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Posted: December 30, 2011 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Television
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Another CW guilty pleasure. I know, I know, the first step is admitting you have a problem so I’m admitting it. Sometimes I like the CW! I used to like the WB too, but that was when Buffy and Angel were on it. Can I use my hardcore Buffy love as an excuse for why I was willing to watch the Ringer in the first place? Honestly I had no choice. It was Buffy (Sarah Michelle Geller) meets Mr. Fantastic (Ioan Gruffudd) meets Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell) and last but not least, Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring). These are all actors I already loved, so I gave up and gave in. And I’ll be honest, I’m glad I did. I don’t know how long I’ll be glad, but for now, I’m in. Let’s talk about the Ringer. Spoilers ahoy!

The Ringer is about Bridget Kelly, a recovering drug addict who witnessed a murder by a dangerous mob boss. She doubts the protection of the FBI can save her when she awaits trial, so the day before she flees to her identical twin sister Siobhan. The sisters have been estranged for some time, but it looks like they might be making headway to a reunion. That is until they go out on a boat and Bridget wakes up to find her sister missing and signs of a successful suicide attempt by drowning. Panicked and desperate, Bridget decides to pose as her sister long enough to get some money and get out of town, except she gets drawn in this “perfect” life she never had. Siobhan was extremely wealthy, had a handsome husband Andrew, and a wonderful best friend Gemma. Except all these secrets start to come out, such as Siobhan having an affair with Gemma’s husband Henry, and the fact she and Andrew were barely tolerating one another. Also, her step-daughter Juliet despises her and Siobhan was … wait for it … pregnant. Instead of fleeing Bridget stays where she is and keeps up the masquerade, especially when someone makes an attempt on her life, except it was for Siobhan and not her. What Bridget doesn’t know is that her sister is alive and well in Paris, and as far as we know, she planned her suicide and possibly the death of her sister to start a new life elsewhere. Or so we think. We still don’t know the details about what Siobhan is doing.

First of all, it is just wonderful to see Sarah Michelle Geller back on television. We missed you SMG. She has fun in this role, although she’s not given much chance to use her good sense of humor. They throw her a one liner from time to time, but this is a drama. A soap opera drama. It’s a better shot soap opera that somewhat takes itself seriously, and you can laugh at it while enjoying it at the same time. I am glad they separated the sisters fairly quick though, because damn was that green screen horrible trying to get both twins in the same scene. I think SMG does a good job of playing the vulnerable and world weary Bridget and the cold and mysterious Siobhan. Obviously we know Bridget best, and I like that they might have the hooker with the heart of gold thing going on here, but she does consistently talk about her past and the bad things she did. They also don’t shy away from noting what she is currently doing is horrible. When Gemma found out the truth about everything, she rightly pointed out that Bridget is being very twisted and f’ed up in this situation. She has stolen her sister’s life and her husband has absolutely no idea. Bridget also fell in love with Andrew, in a genuinely believable way, although one has to wonder why Siobhan and he were in such a bad place. He seems perfect, but he can’t possibly be that perfect. Siobhan might seem like the major villain here, but it can’t be that simple. There is a lot going on here we have yet to understand, and it keeps us wondering.

I think Henry is a pretty annoying character, but he serves his purpose well. I can’t find myself really caring about Bridget’s ex, Malcolm. Yes, it is amazing he managed to stay true to her through torture and becoming an addict again. He seems pretty calm about the fact Bridget didn’t run and is falling for her own con when he went through so much. Why is he still helping her considering all of that? No idea. Juliet is a bad spot of the show. She was such an annoying teenager, although she came around pretty fast to connect with Bridget and be willing to be BFFs with her after years of hating Siobhan. I can buy that Andrew wanted so much to believe his wife loved him again that he is blind to how fast her personality change came. You’d think Juliet would be more suspicious. Plus this thing with her teacher is gross. Either she is completely gross for accusing him of something he didn’t do, or they are just continuing the stereotype of how a teacher can’t be good and helpful without being a predator. More answers about Siobhan would be great, but I understand they are drawing that out due to it being the biggest mystery. What was that about Sean, the little boy that Bridget apologized for? Why is Siobhan fleeing? Is she really the cold hearted bitch she seems? Is she just a gold digger? No idea. And how is Agent Machado that stupid? Seriously, he does not find anything remotely suspicious about Siobhan/Bridget? He spent a long time with her, and she is not a great actress. Worst FBI agent ever. Although I love him and his eyeliner eyes (it is not eyeliner, he just has amazing eyelashes, true story).

This show is not going to get any Emmy nods or anything. It is entertaining and melodramatic with some good actors and nice settings. I cannot really see how they plan to make this last, however. How many seasons/years can Bridget get away with being Siobhan? If she is found out fast, what is the show going to be about after that?  I am willing to find out, because I like the show. I think SMG does a great job, and I find Bridget very compelling and easy to like. She is doing horrible and selfish things, but I sympathize with her despite that. Ringer is popular with good ratings for the CW, so it will be around for at least one more season depending on how it goes from here. I’m on board, guys. I can admit this is a guilty pleasure, and so what? It is fun and I enjoy watching it. I think some of the twists have been well executed and they are attempting to tell a unique story. It might not be Shakespeare, but it is definitely better than reality TV or some of the boring recycled plot procedurals out there. If you are willing to give it a chance and have some free time, I say go for it. It is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a solid show and it has enough mystery to draw even a skeptic in.

  1. Jachelle says:

    I totally dig this show. I was excited about it right from the start, and after a bit of a slow start with the pilot, it has consistently entertained and delighted me.

    Though, I have to say that Nestor Carbonell will forever be BATMANUEL.


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