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Posted: January 2, 2012 by Dee in Dee, Deechelle, Jach, Television
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We wrote our recap of Sherlock Series 1 here in deliberate timing. We knew the first episode of Series 2 was airing this evening, so we wanted to get that up just in time. Also, since we both managed to get a look at the episode very quickly after it aired, we decided to band together and write up a recap of the first episode “A Scandal in Belgravia.” Our favorite characters are back and better than ever, and they’ve just had an interesting run-in with the famous Irene Adler. Spoilers are ahead, so be prepared!

The episode starts right out where Series 1 left off, with Moriarty facing off against Sherlock and Watson by the swimming pool. He seems completely intent on letting them all blow up, but in one hilarious – and terrifying – moment they are saved by a phone call. The phone call is from one Irene Adler, played and heavily emphasized in this episode by Laura Pulver. She is a dominatrix with many secrets, and Sherlock is tasked to get important photos from her. He gets the orders from Buckingham Palace itself, after being escorted there wearing a sheet only. However it turns out Irene is a match for him and throws Sherlock off guard. Whether their connection is intellectual or romantic, Sherlock grieves deeply when he thinks she is dead … only to find out she isn’t and their elaborate cat and mouse game continues. In this episode we see Sherlock more vulnerable. He shows more care for the people in his life, and he is now acknowledged in the world as a famous detective thanks to John’s blog. Wherever the characters go from here, they are truly developing and changing in believable ways. It may be that Sherlock has more of a heart than he ever realized, and it’s growing by the episode.

Favorite Scene of the Episode

Dee: The Buckingham palace scene, especially when they’re giggling on the couch and Mycroft comes in. And the sheet being pulled away.

Jachelle: Sherlock and John meeting Irene Adler for the first time. Now that is an entrance, people. The whole thing was just fantastic. From Sherlock not being able to deduce anything about her because she was naked, to John’s reactions to just about everything. The fire alarm trick (oh, clever boys), and the fight after Sherlock gets the safe open. There is just nothing about this scene that I don’t completely love.

Least Favorite Scene of the Episode

Dee: Probably the last one, I think it’s pretty improbable he managed to travel all that way to save her without anyone having any idea. Also I think it would’ve been more interesting plot-wise if Moriarty was a part of that, considering he texted Mycroft about the airplane. Since she said she learned about them through Moriarty, it just feels it would be cleaner that way. It felt a little to sentimental and obvious to me.

Jachelle: I’m going to agree with Dee on this one. The episode is so great that really this isn’t a bad scene just a “not as great as the others” scene. I’m willing to forgive a certain amount of plausibility when it comes to TV, but having Sherlock get all the way to her completely under the radar? That was pushing it for me. And I was really counting on Moriarty being the one to get her out of there, so I was honestly a little disappointed to see Sherlock instead of him.

Favorite Quote of the Episode

Dee: “Do you ever wonder if there’s something wrong with us?” – Sherlock to Mycroft
Jachelle: “I always hear ‘Punch me in the face’ when you’re speaking, but it’s just usually subtext.” – John to Sherlock

Opinion of Irene Adler

Dee: First off I want to say the actress did a great job. She was funny and sexy and exactly what they wanted from her. A lovely woman, although I would suggest they let her wear her hair down more often. It looked super nice that way. I liked her boldness and in the end I guess I didn’t want her to be sentimental. I liked the idea of their ‘romance’ being more mental and challenging than straight out traditional romance, if that makes any sense. When she got tougher toward the end and showed her cards, I liked her a lot more and could appreciate everything she manipulated to get to that point. The sentimentality with the locked phone somehow cheapened the complexity of their relationship for me. Also how long has she had that phone? Can she change the password regularly? Because she didn’t know Sherlock long enough, and she’d had that phone for a long time or so it seemed. I liked the actress a great deal, I think in the end I felt her weakness lessened the character. Obviously weakness does that, but not always, sometimes flaws make characters more interesting. I’m not sure how to put my finger on it, but I was let down by it. Also I kind of dug the idea of her as a full out lesbian, but maybe that’s just me.

Jachelle: I was really looking forward to seeing Irene, but I was completely unprepared for just how much I would love her. She was such a badass. She was brilliant, and every time she got one over on Sherlock I did a dance of childish glee. I thought Lara Pulver did an amazing job of stepping into the character. Stepping into such a well-known role in a very buzzed about show must have been agonizingly intimidating. Throw in going head to head with Benedict’s Sherlock and I would have had a nervous breakdown. But she did it all, and with style too. Big kudos to her. And shoutouts to the writers who gave her such great stuff to work with, particularly in the beginning and middle of the episode. I’ll agree with Dee that her sentimentality at the end did take a little something away. I so loved her as this amazingly strong, calculating woman, that it was a bit of a let down to see her sentimentality show. But then again, I’m also a big sentimental sap, so who am I to judge? All in all, I really enjoyed Irene, and I can’t wait to see what develops with her through the next two episodes.

Final Opinion on Episode

Dee: I think my feelings on the Irene part of it was summed up above, so I’m not going to reiterate any of that. The episode as a total was fantastic. The writing is brilliant, the delivery of those hilarious lines and somber moments were brilliant on all sides. I love how they chose to emphasize Sherlock’s relationships with Lestrade, Molly, Mycroft, and Mrs. Hudson in this episode. If he really thought he didn’t love people, he should take a look at the episode himself, especially with Mrs. Hudson and his quiet moments with Mycroft. Loved all the little cases, the sum up with Mycroft toward the end, and the hilarity of him being a celebrity and what that means now. All the little nods to Sherlock Holmes fans by using titles of stories in the blog, the hat, it was all great. Despite my analysis above, I would definitely give this episode an A- overall. It’s a fantastic show and I’m only sad there are only three episodes per season.

Jachelle: I loved this episode. LOVED IT. I was a little worried that I was overhyping myself over things and that this episode was going to be an inevitable letdown no matter how great it was. But I’m happy to say that I was wrong. Right from the intro I was sucked right back into Sherlock’s world, and it was glorious. Moriarty, I adore you and your Stayin Alive ringtone. Right from the start, I felt like the episode hit a certain pace and it kept up beautifully through the entire show. I did feel like we didn’t get quite as much with Sherlock and Watson this time around, but I understand that, because so much of the episode had to focus on Irene. But the moments they did have were hilarious and poignant, so I really can’t complain too much. All in all, I’m so very pleased with this episode, and I can’t wait until episode 2.

Here’s a preview of the new series!

  1. I think what bothered me most about the last scene was not the improbability, or it being too sentimental, but more because it was too obvious. I was more hoping for a text message to arrive conveniently shortly there after from her, something about dinner. And leave it to our imagination how she fooled everyone this time around. My favorite parts of this show are when they expect the audience to be intelligent and I felt they lost an awesome moment of letting us do just that with the way that final scene broke out.

    I think to have Moriarty in the last scene would have ruined it for me as well, in his dislike of getting his hands personally dirty. Would have been too weird to have him go to that lengths to save an ’employee’.


    • Dee says:

      Now that makes sense, Jaime. I like that way of thinking. Keeping the mystery about how she was saved and how she pulled it off would’ve been a great ending. And you’re right, Moriarty doesn’t like getting his hands dirty. But I still would’ve preferred him to Sherlock.


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