Deechelle Discusses: Sherlock “The Reichenbach Fall”

Posted: January 18, 2012 by Dee in Dee, Deechelle, General Media, Television

How is this season done already? Why are you torturing us Moffat & Gatiss? It is important to note that they did announce Series 3 is in the works. They were cruel enough to let the fans keep guessing, but it was actually planned at the same time series 2 was, thus letting them plot out two seasons at once. We weren’t that surprised since it would be foolish of the BBC to let go of this series. However, reports are that the actors and crew can’t get together to film until later this year, so we will probably have to wait until next year for it to air. How can we live without Sherlock? How many times will we have to rewatch the series and wonder where our beloved characters go from here? If you have any ideas, let us know, because we still have a box of tissues nearby. Spoilers below!

Sherlock’s fame has continued to rise, and John is starting to be concerned about the press attention. Although he’s the one who started it with his blog, he sees how the press could turn on his friend in an instant, and he is starting to think they need to take a step back. This doesn’t work out because Moriarty shows up again. He causes three major security shut downs in London and allows the police to capture him. He’s put on trial and Sherlock speaks out against him, but obviously this is Moriarty and he just threatens the jury until he lets them off. He tells Sherlock that it’s almost time for “the fall” and their last game together. They have a nice cup of tea together at Baker Street and discuss how the end is coming. Soon afterward Sherlock is given a new case about a kidnapping. He figures out the clues Moriarty has set and finds the children, but one of them is afraid of Sherlock, and this puts doubt in the mind of Sally Donovan (stupid Sally we hate you). She insists maybe Sherlock is too good and now he’s causing crimes to prove he’s clever, maybe he’s a fraud. As anyone can point out after seeing Sherlock do this a hundred times, he certainly is no fraud, but anyway Lestrade is forced to arrest Sherlock and bring him in. John and Sherlock escape together while wearing handcuffs and go to the home of a reporter who approached Sherlock earlier. She is doing an expose on him, and Moriarty shows up as an “actor” who Sherlock “hired” to pretend to be a criminal mastermind. He’s being framed for everything and it’s going to be splashed over the papers. Mycroft was trying to get information from Moriarty about an internet code he had to crack into any system all over the world, and fed him information about Sherlock in return. Now the criminal mastermind is using it to break his only rival. It all culminates in Sherlock and Moriarty facing off and Sherlock knowing that the only way to save the people he loves is to die a fraud. The world now thinks Sherlock Holmes was a fake all along and is dead, including those nearest and dearest to his heart, but he faked his death all along. So … now what? We’ll have to wait until 2013 to see!

An interesting note: this episode was written by Steve Thompson, the same writer of the arguably weakest episode of the show The Blind Baker. Night and day, right?

Favorite Scene of the Episode

Dee: Sherlock’s “suicide.” Obvious maybe, but that scene absolutely wrecks me and I’ve seen it several times now. I assume it was important to him that John stay where he was because it was all a part of the faked death, and the sorrow on his face was more related to the fact Sherlock knew this was a real goodbye for him. He knew he had to hurt his friend enough to save him, and that the life he’d started to actually live and enjoy was now lost to him. The season had worked hard to make Sherlock more human and display connection, emotion. Now that all culminating in him making a completely selfless act to save those people who he learned to love, and the tragedy of knowing they could never understand what he was doing for them. And knowing too that he was going to fake it and not be able to see them again, until whatever reason he comes back in Series 3. He really was saying goodbye. UGH. Agony. Benedict and Martin did this scene so well I can’t even talk about it without being emotional.

Jachelle: So, I’ll bet you guys didn’t know this,  but I’m kind of a fan of Moriarty. Shocking, I know. I totally played it cool. That being said, my favorite scene in the episode comes right before Dee’s, the Moriarty/Sherlock showdown on the rooftop. Beautifully written, wonderfully acted, this was THE scene for me. It was so intense and the back and forth between Sherlock and Moriarty was a thing of beauty. I’ll admit, I was absolutely positive that Sherlock was going to find some last minute save and beat Moriarty. This is Sherlock for God’s sake. That’s what he does! But not this time. He was so thoroughly beaten by Moriarty that it was sort of staggering to watch. Moriarty did exactly as he promised, he burned the heart out of Sherlock. And then as the ultimate “Screw you” to Sherlock, he kills himself. The gasp I let out when that happened was so big it was comical. But after I watched it happen, I realized what perfect sense it made. Moriarty had thought that maybe Sherlock could make things interesting, but not even he could beat him. He was tired of living in a boring, ordinary world. So he ended it, and as a bonus, he got to disgrace Sherlock Holmes in the process.

