Deechelle Discusses: Glee Season 3 The Show

Posted: January 16, 2012 by Dee in Dee, Deechelle, General Media, Jach, Television
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One of the shows we both watch is Glee, and we’re hardly alone on that. This show rose to fame very quickly in its first season, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. People love or hate Glee, and sometimes feel lukewarm about it, but nothing changes the fact it is out there in the mainstream and everyone knows a little something about it. It is in its third season now, and there’s no new episode until January 17th, so we thought we would go over this season so far together. We are also doing a separate post for the music since it is such a major part of the show, and it deserves its own category. Spoilers below, be prepared!

Season three starts out updating us on what happened after the team lost Nationals. Over the summer Sam moved off somewhere and Lauren decided to quit Glee because it was uncool now. Uh, it wasn’t uncool before? Whatever. The team is down to few members so they recruit Blaine from the Warblers, because he misses his boyfriend Kurt and who wants to go to a cushy private school where you’re lead singer and worshipped by everyone anyway? The important part is that several of the characters will be graduating at the end of the year, so they are starting to look toward their future. Rachel and Kurt want to attend the same arts college and it’s highly competitive. They both try out for the lead in the West Side Story musical and decide to run for class president against Brittany. Santana is still struggling with her sexuality even though she and Brittany have shyly been continuing with their romance. Finn and Rachel’s relationship seems strong, as does Emma and Will, and not much is given to their usual drama so far this season. Kurt and Blaine are stable although they have a hiccup when Blaine’s audition for the musical gives him the lead role instead of Kurt. Sue decides to run for congress, but Burt decides to run against her when she uses her campaign to aim solely at the arts. Will denies the talentless Sugar Motta a place in the Glee club, and her father hires Shelby (Idina Menzel) to coach a girl-only group. Now there are two Glee options in the high school, and the girls one by one start to walk away from New Directions to get their chance to be stars. Also Shelby being back means that Puck and Quinn’s daughter Beth is around, and Quinn decides she must do anything to get her baby back. This is after she gets over her short-lived punk rock look when she smokes under the bleachers and sets pianos on fire. Hearts are broken, futures are uncertain, and songs are sung. This is Glee!

What’s Working So Far

Dee: You’ll see below my long list of why this show drives me crazy, but the thing is … I still love it. I can’t put my finger on why, I can’t explain why I watch every week, but I do. It’s addictive, it gets under your skin, and there has to be something really worthwhile about it that causes this sort of devotion from people. The music as always is fantastic, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it. I loved the virginity story this time around, and a lot of credit goes to Glee for having a homosexual couple go through that on a mainstream show. They didn’t show much, but they didn’t need to. It was handled tastefully. I do like the references to the characters graduating and what that means for their desperation in their last year. Anything with Burt Hummel is gold. So no matter how many things I can nitpick and complain about, you’ve Razzle Dazzled me, Glee. Damn you.

Jachelle: As always, the music is what really draws me into Glee. The performances are always my favorite parts of the episodes, I sing along, I clap, I dance, it’s actually a little embarrassing. They’ve had some sketchy music choices this year, but they’ve also had some really really fantastic ones too. That Adele mash-up the girls did? Amazing. Kurt and Blaine singing Perfect? Still makes me cry. And I really loved that they also worked the kids doing West Side Story into the plot as well. It’s my favorite musical and it was great to see it get some love.

What Isn’t Working So Far

Dee: This could be a very long list for me. Glee has a lot of trouble with realistic things, and I know that’s something you just have to accept from the show. Yes it’s ridiculous they wrote their original songs a day before Nationals. No, Blaine would not just transfer to another school for his boyfriend without his family losing their deposit at a prep school, and Sam can’t just crash at a couch in another state to join the school again for Glee-related reasons. Santana probably shouldn’t be forcefully outed by Finn and ignore the heartfelt song from Blaine and Kurt, who actually understand what she’s going for. Yes Quinn is a psychopath for some good reasons and needs some serious therapy, not to listen to Shelby – inappropriate teacher – and have an epiphany. Rachel’s Jewish, did you know that? If they just let Sugar in the Glee club in the first place, the girl group wouldn’t have started. Sebastian is definitely no competition because he’s slimy and gross. Kurt has a good resume for college because he was a cheerleader, a football player (for a short time), Glee made it to Nationals, and he apparently gets good grades. New guy Rory is annoying as hell and not a strong enough singer to get solos right now. These are just a few things people would say is nitpicking, but it’s because they all make common sense, and Glee has trouble with common sense. I know I’m supposed to just accept it and move on, but I’ll be honest, sometimes it is near impossible to do it.

