Deechelle Discusses: Glee 1.14

Posted: February 23, 2012 by Dee in Dee, Deechelle, General Media, Jach, Recaps, Television

Oh Glee. You are such a show of contradictions. Sometimes we love your characters. Sometimes we want to punch them. You have great music, but your continuity is laughable. You get preachy and after-school-special like, but you can handle complex issues with grace occasionally. This was the last episode before their “winter break” (winter break was in December, guys), so they decided to go all out into over dramatic territory and the internet is all a buzz. Some fans got emotional, some fans rolled their eyes, but everyone had a reaction either way. Let’s look at why “On My Way” caused such a stir.

Regionals are finally about to start, and evil Warbler Sebastian tries to blackmail Rachel into bowing out of the competition by photoshopping embarrassing photos of Finn. He plans to put them all over the internet unless she quits. Rachel doesn’t point out that the team did just fine during Sectionals without her, because obviously this is still the Rachel Berry show, although she is more concerned with getting into her college of choice by performing. So she’s like lolz no, and Finn gets all upset because they’re engaged and she’s not allowed to think for herself anymore! Rawr! Anyway this is all pointless because the real portion of the episode is about the attempted suicide of Dave Karofsky. He was caught by someone from his school at the Valentine’s Day party with Kurt, and he is now forcefully pushed out of the closet. To general ridicule and hatred all over the school, his Facebook, and the abandonment of his parents and former friends. He tries to hang himself and manages to be saved in time by his father. The entire school is in shock about what happened. The God Squad contemplate suicide and Kurt joins them, admitting he had been ignoring messages from Dave and feels responsible for not being there to help him. Kurt, he did threaten to kill you once, I think you can cut yourself a break. But it’s an emotional time and everyone is upset. Even the Warblers, and Sebastian reveals he was cruel to Dave so he’s putting over a new leaf.

Will has a circle therapy session where he talks about his thoughts of suicide as a teenager, and he encourages everyone to think of what they want in their future. Rachel and Finn decide to get married right after Regionals. They do win, of course. Sue is pregnant and emotional so she allows Quinn to rejoin the Cheerios, and she tells Will she’ll help him prepare for Nationals. Quinn is in the mood for acceptance so she tells Rachel she’ll be a bridesmaid after all. Kurt goes to see Dave and tells him to think of the future he wants, and what he sees cheers him up considerably. Everything seems to have been wrapped up nicely. At the wedding the parents are panicking and thinking of ways out of it, and Rachel is desperately texting Quinn to figure out where she is and why she is late. While Quinn goes to text her back in the car, she gets into what looks like a fatal accident. The screen goes to black and now everyone has to wait until April to figure out what happened.

Music from this episode included: “Cough Syrup” sung by Blaine, “Glad You Came” and “Stand” by the Warblers, “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger),” “Fly/I Believe I Can Fly,” and “Here’s To Us” by New Directions. We heard only a little from the third team at Regionals, but it was a hymn from Lord Byron’s “She Walks In Beauty.”

Okay so since there are way too many major topics to discuss in this, we figured it would be easier to organize it in the following fashion. If we just did a summary opinion, it’d end up all over the place.

Opinion on Dave’s attempted Suicide 

Dee: This storyline I was alright with. Did I feel like they were trying to do a PSA on teen suicide a little? Yeah, and I saw it coming. I don’t necessarily mind it. There have been a string of gay teenagers committing suicide lately, we’ve seen it all around the news, and I think it’s relevant enough to be a part of this show. They’ve always been straight forward about their support for the LGBT community, especially with Ryan Murphy being openly gay himself. I think they’ve set up Dave’s storyline for a long time. It started in season two and it’s steadily been growing, with him going from hateful bully to  slowly accepting it while still closeted. When he was outed last week I expected this was coming. It was suitably horrifying with the hanging and the shot of his dad finding him. So in my opinion, this plot was set up for enough time and developed slowly, and I think they went on the relevant side rather than the emotionally manipulative side. I liked it, I think the acting was solid for him and everyone else relating to it, and I especially appreciated the teachers reflecting on it. Except Will’s ‘Oh I cheated and thought about suicide’ was a bit much, but I’ll waive it since it got them talking about the things they’re looking forward to. I know there’s a bit of controversy over Quinn saying that suicide was selfish and Kurt snapping at her saying her pain wasn’t equivalent. I think they’re both teenagers and were seeing the situation only from their personal experiences, so naturally it’s going to feel different to them.

