Dee Discusses: Once Upon a Time 1.18

Posted: April 2, 2012 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Once Upon a Time, Recaps, Television
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Once Upon a Time is on break until April 22nd, and it’s probably for the best, because at the moment I sort of want to punch it in the face. Or maybe not punch so much as say come on guys, I keep defending you for not being too cliche of a show and/or to a degree I can tolerate. But this is how evil was made? Really? I’ve been waiting to find out Regina’s hate for Snow White since the first episode. Eh. Read on. Spoilers ahoy.

So let’s just get into this BS. Mary Margaret is still being held in prison and she’s creeping up on her court date or whatever they’re doing. I have no idea because it’s not made clear if there is a judge and jury in this town, and if they’d ship her to Boston or somewhere else for holding. Regina seems certain she’ll be carted out of Storybrooke thus making her disappear, although they still aren’t clear on what exactly happens when they do come in and out. Anyyyyyyyway. Regina keeps coming by to lord it over MM that she’s toats about to die and/or be framed for the murder, MUAHAHHAHAAH (seriously that’s basically implied). She says she deserves it even as MM swears she doesn’t. And that part will be explained in the other land. But in the real world, Rumpy persuades her to talk to the DA and appeal with her sweet appearance. He turns out to be Charles Widmore aka Charming’s “Father” who has plenty of reason to hate her in the other world. Lol. He traps her into admitting she did want Kathryn gone, which is as good as a confession considering everything else piled up against her.

Emma’s freaking out because she can’t save her, and she has no idea Sidney planted a bug in her flowers because she’s stupid as hell. Sorry I’m twitchy this week, it annoyed me. She does talk to August about how she used to have a super power (truth telling) and it doesn’t seem to be working at all here. It’s possible that she did used to have that power, and the voodoo magic in the town is messing it up. I hope that’s the case, because people are like 24/7 lying to her and she’s prancing after them like an idiot half the time. August suggests she retrace her steps and look at it from a new angle, so they go to the place they found the heart. He shows a strange awkwardness in his walking, pain, and swears he always tells the truth. Some people think this means he might be Pinocchio (stiff wood legs maybe and no lies), which is a distinct possibility at this point. She finds a shard of a shovel and matches it to Regina’s at her house. When she comes back with a warrant it is gone, and she blames August, but then she figures out Sideny’s a double agent. NO SHIT SHERLOCK. Things do work out interestingly in this case though because Rumpy says something suspiciously like “I’ll work my magic” and bam, Kathryn is found alive and beaten up in the parking lot. There’s no murder case. Nice. Not sure what Rumpy plays in with this because he asked Regina to help him get the battering charges against him dropped if he helped her get Snow White out of town. He’s a quick talker though, so he may get around his agreement while still keeping it. Hard to say who he is with these days, but I think he’s against Regina most of all even if they use one another. Oh yeah and David gives sad face at Emma about MM, and she’s like whatever dude, you’re lame. We’re with you, Emma.

Alright so next to the part that made me mad in this episode. I’ll explain why in a minute. The backstory of Regina and how she grew to hate Snow White. Regina is a sweet faced innocent woman who wants to ride and be free and ignore her psychotic and abusive mother Cora. Cora has intense magical powers and she’ll use them against her daughter without a second’s thoughts. Suspiciously close to Regina’s future magic, by the way. Her father just stands around and is mostly useless this episode. Regina is in love with the stable boy, oh what a bloody cliche, and she saves a little girl screaming on a bolting horse. That little girl is Snow White and holy crap the actress looks identical to the real Snow White. That is downright terrifying, wow. Are they actually related? I’d believe it! Because of this the King shows up and is like hey Regina, you were nice to my daughter and I need a wife so let’s get married. Makes sense to me. She just sort of goes whaaaaaat at him, but her mother accepts on her behalf. You’d think Leopold would want to hear his future bride say it herself, but whatever. Leopold continues to seem like a nice (if slightly stupid) guy, so it’s entirely possible if Regina told him the truth, he’d understand and back off. But she’s too scared of her mother of course, and for good reason.

She decides to run away and marry Daniel. While they are making these plans and making out in the stables, Snow sees them and runs away crying. She has a lot of mother issues and she liked the idea of Regina being her new mom. Regina grabs her and explains everything and that she feels true love. She wins Snow over, and makes her promise to tell no one, especially her mother. Snow is innocent and naive and when Cora keeps going on and on about how she doesn’t want to lose her daughter, like Snow lost her mother, she manipulates the girl into breaking. So Snow breaks Regina’s request and obviously Cora goes and kills Daniel. Duh. Pulls his heart right out of his chest and turns it to ashes (who does that remind us of?). She tells Regina this is all for her, and a parent protects her children even against their own will, and a lot of crazy things. She does also refer to a lot of sacrifices she made and there was a reference to the miller’s daughter. I mentioned before I thought this was Regina, but it sounds like it was Cora instead. Now I want her story because at the moment it sounds a lot more interesting. Regina’s like fine I’ll marry the King whatever, my life is over, and Snow reveals she told Cora. It has to be said that Lana’s acting work in this is beautiful though. You see her eyes flicker with grief and pain and understanding, and then full out murderous rage. She pretends everything is fine with the little girl, and then is like wtf Mom, you totally orchestrated all of this. And she says she wished she never saved Snow.