Jachelle: Dee and I get into very long, very capslocky conversations about Glee driving us crazy. The number reason is almost always the believability. I get that it’s TV. And I will let a lot of things slide, but sometimes I just feel like Glee asks way too much of me in this department. For all the reasons that Dee just stated and more. That aside, I’m really struggling with a lot of the characters this season. I get a lot more in depth in my final thoughts about the season, but the CliffsNotes version is that I don’t care about the characters the way I did back in seasons 1 and 2. A lot of them are really just acting horrible to each other and to everyone around them. And a lot of times it’s not even for a good reason. I know teenagers can be terrible to each other, and that high school really is horrible for a lot of people. But not everyone is like that. I wasn’t. My friends weren’t. I’m tired of seeing characters I used to love fighting and being awful to each other. It makes me sad.

Best HELL YEAH Moment

Dee: For me it’s when Rachel and Kurt meet that group of very talented singers and realize they’re really not as special as they thought they were. And then decide they’re going after their dreams anyway, even if they have a more realistic idea of what they’ll be up against.

Jachelle: I’m not going to lie, I REALLY did enjoy watching Rachel and Kurt get knocked down a peg in the scene Dee was just talking about. But I also really enjoyed the moment when Puck called Quinn out on her scheme to have another baby and pointed out how messed up she really is. I love Quinn, and Glee makes such a big deal out of the kids being there for each other when they need it, and it kills me a little inside when she just keeps getting worse and worse. I want the show to really step up and address the problems she’s struggling with. (That conversation with Shelby does NOT count, Glee. I refuse to accept that.) And I really hope that this moment is the jumping off point for them to really step up and help her.

Most Cringeworthy Moment

Dee: Finn outing Santana in a stupid moment, followed up by that awful Girls Just Wanna Have Fun scene.

Jachelle: I’m going to echoing Dee’s dislike of the whole “outing Santana” storyline. The whole thing was kind of icky, but I was actually offended at the “I Kissed A Girl” performance at the end of that episode. On what planet is that a lesbian empowerment song? That was awful. I loved the sentiment of the girls standing up for Santana, but that song was not the way to do it. I actually got so upset when it first aired that I had to fast-forward through most of that performance. And just a second ago, I tried to watch it again on YouTube, and I still couldn’t do it. Glee has had so many great moments dealing with teens and homosexuality, that it makes me furious that they did that. The girls were prancing around, dancing sexily and trying to excite the boys, and that’s a supportive lesbian song how? I still hate you a little bit for that, Glee.

Favorite Storyline

Dee: All of the play-related stories. Most of the major storylines were tied to the musical, and I love the West Side Story, so they won me over.

Jachelle: Mike’s storyline with his parents, for sure. I love me some Mike Chang. Let’s face it, we can go weeks in a row without hearing him actually speak on the show, but he’s a total cutie pie when he does. He’s a nice guy, he’s a great boyfriend, he’s a dependable character, and it’s been fantastic to see him getting an actual storyline this season.

Least Favorite Storyline

Dee: Definitely the Shelby/Puck thing. They had a decent relationship with her letting him see Beth, and I liked that aspect. Making it sexual was creepy as hell and ruined a character I was growing to like.

Jachelle: I was also pretty uncomfortable with the Shelby and Puck storyline, but since Dee already talked about that, I’m going to go with the “I’m going to win you away from the person you’re dating” theme that Glee seems to be so freaking fond of. I was ecstatic when I found out Trouty Mouth was coming back. He’s my favorite character on the show, and I couldn’t wait to see him again. Then he showed up and decided to go after Mercedes again. Now, at the end of last season, I was totally on board the Samcedes train, so this has nothing to do with that. I generally would like to see the two of them get together, because I think Sam would do a lot of good in calming some of Mercedes more unpleasant personality traits down and I’d like to see her with someone who treats her well. But it really upset me when Sam approached Mercedes and she very calmly and very maturely told him that she was seeing someone else and that he needed to move on. And what does my beloved Sammy do? He basically ignores her and says he’s going to win her back. That’s not romantic, Glee. It’s just not. It’s an asshole move, and I want more from him than that. And Mercedes is just perpetuating it with these little flirty moments they keep giving the two of them. No. Either Mercedes needs to break up with her boyfriend to be with Sam, or she needs to tell him to knock it off. The whole thing is shady, and it’s really making me not like the two of them together anymore. Even if I don’t like Mercedes’ boyfriend (and I really don’t) he doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. It just really frustrates the hell out of me when Glee tries to make this seem cute and romantic, when it’s really just a character I love stealing somebody else’s girlfriend. No bueno.

Favorite (Still Together) Couple

Dee: Tina and Mike. Always. Nicest couple on the show, thus why they get NO STORIES. So glad they got love this season!

Jachelle: And this is another vote for Tina and Mike! They’re sweet, they support each other, and they’re genuinely in love with one another. I’ve really loved watching their romance grow behind the scenes of all the drama on Glee. I really hope Glee keeps up the good work in portraying a long-term, functional, healthy teenage relationship.

Least Favorite (Still Together) Couple

Dee: Will and Emma mostly since we have no idea what they’re doing, other than that one storyline with her OCD.