Jachelle: There are a lot of times when Glee suddenly pulls a plotline out of nowhere, and they’re just as famous for completely dropping others, but that’s not the case with Karofsky. Like Dee said, I really feel that the writers have done well with slowly building his storyline and developing his character since last season. It makes the payoff that much greater in an episode like this. We’ve watched Dave go from a terrifying bully to that boy imaging his future from a hospital bed. And for that, I’ll forgive any PSAish overtones to his story in this episode. You know it’s coming from the moment that Dave walks into the locker room and everyone’s watching him expectantly, but it doesn’t make it any less harsh when the camera pans around and we see what Dave sees, the word FAG scrawled across his locker. Dave turns and hurries out of the locker room, leading us into the pivotal montage of clips leading up to his suicide attempt. It was pretty gut wrenching to watch. No matter your opinion on the character himself, it’s difficult not to react to a child in so much pain that they think death is the only escape. All in all, I did enjoy this storyline. The acting was spot on, the fallout and resolution was satisfying, and I think the entire thing was handled pretty gracefully.

Opinion on Quinn’s Unknown Fate

Dee: Television has a tendency to use shock value and emotional manipulation sometimes with its audience. It can work, or it can feel cheap and soap opera-ish. Dave’s story is the first for me, while the Quinn crash is the latter. Absolutely there are car crashes in real life and people should stop texting in the car and pay more attention to the road. But it was clearly set up in such an overdramatic way. Oh Quinn has her life finally working for her, she’s accepted Shelby has Beth, she’s gotten into Yale, she made peace with Rachel, and on the way to the wedding she may or may not be killed in a car crash. This is the perfect time to tragically kill her. Plus following that up with no answers for us until April. There are good cliffhangers, and there are some which make you groan in a bad way, and that’s the latter. I’d like to worry about Quinn and say omg is she dead … but instead I just feel like going ‘cheap, Glee. Way to be Days of Our Lives.’  This is Glee and I’m okay with them having dramatic storylines from time to time, but there’s such a thing as going too far from your genre. Even if Quinn lives through this, it feels like such an intentional desire to shock us. It didn’t feel natural or necessary. Just an ‘OOOO look we might kill a main cast member, dum dum duuuum.’ Which honestly badly tainted the much better story of Dave’s attempted suicide. It’d be pretty pointless to let her live, honestly, and I feel vicious saying that but putting everyone through that just to go ‘nevermind she’s fine’ is just wasted energy. I was having good feelings toward you, show, and you ruined it.

Jachelle: How many of you out there are familiar with Joss Whedon? He’s the mastermind behind the cult hits Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it’s spin-off Angel, and the short lived television series Firefly and Dollhouse. Anyone that is familiar with Joss’s work knows that HE IS A DESTROYER OF HAPPINESS. He puts his characters through some serious drama. He kills people off, rips relationships apart, and forces them into truly awful situations. However, when he does it, it never feels cheap or emotionally manipulative because it always has consequences and adds to the greater storyline. Glee comes nowhere near that. They’re on opposite sides of the planet. This cliffhanger with Quinn is cheap cheap cheap. I can’t imagine that whatever the outcome is, that it will have a big impact on future storylines. The characters will all react to it, I’m sure, but then Glee is going to drop it and move on in favor of its next big drama to bring in viewers. Because that’s what this felt like to me. Joss’s drama is for the greater good of storytelling and character development. Glee’s drama (usually) is just there to stir up buzz and get people watching. What was so wrong with letting Quinn be happy and go off to college and start her future? Ugh. The whole thing was manipulative and it left me irritated. Drama for the sake of drama is not good television. If you’re going to do something that massive to someone’s life, at least make sure there’s a point to it.