Least Favorite Scene of the Episode

Dee: Donovan and Anderson turning on him and convincing the others. I know it’s necessary but it makes me want to punch them both in the face. You guys suck. So this is a “It’s not a bad scene or badly acted, it just makes me mad” type of least favorite scene. That entire thing was so ugly. We all knew that yes the press was going to turn on him and he could see it all happening, but I was still mad seeing how it was happening. I hated seeing how Lestrade had to go through with it even though he didn’t want to believe it or hurt Sherlock. Ugly is the best word I could come up for it. It should be said though that while I dislike Sally and Anderson, I understand why they dislike Sherlock. He’s a dick to everyone and if we knew him in person we might hate him ourselves. I do think it’s ridiculous that they’d doubt him now after everything, and they know how he is in person so that it can’t all be fake, but they have reason to dislike him and to suspect him. So I might be angry with what happened, but I do get it.

Jachelle: I didn’t really enjoy any of the other scenes focused around Moriarty’s trial. Sherlock being held in contempt made me laugh, but the rest was sort of ‘meh.’ The whole reporter in the bathroom thing…look, I know they needed to set her up for later on in the episode, but the whole exchange felt off. I can’t even put my finger on why. Maybe it’s just because I expected Sherlock to just ignore her and walk away. He saw through her in about two seconds, why would be bother investing any more time in talking to her than that? But maybe I’m just being nitpicky. Also, that moment where Moriarty has the female guard reach into his pocket? Ew. That was icky.


Favorite Quote of the Episode

Dee: “I was so alone, and I owe you so much. Look, please, there’s just one more thing, one more thing, one more miracle, Sherlock, for me. Don’t. Be. Dead. Would you do that, just for me, just … stop it. Stop this.” – John Watson, at Sherlock’s Grave. hat whole last scene with him was so heartbreaking and Martin Freeman deserves all the awards. Between him clearly struggling to hold back tears and his voice breaking and what he was begging … ugh pain. Paaain.

Jachelle: I was going to try to come up with another quote just for the sake of variety, but I can’t. I have to pick the same one as Dee. That quote from John is the quote of the whole episode. I was sobbing. My heart broke. My heart is STILL broken.

Opinion of This Episode

Dee: That was one of the tensest and most emotional episodes I’ve sat through of any TV show. The grief was palpatable from that first scene with John. There was little to no humor in the entire thing; they gave us little relief, no moments of ‘okay we’re laughing it’s okay it’s all going to be okay.’ Because it wasn’t okay. It started out tough and it continued that way until the last second. I think the acting on the part of everyone was exceptional. I couldn’t point out who I thought did best, because they all just knocked it out of the park. Honestly I don’t know if I can put into precise words how well written and performed this episode is. If you’ve seen it, you know. Sitting here now after I’ve already seen it for awhile and had time to mull over everything, the good and the bad, and it still gets to me. I do think I should mention a few things I don’t think completely worked in this. I don’t think it made sense for them to turn on Sherlock so fast. The media yes, the police not so much. He’s solved so many ridiculous cases by now, why in particular was this one so questionable? Because the little girl screamed at him? She was traumatized, that could mean anything. I know that it was important to the plot that people began to turn on him and that the media would take off after the police started it. Maybe if I thought Donovan and Anderson were on Moriarty’s payroll (which is completely possible) I could see why they were like little spiders in this episode. Also obviously the story afterward, how did that work? They all saw Moriarty break into the museums. Mycroft knows who he was and that means the government knows who he was. Even if he was an actor who was “hired” by Sherlock, it still makes him a criminal for going along with everything. And what about him committing suicide on the roof? So that’s my major problem with it, BUT on the other hand, I think the real point was that all Moriarty needed was a little doubt to ruin Sherlock. His little game would not stand the test of time, and that’s why Sherlock had to kill himself, because no one would question it after that. The doubt for Sherlock was enough to break him so even if he lived and they proved what happened, his reputation is already tarnished and he knows how the people turned. It’s tainted either way. That’s a weak spot but I’ll accept it. Overall, amazing episode. Tragic, beautiful, heartbreaking, and I just want to curl up in a ball forever now excuse me.