Jachelle: Rachel and Finn. Rachel and Finn. Rachel and Finn. Just thinking about the two of them makes me grind my teeth. Granted, they haven’t been as bad this season. They’ve been almost (dare I say it) tolerable. But the past two seasons have already completely poisoned me against the two of them together. They’re a terrible couple. They consistently bring out the worst in each other. Finn makes Rachel even more neurotic, and Rachel brings out all of Finn’s insecurities. I just don’t believe that there is any possible way that relationship can work long term, so I don’t even want to bother seeing/thinking/talking about it. Begone, Finchel.

Final Thoughts

Dee: I think it’s pretty clear I had a lot of issues with this season, but I’m also interested in seeing where the rest of the season goes. The cast is back together, and they still have Regionals and Nationals to go. I am very interested in how this season is going to end with several of the characters graduating. I am wondering how the show is going to deal with that. A good chunk of the characters are graduating, giving way to the “younger” characters to take over, and the chance to intro a few new people. I guess we won’t see how that goes until Season 4. Regardless of my common sense problems, I still watch the show every week without fail and have all the songs on my iPod. Take from that what you will.

Jachelle: Oh Glee. I feel like I’m in an unhealthy relationship with you. Sometimes you make me love you so much it’s ridiculous. And then you turn around make me hate you. I actually stopped watching this show completely for a portion of this season. I was so irritated by what I’d been seeing and I realized  sitting down and watching the show had become something I was forcing myself to do, rather than something I did for enjoyment. So I stopped watching, and I honestly thought I was done for good. But then my future husband, Chord Overstreet, came back and and my resolve broke. I had to see Sam. Thus I started watching again, and found that it had gotten marginally better. So, I decided I’d hang in a little longer. This season has not been my favorite. Like Dee, I have a lot of issues with some of the common sense stuff, but it’s TV so I’ll forgive that. I think my biggest problem is I don’t love the characters like I used to. A lot of them have become truly unlikable, and I’m all for flawed characters, but I just don’t feel like that’s what this is. Glee made me fall in love with these characters, and then suddenly it felt like the writers were completely abandoning past character development in order to fit the character into whatever they needed them to be for that episode. That was a really awkward sentence. Forgive me, it’s late. Look at Blaine for example. When Blaine was introduced what kind of character was he? He was this really strong, confident, gay teenage boy. Which is what Kurt needed at the time. Then later on down the road,  we get Blaine questioning his sexuality and agreeing to go out on a date with Rachel. Which seemed weird to me, because they way they introduced him, he seemed pretty damn confident in his sexuality. But they needed a conflict for him and Kurt, so suddenly there was one. And now this season Blaine has somehow turned into this little puppy dog that just follows Kurt around all the time. Which leaves me wondering where that confidant, charismatic, in-charge guy from last season disappeared to? I feel like the writers are working in reverse here, and Blaine isn’t the only one I see it with. I see it with Mercedes, I see it with Quinn, I see it with Rachel. It’s like they learn something when the show wants them to, but then a few weeks down the line, they’ve completely forgotten all about it because the show needs them to act a certain way for another storyline.  I just feel like there’s not enough organic growth to these characters anymore. Which means I have trouble connecting with them, which in turn make it more difficult to watch. However, it’s completely plausible that Glee can win me back again. They’ve done it before. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed, because I really loved loving this show, and I want that feeling back, damnit. I really hope the last half of the season brings it.

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  2. Eric (Eagle-Man) says:

    I, too, watch for the music, which, for the most part, it really good. They have some very talented singers (and dancers) on the show. Though I have to say that I thought the song selections in the last few episodes of last season and the first few episodes this season made me cringe so much I nearly stopped watching.

    Firstly, I hate it whenever they have a “theme artist” episode. They usually take a bunch of the artist’s hits, then try to cram a story around it. Many of these episodes try to be socially responsible and have some positive message, but when they actually sing the songs, the lyrics are clearly counterpoint. (though I liked the Madonna episode)

    Secondly, as a teacher, I hate that the writers/producers/network execs pick songs that clearly send a poor message to all the impressionable, young viewers. These people know that this show is a hit in the teen/tween age groups, and they also know how influential TV is in the lives of many of these viewers, yet they go and have New Directions sing songs like Last Friday Night (TGIF), which is all about getting blackout drunk, having one-night stands, and vowing to do it all again. And this is just one example. Yes, the actors are all of legal age, but the characters they play are minors. And I’m not naive. I know that there are teenagers (and younger!) that do these types of things, but it’s socially irresponsible for the decision makers of this show to be promoting these types of lifestyles so recklessly, especially considering how hard they try to make the show into a PSA all the time.

    However, as of late, they have been much better in their song choices, and they have actually picked songs that fit the story as opposed to a story that fits (kind of) the songs. And good riddance to the Artist-of-the-Week.


    • Dee says:

      I agree completely, especially the theme artist, although they are doing another one this season. They’re doing Michael Jackson, which seems silly since they already did several of his songs without needing a theme. And I SO AGREE ABOUT TGIF. I was really taken aback when they had those kids singing it in the room, and Will just bopped along with them laughing. No, that’s totally inappropriate.


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