Alright so this is the obvious problem: she’s a damn kid, Regina. You know your mother is evil and manipulative and could probably magic it out of her. Now people have referenced the fact that she’s projecting all her rage at her mother toward Snow, because as an abused child she’d be too afraid to put it where it belongs. Especially not after Cora showed her power like that. Which is fair, I’d understand her being angry and resentful at the little girl for a bit and then growing up and getting over it. But for this long? Seriously? And enough that it carries into the other world and she’s still like MUAHAHAH DESTROY SNOW WHITE. Yeah no. She seemed like a reasonable person, it seems unlikely she’d break into full out psychotic like that. Plus what the hell was her dad doing just hanging out nearby and being stupid and silent. He could advise her differently, but he’s sort of useless.

So here’s the deal. Okay. Yes. Regina is the villain and she has to stay the villain and this is more or less what everyone expected. Snow was responsible for her boyfriend’s death and she wants vengeance. But this is just so obvious. A ten year old could write this plot. I guess this is my own fault because I had higher expectations of this show. I was more than willing to try and feel for Regina. I am so much more interested in well layered villains with legitimate reasons for doing the things they do. “Crazy” is an option. If she was actually crazy. Rumpelstiltskin is a much more complicated character and that’s why we love him, his powers came by trickery and him trying to do the right thing, they even admit he’s a bit of a coward too so he’s not perfect, and he’s spiraled into evil over a long time. People make choices and evil is made, as he said, and I believe from what they’ve shown us that he’s not good, but his evil at least is understandable. I feel for him. This is bullshit for me to feel sorry for Regina. I don’t. Grow up. I was hoping for something a lot more complicated. Like maybe Snow White was malicious. Little kids are malicious, it’s possible she was pissed off at her mommy not living up to her expectations and ratted her out. Did this really ruin Regina’s life? Oh no my love died, so I’m going to torture the semi-nice guy who I married and his daughter because being a Queen is really really awful. I wanted so much more for this character. It’s too simple and cheap and shallow. So I’m not particularly happy with this episode and I’m disappointed in them for going the easy route. I wanted something like her loss was a husband and/or children, that it was pain on a greater scale than losing a lover, because come on honey everyone’s been there in this show. Shuddup. I’m sure there’s more to come, but for right now, I give an annoyed and resounding MEH.

Next episode on the 22nd is about Rumpelstiltskin (YAY) and August’s connection to him. People say Pinocchio, I’m betting on it being his son.

  1. bjanana says:

    Great post fellow blogger.

    I feel like the writers are using short-cuts to move the plot alone. I’m quite disappointed too. Snow was a little girl!! I’m not convinced by Regina’s back-story.


    • Dee says:

      I think it would’ve been a lot more interesting if Regina had legitimate reason to hate Snow, but the fact she doesn’t just makes her hatred petty and annoying and stupid.


  2. theonlyJASONian says:

    You made me disappointed in the reveal when I wasn’t orginally. The power of the written word. I’m still sticking with the Pincchio theory, though it may not be revealed til later. Say what you will about the episode but Bailee Madison killed it as Young Snow. It as if they literally shrunk Ginnifer Goodwin.


    • Dee says:

      Oh I absolutely agree. That was scary how similar she looks to Ginnifer Goodwin. I honestly just stared at that girl going ‘IS SHE HER TWIN?’ Yeesh. I think Pinocchio makes the most sense. He said he doesn’t tell a lie and he had stiff legs on his way down. Plus we’ve seen Gepetto and Jiminy so far, and Pinocchio is unaccounted for. I’m not sure why Pinocchio would be allowed to leave the town when no one else can, but I think that’s a good theory.


      • klvnbrks says:

        Well I assume he was the boy that found Emma as a baby by the side if the road. The curse was broken in him and he was able to leave. We’ve not seen anyone aware of the curse attempt to leave yet. Mad Hatter didn’t want to leave because of his daughter. The Sheriff never got a chance to. We know that Gold has left at least once before because he got Henry for Regina. Henry has also left to get Emma but mentioned that he had to go back which I think is why the Stranger has to come back to Storybrooke every now and again.


      • Dee says:

        Interesting! That’s possible, I don’t fully remember them saying that Emma was found by a boy, but that would make sense.


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