Jachelle: ASKDFJHLKASDJHFAKLJSDHFALKSJDHFADH. And that is exactly what I thought of this episode. Never has 90 minutes gone by so incredibly fast. It wasn’t that it was rushed, and I never once felt like things were moving too fast. I was just so incredibly drawn in from the SECOND the episode started that time totally lost all meaning and it was just me and the characters. This episode is probably one of the best episodes of television I have ever watched. I loved Sherlock before this, but after this episode my appreciation for this series is on an entirely new level. I HAVE ALL OF THESE FEELINGS, and I just don’t know what to do with myself. That is what truly great television is supposed to do. Bravo, Sherlock.

Opinion of the Season as a Whole

Dee: Wow. Honestly, just wow. The first three were fantastic, although I think most people agree that the Blind Baker was the weakest episode of season 1, and I’d say now it’s definitely the weakest of the show. I thought the first season was great, but this one blew it out of the water. Even if there were some flaws I saw in the episodes, they were highly eclipsed by how wonderful it was. They take risks in this show, they go as far as they’re allowed, and I never know exactly where it’s going. I went into the last episode aware Sherlock was going to fake his death, I was not prepared for the steps that took him there. It is different from what happened in the books and in the recent movie, in the sense that it was seen as a heroic act with both of them falling together. Sherlock never lost his reputation in the original, and taking out Moriarty was just knowing he would never stop until they both were dead. In this sense, I was completely taken aback by how thoroughly Sherlock was beaten by Moriarty in every way. I was delighted by how they handled three famous Arthur Conan Doyle stories and made it new and modern and fun. This was a success in every single way. The fans had to wait for years to get more Sherlock, and they were not disappointed. I’ve seen each episode several times now, and honestly I enjoy watching it multiple times. I still enjoy the sharp dialogue and the acting no matter how many times I’ve seen it. This season raised the bar and they should be very proud of themselves for what they accomplished. If this doesn’t get all the British TV awards, I will be shocked. I wish I could shake the hands of everyone involved with the project. Is it 2013 yet? Ahhh!

Jachelle: Season one was a fantastic start to this show, but season two raised the bar so much higher. Like Dee said, this show is kind of fearless in the risks it takes. Sherlock Holmes is a very well known character with a very devoted fan-base, it can be daunting to go up against something like that. But they did, and they took the risks they needed to, and the result was a thing of beauty. Moffat and Gatiss definitely earned my trust this season. Sure, it had a few problems here and there. But as a whole, it’s pretty damn exceptional, and if this is the continuing trend, then we’re all in for an amazing treat when season three rolls around.

What We Want Next Season

Dee: Obviously a damn explanation of what happened, but I would also like more Lestrade! I think he was sold a little short this season, and I think he deserves a little more plot next season. Maybe more with Mycroft, in the sense of did he know his brother was dead or did he suspect he was alive? Will they resolve how he betrayed him? I want to know more of that. I loved the brother dynamic this season. I wouldn’t mind Irene coming back, but maybe only as a smaller part and not the focus of the episode. They’re going to need a new villain with Moriarty dead, and I have no idea how they’re going to do that. BUT I CAN’T WAIT.

Jachelle: I’m having a hard time writing this right now, because Dee has already inserted the gif of Sherlock jumping just below this and I can’t keep my eyes off of it. NO SHERLOCK NOOOOOO. Okay, so anyway. Yes, I want a GD explanation of how everything went down.  I seriously cannot believe I have to wait until 2013 to find out. I may actually go out of my mind waiting. I’d also enjoy seeing more Lestrade, and definitely want more Mrs Hudson. But mostly I want more of what this season gave me, nail biting, gasp inducing, edge of your seat suspense, coupled with beautifully written characters. I love you, show. Please never leave me.

  1. Dave says:

    In regards to a villain next season, have you considered the possibility of Moriarty not being dead? I know it was a pretty clean death but still, so was Sherlocks, and I reached a plausible explanation for Jim living much faster than I did for Sherlock (they’re both pretty weak though, haha).


    • Dee says:

      Yes we both discussed that, and we felt that having him still be alive would cheapen the moment. In my opinion, Moriarty’s death was a great last fuck you to Sherlock, and I think we can take from the rest of the conversation that he was really tired of dealing with stupid people all the time. I think a part of him was suicidal to begin with because the one person he thought could give him a challenge turned out to be easy. However, it’s absolutely possible he’s alive. I just think it would be better if they kept him dead, because it was a more powerful moment and fitting end for the character.


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