’s not necessarily the fault of the show, as a viewer I can often get fixated on one particular character and/or action and miss other things going on. But there were a lot of new faces, and Dee’s right, it could be tricky for them to get the backstory they deserve without overwhelming an already very full show. I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season is handled.

Favorite Scene

Dee: The conversation between Jaime and Robb. I have great affection for Jaime Lannister but I’m getting ahead of myself, yet I really liked this scene between the two of them. Jaime’s a seasoned warrior and battle commander but he got his ass whupped by a “boy.” Now his father is also getting his ass whupped by a “boy,” which is a pretty high fall for the Lannisters. He might have a lot of bravado, but you can see the true fear in him when the direwolf comes around. Plus now everyone and their brother (lol) knows he’s been having sex with Cersei. No matter how much they deny the rumors, no one’s going to believe them at this point. He might’ve deflected it, but he didn’t deny it either. Not even when Robb mentioned him throwing Bran out the window. I’m not sure why I liked this scene so much, but there was a quietness about it and I think Robb’s struggling a lot on a personal level. For whatever reason confronting Jaime helped him.

Jachelle: The conversation between Cersei and Tryion after she adjourns the small council meeting. Talk about two brilliant actors just playing off one another in the most beautiful way. It’s not a particularly exciting scene, nothing happens beyond the two of them talking, but it struck a chord with me all the same. The back and forth between them, watching just how damn clever they both are. I love it. The subtle emotions, the shifting power. And man am I a sucker for a great ending line. “It must be hard for you, to be the disappointing child.” How great was that line? Coupled with the expression Cersei’s face? Perfection!

Most Shocking Scene

Dee: Killing the baby. I knew it was coming but I still winced like hell when it happened. The books mentioned babies being slaughtered, but this was one of those moments where reading it was much easier than seeing it. It was done off screen, but hearing her scream and everyone’s reaction was pretty drastic all on its own. Well done, show. You creepy, violent, disturbing show.

Jachelle: The whole montage of slaughtering Robert’s bastards was HORRIBLE. Unlike Dee, I did not know this was coming and OH MY GOD. My little heart was just not prepared for that! That moment when the soldier goes to drown that little boy? I think I forgot how to breathe for a couple of seconds. I am not going to be recovering from that any time soon.

Who the hell is that character? (A new character you don’t know anything about!)

Dee: Craster! Okay I obviously know who he is, so this category doesn’t apply to me that much, but I didn’t actually recognize who that was supposed to be until they said he marries all his daughters. Then I went oh yeeeeeeeah that pervert, Gilly’s father. And lo and behold Gilly showed up and Jach yelled HANNAH MURRAY and she calls ME a nerd, eesh. For those who don’t know, he’s a Wildling chief and yes he’s freaking psychotic. Wildlings they get into more in the future, and they will be a major part of Jon Snow’s storyline this season. Still. Gross Craster. You creepy bastard.

Jachelle: SHUT UP DEE, HANNAH MURRAY IS AWESOME AND YOU WILL PAY HER THE RESPECT SHE DESERVES. Ahem. So, anyway. Melisandre has caught my interest for sure. Do I like her? Do I hate her? I DON’T KNOW YET, BUT I AM INTRIGUED.

Favorite character of the episode (like this is going to be a surprise)

Dee: JOFFREY. Lol no just kidding it’s Tyrion of course. There are times, I’ll be honest, when I go “this scene would be a lot better with Tyrion in it.” He just glows on the screen, Peter Dinklage is so vibrant and interesting as that character. Be in everything, Tyrion. I love you.

Jachelle: We should just start calling these reviews “Deechelle Discusses: How Freaking Awesome Tyrion Lannister Is.” I just really love him, okay? When he’s on screen I am filled with glee. It doesn’t matter if the scene is serious, comedic, or heartbreaking, he is just perfection all the time. They way he delivers his lines, the way he reacts to everything else going on in the scene- I need more Tyrion in my life.

Character who should die in a fire

Dee: Well Joffrey of course. This is another great one, although I will say this. I found his discussion with his mother interesting. For someone who is basically a little psychopath, he can actually have a smart head on his shoulders about some things. About power and that a King needs to be aggressive and decisive and not show weakness. I’m not saying he’s a good King, he’s a terrible one, but people shouldn’t assume he’s an idiot just because he acts like one occasionally. I think that scene established for me that he’s a lot smarter than he sometimes lets on. I want to state here that Jack Gleeson, the young actor who plays Joffrey, may be one of the best actors in the entire show. He makes that kid so loathsome and cowardly and cruel and occasionally smart like this. I think the villains sometimes get shafted in their appreciation, but he’s so great.

Jachelle: Oh, Joffrey. (lol. Any Coupling fans in the house?) I love how much I hate this character. He terrifies me and I so badly want to watch him die. But then I would miss him two seconds later because NO ONE CAN DO PSYCHO LIKE HE CAN. I loathe him and feel terrible for any character forced to interact with him, but I just cannot wait to see what he’s going to do next. I’m so conflicted. God, I love this show.


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