Glee is about to hit its version of a Winter Break, considering it aired all through the winter when other shows jumped off the air. Next week (the 21st) will be the last one until April, a sizable jump. They can never take big breaks without the last episode being involved with Sectionals, Regionals, or Nationals, so the episode coming up will be Regionals with them facing off against the Dalton Warblers. This week was all about Valentine’s Day, however, with the obvious title of “Heart.” (Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Captain Planet!)

It’s Valentine’s Day, and all the happy couples are enjoying themselves. Will thinks it’ll be timely (of course) to assign everyone the best love songs as their weekly project. I’d like to point out to Will that Regionals is next episode and they probably should be practicing their performances for that, but lol this is Glee whatever. Let’s just get the Finn and Rachel stuff somewhat over with here, because I’ve been over this since season one and I’m so tired of it. Kurt told Carole and Burt about Finnchel being engaged, and they promptly told Rachel’s dads. These two happen to be the amazing Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell. Yes, there was some controversy over Brian Stokes Mitchell playing Rachel’s dad since in the pilot he was very black and BSM wasn’t “black enough” for the fans. Let’s just not even get into that. He’s a Tony Award Winning actor and he’s fabulous and I wish he got to really sing in this episode. They say they are completely supportive of the two kids getting married so young and plan a dinner with the parents. They tell Finnchel they’re allowed to sleep together that night, and it’s all just a ploy to show them they’re not ready to get married. The two fight immediately and then make up immediately and then decide to get married even sooner so that’s just … ugh kill me. Anyway, the whole Glee club goes WTF when Finnchel announces their engagement, and Kurt and Quinn very strongly protest it. Rachel says anyone who can’t support them is uninvited from the wedding.

Tina and Mike continue to be the nicest couple on the show with their adorable L.O.V.E song, and it’s probably good they don’t get enough showtime because Glee would just destroy them since drama is the only interesting thing in Glee land. There’s a new love triangle forming with Artie-Sugar-Rory, because what this show needs is another love triangle. There haven’t been enough of those (SARCASM). They try to buy Sugar off with gifts, and eventually Rory tells them he’ll be deported back to Ireland soon. That gets her sympathy and her affection. He’s clearly lying. Yay love triangles and lying and backstabbing and I need a drink. Sugar’s actually quite charming this time around when she throws money at Will for the club and then invites everyone to a party at Breadstix for the holiday. Kurt has a story where he misses Blaine but he thinks his boyfriend is sending him secret admirer things all the time. It turns out it’s really Dave Karofsky. Kurt seems to notice that Dave’s really interested in him more as an inspiration and a symbol of being openly gay, something Dave is striving to accept about himself, and gently lets him down. One of the jocks from Dave’s school sees him and makes the correct assumption, so this isn’t going to go well at all. In the end Blaine does show up for Kurt and does an adorable performance of Love Shack with everyone else.

Other major love triangle/annoyance on my plate is Sam and Mercedes, although thank everything that they finally seem to get the clue in this one. Mercedes realizes how poorly she’s been treating Shane and she comes clean to him about everything. He’s absolutely heartbroken – which is a nice nod by the show that they didn’t make him some villain she needed to be ‘saved’ from but a guy who genuinely cared for her. When Sam points out they can be together now, she tells him she is embarrassed and horrified at her actions and it made her into a person she doesn’t like. What they did was wrong, and she needs some time to be by herself. This is amazing of Glee and I am so relieved to see at least one character/couple recognizing their poor actions and seriously taking responsibility for it. Well done, Mercedes. She sings I Will Always Love You, which was incredibly poor timed due to Whitney Houston’s death, but it was already filmed and recorded long before that. If anything it can be considered another tribute to her, and Mercedes does a beautiful job with it. I was really sick of these two, but now with this, I’m on board them eventually climbing back toward a relationship. I respect Mercedes immensely now.

Lastly there’s the Christian Club, which consists of Sam, Mercedes, Quinn, and new boy Joe Hart (played by Glee Project winner Sam Larsen). Joe was home schooled and has dreadlocks and is very Christian. He’s got this hippie vibe, and while I think the cast is already bloated, I liked the vibe and his performances in this. Much, much more than mush-mouth Rory. Santana is angry that someone complained about her and Brittany sharing an innocent kiss in the halls when heterosexual couples have tons of PDA, so she challenges them to sing a love song for her. The group is trying to raise money for charity and they have agreed to sing a love song to anyone who asks, and they are in the dilemma of singing for a gay couple. In the end they decide to do it for them, because this is Glee, and they do a mash-up of Cherish/Cherish which is quite nice.

So, summary: Finnchel are getting married even though it’s stupid. Rachel’s dads are great. Rory is a lying liar who got Sugar to date him. Mercedes made a mature decision (finally) about her love triangle. Dave loves Kurt, but Kurt loves Blaine, and things are not looking good for self-hating Dave in the least. New guy is alright so far.

Favorite Song: L.O.V.E. Tina + Mike 4ever.
Least Favorite Song: Home. I just don’t like Rory or his voice in particular, it puts me to sleep.
Who Wins This Episode: Mercedes
Who Loses This Episode: Finnchel
General Glee Ridiculousness Level: On a scale of 1-10, pretty low actually, closer to a 3-4. At least everyone is going wtf about Finnchel as they should.


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