Dee Discusses: Once Upon a Time 1.13

Posted: February 22, 2012 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Once Upon a Time, Recaps, Television
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This recap is otherwise known as Dee is super, super, super tired of David because Charming is awesome and if they could just have him play Charming 24/7 and not David, that’d be awesome. Kthx. Also, Kathryn’s awesome. In other news, Regina is evil. In other other news, the sky is blue.

Alright let’s start this out in the cool fairy tale land. I sort of prefer watching these. I get that the “main story” is all in the real world because they’re trapped there, but everyone knows that the fairy tale land is the real charm of this show. The kid in me just seal claps whenever they have it on screen. This story – in both places – is about Kathryn/Abigail, Charming and David’s unloved chosen spouse. I was hoping she’d turn out to be pretty cool, and I’m glad I was right. Abigail has no more interest in Charming than he does her; in fact she knows he loves Snow White and she sympathizes. Her beloved, Frederick, was lost to her some time before. He was protecting her father King Midas from an attack, and when he touched the King, he turned completely to gold. Charming feels for the situation, because he thinks that Snow doesn’t love him, and he agrees to go to a mysterious lake where the water is said to have healing properties. He faces a Siren (who doesn’t sing, lame!) who makes herself look like Snow to seduce him. He gives in at first, but then realizes it’s all a lie and rebels. She has already pulled him into the water. He manages to kill the Siren before drowning and gets the necessary water. Frederick is saved and reunited with his beloved Abigail. Charming gets inspired to go after Snow, and we see the same scene from earlier in the season when he runs across Red Riding Hood. His “father” is hunting for his head since the wedding is off, and Charming escapes with Red. They better have an awesome adventure together! I wonder if there’s more to Abigail and Frederick, maybe her father intentionally got her fiance taken out? Unlikely if the wedding is called off and they have their happy ending.

In Storybrooke, Kathryn tells David she applied to law school and she wants them to move to Boston. She wants them to make a fresh start. This means he realizes it’s time to break up so he can be with Mary Margaret, and she’s delighted of course. Except when David talks to Kathryn, he doesn’t tell her about his affair but only that he doesn’t feel connected to her. Such an asshole move. Yes, maybe he’s doing it to ‘spare feelings’ but it’s a small town. She’d find out sooner or later that he’s hooked up so quickly after they broke up with MM. What a coward. Kathryn goes to Regina for comfort and Regina assumes she told him about the affair. She shows pictures of the two of them and Kathryn is like OH HELL NO. She goes and smacks the crap out of MM at school. Which, okay, fair, but there are kids there honey. That’s a bit much. And I have an inherent problem with women always blaming the other woman when it was their husband who broke vows. Not that I think MM should get out of blame here, it was totally disgusting IMO for her to do it too, but David’s the one married. Yes, I know, he’s under a curse. He had to be married to her, it’s probably magic. It still makes it annoying for me to watch though. Anyway now everyone knows that MM broke up a marriage and think she’s a tramp. Someone even spray painted it on her car (lol Regina you Mean Girl). David washes it off and MM says it’s wrong what they did. So he loses Kathryn and his mistress in the same swoop. MM’s mad that he didn’t tell her about the affair and that everyone blames her and what they did was wrong. So hasta la vista for now, David.

On the other hand, Kathryn comes to a serious realization after all of this: she doesn’t really love him. She mentions it felt like some kind of illusion (nice!), and that he looks at MM with true love and he’s never looked at her that way. The backstory for them was that David left her in the first place, so this does tie in nicely with that. She’s done with it and she’s ready to move on. She tells Regina she’s off and thinks they’re friends. Regina looks like she hates everyone, as always. Kathryn’s on her way out of the city but she crashes her car and goes missing. Apparently this will be a cliffhanger for the upcoming episodes. Did Regina put her in the vault with Belle? Was it someone else trying to keep her from leaving? No one in Storybrooke has been able to leave except for Henry and Emma … and the stranger. Oh right so he gets a name. August Wayne Booth. He asks Emma out on a date and she’s like yeah whatever. I don’t like their chemistry. I’m not convinced Jennifer Morrison could have chemistry with anyone ever. He brings her to the well with magical water (same as Charming’s Siren war), and says it brings something back to people when they use it. Classically, he plants the fairy tale book under her car and she’s like woo magic water worked. He copied the book somehow and then changed the stories around? I’m not sure what that means but it’s interesting. Is he helpful or another villain who hasn’t revealed himself? Only time will tell!

Next episode is supposed to be about Grumpy and the reference he made to Snow about losing  a woman he loved. I’m very interested to see what that’s all about. The one after that should be about Red Riding Hood. Huzzah to that. I’m glad they’ll be heading away from Charming and Snow for awhile. I know I said this in my last recap but I still mean it. They’re getting annoying. I support them in the fairy tale land, they’re both badass, but in the real world they annoy me. David’s a weakling and MM is meek, she shows very little of Snow’s spunk. I think that comes somewhat from a theory a fan had that they lack some elements of their original personality as well as their happy endings. That it muted the things that made them unique. So Snow was tough and feisty, and now she’s meek. Charming is honorable and bold, and David is indecisive. That might be an actual truth. I am interested in how they made Kathryn/Abigail a truly interesting character. I am curious to see what happens to her from here and why her disappearance is important. The show still keeps me drawn in well, and I appreciate that, but I hope they move away from the love triangle and get down to the plot a little more.

  1. My theory is that the stranger (August Wayne Booth) is author of the book and grown up Pinocchio. He said something like “I always tell the truth.”


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