Opinion on Finn and Rachel’s Wedding

Dee: Ugh ugh ugh. Shut up shut up shut up. Listen, I don’t hate all teen weddings. I understand people do this sometimes, and yes, there is a possibility it works out. A small percentage of a possibility it works out. As the daughter of a divorce attorney, I am incredibly jaded about marriage, but especially when two very immature people like Finn and Rachel think they can handle it. LOL, no. I appreciate that almost everyone just goes ‘yeeeeah no’ at them. This is a horrible idea on so many levels. They’ve been on and off for three seasons now, and they need to go to college, grow up, and mature a lot before making a step like this. I can see that the show is treating it like it’s a bad idea in general, but it still annoys me. I already didn’t like Finnchel, so I groan at this.

Jachelle: No comment.

LOL. No, seriously. I don’t like Rachel and Finn together. I’ve said that before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again. I think they bring out the worst in each other far more often than they bring out the best. And even if the overall tone of the show is “This is a terrible idea, you idiots,” it’s still a hell of a lot of focus on something I could care less about. It’s Rachel and Finn making the exact same mistakes they always do. Rushing into something neither of them is prepared for, consequences be damned. HAVE THEY LEARNED NOTHING FROM THE LAST THREE SEASONS? Of course they haven’t. The one good thing I will attribute to this hot mess is that it brought about the introduction of Rachel’s dads. Because they are perfection. I want a spin-off series of those two. Someone get on that.

Opinion on Sue’s Pregnancy

Dee: It’s weird her being all soft and stuff. I’m pretty sure that’s not immediately what pregnancy does. I don’t know, I guess she just blows hot and cold so often I’m kind of tired of it. I do appreciate that Sue admitted flat out she felt guilty for not paying more attention to Dave when she was the principal and the Kurt situation happened. So that was a good Sue moment. Is she really pregnant? Who is the father, that’s the weird part. I don’t know. I’m not sure how I feel about her sudden change of heart, but for now I’m accepting it if a little wary. I’m just waiting for her to swing back to evil soon enough, which gets super old.

Jachelle: I’m honestly not sure what to think of this one yet, so I’m kind of reserving judgement until I see how it plays out when the show comes back. I did really enjoy watching Sue’s turmoil about Karofsky, and even though I do feel like it’s a little much, I also did like watching her offer to help Will and the kids win Nationals. (Let’s face it, with Will in charge, I’m not sure they ever would have been able to manage it.) But Sue is pretty all over the place in general, so I hope they don’t use this pregnancy storyline as an excuse to have her act even crazier all the time. Ha ha women have hormones and it affects our moods, let’s all point and laugh at the crazy girls. Insert eyeroll here. It’s like one step above PMS jokes. But I’m getting off topic. Motherhood is a big deal, and if it’s handled well, I think it would be a very interesting development for Sue’s character. But this is Glee, so there’s also the chance that the whole thing could be handled terribly. So, like I said earlier, I’m reserving judgement for now.

Favorite Song of the Episode

Dee: I’ll be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to this episode’s music. I’m going to go with “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)” with the Troubletones. Although I personally think all the women should have been allowed in it, maybe Quinn and Tina for sure. I know they didn’t want Rachel in it for obvious reasons, but let the other gals enjoy the Troubletones.

Jachelle: I’m going to go with “Fly / I Believe I Can Fly.” I’ll admit it, I Believe I Can Fly was HUGE when I was younger, and I loved it. I remember blasting it on my stereo and dancing around my room to it. So the song has a special nostalgic spot in my heart. And with the theme of Regionals being “Inspiration,” I thought it was a lovely song choice. It also had a different feel to it than a lot of the numbers they usually do for competition episodes. While “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)” and “Here’s To Us” were both great songs, they’re exactly the same as every other song they always do for competitions. I thought this one just seemed a little more personal to them after everything that happened with Karofsky and their discussions about their futures. That made it even more enjoyable for me.

Least Favorite Song of the Episode

Dee: I think “Glad You Came” by the Warblers. They really didn’t need two songs and Sebastian doesn’t have the same stage presence as Blaine to pull off that group.

Jachelle: I agree that the Warblers don’t have the same magic to them with Sebastian singing lead instead of Blaine, so their songs were weaker this time around. However, I did like “Glad You Came” so my choice for least favorite is going to their renditions of “Stand.” I just wanted more energy from it!


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