Dee Discusses: The Vampire Diaries 3.17

Posted: March 23, 2012 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television, The Vampire Diaries
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The Vampire Diaries has always been good at moving through plots quickly, except for one we’ll talk about later in this recap, not to mention it’s great at moving through guest stars and cast members. Knocking them off one by one. No one died in this episode, but there’s a lot surrounding death since Bonnie’s mom is a vampire and Ric’s gone crazy from dying too much and well … keep reading. Spoilers galore people.

My head hurts. My head hurts for a multitude of reasons, most of them involving The Vampire Diaries. Let me just straight out start with this: Kill the goddamn Originals. I like Elijah but if killing Klaus means killing all of them, do it. Klaus needs to freaking go. I know that the showrunners are in love with the actor and don’t get me wrong, I think he’s cool and I like watching him work. But he’s the bad guy and you can write a good bad guy for awhile and eventually kill him off, especially since that’s a better idea than making him a woobie who needs Caroline’s wuv. This is becoming the Originals show. I’d watch a spin-off Originals show, but this is not supposed to be about them, and it’s been three seasons building to them only for us to get freaking pony drawings and Rebekah’s insecurity issues. Show, you have a fairly good ability to kill off good characters whether we like it or not. Kill these bastards before they seriously overstay their welcome. Kthx.

Alright so this week there’s a few things going on. Let’s start with Alaric’s story since it does take at least B story. The ring has officially driven him crazy and his other personality is a psycho killer. It’s hard to tell when Ric is Ric and Ric is Evil!Ric, although the whole chasing a woman around a house with a knife can indicate that. He’s been planning to take out all of the council for letting vampires live, and he has a message for Jeremy in his apartment telling the other ring-bearer to continue his work. Meredith and Elena look after Ric and give him some brain scans, but everything comes out normal. Elena and Stefan go to Ric’s place and find his wedding ring, but also all the proof of him being crazy pants. Meanwhile they left him with Meredith who is stupid and just leaves her tranqs lying around so Evil!Ric can be like lolz and get rid of them. There’s a slasher flick moment here where he stabs her with a knife and she locks herself in the bathroom. Stefan manages to take out Ric and control his bloodlust long enough to save Meredith. Bonnie has a spell to help Ric and casts it, and Damon’s there for his bro to say they’ll be watching him until further notice.

The arguably A story is Damon seeing his BFF Sage and them hating on Rebekah together. He still wants to kill all the Originals, and she’s like sorry crazy-eyes, I used to love Finn and he turned me. So she does mind voodoo on Rebekah after she sleeps with Damon, because she’s lonely and desperate apparently. Hello plot device telepathy, you’re stupid. I also hate the implication to get at Rebekah through her feminine insecurities. Way to be kind of offensive, show. Us poor women and our womanly need to have men love and approve of us. That’s not annoying at all. Anyway she figures out that Rebekah was sneaking around about finding the new white oak tree. Damon has a new plot device of knowing where all the wood ended up, and that’s the bridge. Sage doublecrosses him to save Finn since she knows they’re all connected, and he’s like idiot Finn wanted to commit suicide, he’s so not into you. She’s all 😦 and doesn’t kill him because even though everyone would kill Damon at this point he’s a main character and pretty so he doesn’t go anywhere. It turns out though that Ric had the sign for the bridge renewed and that can be made into stakes. Voila. Another way to kill the Originals. I’m sure that’ll pan out like the ten other times they’ve tried to kill them and it’s worked super well.

In the C story where no one seems to care but I do because I still love Bonnie, she’s trying to deal with her vamp mom. Abby’s all 😦 because the earth doesn’t like vampires, and Jamie is all freaked out because his mother figure probably wants to kill him. And she does bite him when they reconcile, so legitimate concern dude. The thing I didn’t like about this story is that it’s Bonnie’s story and she barely is in it. Most of it is all about Caroline telling them what to do. She tells Jamie to give Abby a chance and hangs out with him, and then tries to persuade Abby not to run away and be a douche (which doesn’t work). So Bonnie didn’t get a chance to bond with her potential love interest OR have any serious emotional confrontations with her mom. I know a lot of fans complain about the idea that the only person of color on the show barely getting any stories and pushed to the side a lot, and I think that makes sense. Especially since every minority on the show has died so far, soooo yeah. That’s questionable. I don’t want to get into race here, but I do want to say that Bonnie is seriously given the shaft and whether you like her or not, that’s annoying. Even her reconciliation with Elena is her comforting Elena that she forgives her and wtf guys, Elena needs comfort? Can’t Bonnie be angry for more than ten minutes? Ugh ugh ugh. Whatever. I love Bonnie and Kat and it really annoys me how she’s been sidelined so much.

Also Elena calls Jeremy in the last few minutes which is IMO the best scene of the episode. It’s well acted by Nina as Elena is clearly overwhelmed and just needs to hear her little brother’s voice. She also needs reassurance that she did the right thing to him, and it appears he is in a happy mood with friends and classes. For now. It was a sweet scene and nice to see Jeremy again. I think he’s coming back eventually, and I privately hope he comes back like a super badass vampire somehow and is like die Originals diiiie. Overall this episode was fine I’m just sort of tired of the Originals and okay that didn’t work to kill them let’s try this that didn’t work let’s try this. Just give them a plan and knock the Originals off in the finale, guys. I know it’s scary to try and come up with a new set of villains and a new major storyline, but that’s what good television does. Someone did mention that maybe the spell would kill ALL vampires in which case they’d have to work with the Originals to stop it, but I’d like the show to get back to the original cast I learned to care about.

On a positive note, I’d like to say the acting was pretty solid and I am interested in where Ric is going. Was it that simple of a fix? Shouldn’t Elena warn Jeremy about the ring? Is Tyler ever coming back? Next week Rebekah hates Damon and they talk a lot more about killing Originals. Probably without doing it.


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